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                                      Top 5 Reasons Not to
                                         Bring a Medical
                                      Malpractice Lawsuit in
    Gerry Oginski
    NY Medical Malpractice
    & Accident Lawyer
                                            New York
   Top 5 Reasons Not to                         This relates to element #3 discussed in      5. You like your doctor.
   Bring a Medical                              the paragraph above. You might have
                                                suffered a minor injury from a doctor's      Sure, who doesn't? Yet on a particular
   Malpractice Lawsuit in                       or hospital's wrongdoing, but if the         day, at a particular time, your physician
   New York                                     injury is not significant or disabling,      may have departed from good and
                                                most experienced NY medical                  accepted medical care causing you
                                                malpractice lawyers will likely decline      permanent harm. Should your feelings
   1. Nothing was done wrong to you.            to handle your matter.                       toward the doctor affect your ability to
                                                                                             decide whether you are legally entitled
   It goes without saying that if the doctor    4. You think that if you sue your local      to be compensated for your permanent
   or hospital did nothing wrong, then you      hospital, you will not be allowed to         injuries? You must decide whether you
   absolutely have no business bringing a       return there for any additional              are able to do this.
   lawsuit against them.                        treatment you may need.
                                                                                             Thank you for taking the time to
   2. You did not get hurt.                     In all likelihood, this is not true. A       become informed.
                                                hospital cannot discriminate against
   Likewise, if a doctor did not treat you      you, even though you have sued the
   properly, but you did not suffer any         hospital for medical malpractice. They
   injury as a result of that wrongdoing,
   then you have no business bringing a
                                                are obligated to treat every patient who
                                                walks into the emergency room. An             T RY O U R
   lawsuit seeking compensation.                issue might arise if you are going for
   Remember, in any medical malpractice
   lawsuit in New York, your attorney
                                                elective treatment or surgery and the
                                                hospital is a private hospital that you
   must prove (1) wrongdoing, (2) that the
   wrongdoing caused harm, and (3) that
                                                have sued. In all probability, you will be
                                                able to continue receiving treatment at         GAME!
   the harm is significant and permanent.       that hospital. In fact, defense attorneys
   All three of those elements must be          like to make the argument "Can you
   confirmed by a doctor who has either         believe this? Mr. Jones has sued our         Test your knowledge of New York
   treated you, or evaluated your medical       hospital, telling the world that our         medical malpractice and personal
   records. If any one of those elements is     hospital did wrong by him. Yet he still      injury law. Answers appear at the
   missing, then it will be difficult, if not   returns to our terrible hospital for         end of this newsletter.
   impossible to bring a successful case on     ongoing treatment of his current
   your behalf.                                 medical condition. What does that tell       1. If your car accident happened in
                                                you about his trust in our cherished         New York City and you live in Queens
   3. You do not have a long-term               medical facility? He has no trust in our     you can bring your lawsuit in Queens.
   permanent injury or permanent                doctors and nurses, yet he continues to
   disability.                                  rely on them for his care and treatment."

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   TRUE OR FALSE?                                              7 . “ C av e a t E m p t o r ”    2. Testimony you gave in another
                                                               means “Buyer Beware.”             lawsuit can be used against you if
   2. A ‘motion for summary                                                                      it is different than what you have
   judgment’ is a procedure                                    TRUE OR FALSE?                    given in your current trial.
   a n a t t o r n ey u s e s t o
   establish liability without                                 8. When starting a                TRUE OR FALSE?
   the need for a trial.                                       medical malpractice case,
   TRUE OR FALSE?                                              your lawyer must state that       Answers appear at the end of this
                                                               he has consulted with a           newsletter.
   3. In order to start your                                   medical expert who
   lawsuit, your lawyer must                                   confir ms evidence of
   first purchase an                                            wrongdoing; the
   identifying number from                                     wrongdoing caused injury;
   the Court, known as an                                      and the injury is
   “Index number.”                                            significant.

   TRUE OR FALSE?                                TRUE OR FALSE?

   4. A doctor who is sued more than ten         9. If you lose your lawsuit, you do not
   times in a ten year period will lose their    need special permission to have your
   license to practice in New York.              appeal heard by the Appellate Division.

   TRUE OR FALSE?                                TRUE OR FALSE?

   5. A deposition is your chance to tell the    10. If you lose your appeal, you can
   opposing attorney everything that             have that decision automatically
   happened to you.                              appealed to the highest court in NY, the
                                                 Court of Appeals.
                                                 TRUE OR FALSE?
   6. In a civil lawsuit in New York, there
   will be 12 jurors deciding whether you        BONUS QUESTIONS:
   are entitled to compensation.
                                                 1 . “ Pe c u n i a r y l o s s ” m e a n s
   TRUE OR FALSE?                                economic loss to the family.
                                                 TRUE OR FALSE?

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   I need your help please. I need to know what legal
   topics would be of interest to you. This way, I can                    Creating a ‘Win-Win” Situation
   create a video to address those topics. If those topics                    I sent a potential client to another attorney
   are out of my area of expertise, then I will seek out             yesterday because I felt I could not devote sufficient time to
   one of the attorneys I rely on to get that video online.          help him with his legal problem. This young man was being
   Please send me your thoughts to:                                  sued by a driver of a car who had an accident. The potential
   lawmed10[at], or call me directly at                     client had no insurance coverage and was worried about a
   516-487-8207.                                                     potential judgment. I realized that there was no liability
                                                                     against this young man, and the fault clearly pointed to other
           Amazing Viewer Comments                                   culprits who were also sued in the case. However, because
              about these videos                                     of my trial schedule and other projects I am working on, it
                                                                     became impossible for me to accept this matter. Rather than
    I received a call from a woman who was, right at that
    moment watching one of my videos on YouTube. She said            disappoint this potential client, I referred him to an attorney
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    Another woman called me to thank me profusely for                well. A clear ‘win-win’ situation.
    providing information about how lawsuits in New York                      Why is this story important? It explains the
    work. This woman had been online for days trying to learn        significance of helping someone when you cannot help them
    how a lawsuit worked and could not find any useful
    information until she came to my video clip. As I said           yourself. Your knowledge of someone who can help will be
    goodbye to her, she again thanked me for taking the time to      appreciated tremendously. Often, the hardest part of getting
    explain how lawsuits work.                                       someone to help you is knowing where to look in the first
    A man called after watching one of my videos to tell me he       place. If someone you trust gives you a recommendation,
    just spent two hours watching some of my videos. They were       you tend to value that recommendation highly.
    so helpful and informative that he chose to call me instead of            Here’s a great example: On Monday of last week I
    the many other lawyers he saw online offering the same
    services.                                                        received a call from an attorney in Philadelphia who I have
                                                                     known for a while. She was calling to tell me about a
                                                                     potential client who would be calling me shortly to
                                                                     determine if she had a valid case. When the woman called,
                                                                     she told me that this lawyer in Philadelphia had
    1. Which instructional video that I created and                  recommended me so highly that there was no one else in
    produced has been viewed over 4,000 times online?                New York she should speak to. I then spoke to this woman’s
    (Hint: It involves depositions)                                  son-in-law to get more details of her case, and he told me
    A N S W E R : “ Q u e s t i o n s N o t To A s k A t a           that this Philadelphia lawyer gave me their highest
    Deposition” (As of this writing, this video has been             recommendation ever. An ego boost to be sure, but more
    viewed over 8,200 times)                                         importantly is that it was a ‘win-win’ situation for everyone.
                                                                              Here’s a simple fact: Many people know lawyers.
    2. Which article that I posted online has been viewed
    over 4,000 times?                                                However, not every attorney is the same, and not every
    ANSWER: “10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Sue Your                       attorney does the same kind of work. If your friend asks you
    Doctor”                                                          for the name of a lawyer who handles accidents cases or
                                                                     wrongful death matters or medical malpractice cases in New
    3. Which lawyer website compared one of my videos to
                                                                     York, I hope you will strongly consider giving them your
    another lawyer’s video and pronounced "The winner?
    Oginski by director's verdict. Case closed."                     personal recommendation and give them my name and
    ANSWER: They did a video face-                 phone number. I will thank you for it, and so will your
    off and compared one of my videos to another                     friends and family for caring about them enough to give
    attorney’s video clip.                                           them my number. By referring someone you know to an
                                                                     attorney who knows how to help, you create a clear “Win-
                                                                       Win” situation.

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