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					Sizes quoted are as follows:
Bloody huge:- Andean Condor, Maribu Stork, Harpy Eagle, Ostrich, Dodo, Pteradactyl etc. Mind you, who cares
what size they are cos it would probably kill you if you held one, and I don’t make kit for these anyway!
X/L :- Large and medium sized eagles / Large eagle owls.
Large:- Gos, Harris, Buzz, F. Saker, F. Peregrine, F. Gyr, Ferruginous, Redtail, Bengal and small eagles.
Medium:- M. Peregrine, Lanner, Luggar, Sakeret. Various owls.
Small:- Kestrel, Perlin, Merlin, Sparrowhawk. Various small owls.

BUTTON JESSES. (Mews and hunting)
Cut from a top grade black kangaroo hide (after it died!) these jesses are immensely strong and supple. All
prices per pair. Small £2.50 Medium £3.00 Large £3.00
And for those ‘roo huggers’ who may have a strange aversion to leather that once hopped....well this next
one frolicked………… …before they whacked it on the head!!
Hide jesses cut from chrome tanned, black cowhide leather. You want small size? That’s tough luck ‘cos it's
too thick for small sizes, so…… Large. £3.50 X/Large £4.50 (Eagles and large eagle owls)
New Bullet jess system Complete system comprises aluminium/polypropylene bullet jesses, stainless steel
swivel and one metre leash. Small / Medium /Large All sizes - £16.50
Again, cut from kangaroo, these jesses attach directly to the aylmeri eyelet and remain in place for ease of
catching up a free-lofted bird & to do away with changing jesses in the field and the eternal problem of a
lost jess while out hunting. These are usually made on the long side to be cut to a safe length. Per pair £2.50

LEASHES Polypropylene, round, four feet long with welded knot/leather washer for additional safety.
Small / Medium (3 & 4mm dia.) £1.50 Large (5mm dia.) £1.85 A bit larger! (6mm dia.) £1.85
American style double swivel clip leashes, approx. 2' long in round polypropylene.         £4.00
Single swivel clip leash approx. 4' long (clip to one end only)                            £2.95
Arab leash/anklet set – the genuine article. Probably has most use as a collector’s item.  £4.00

*Stainless steel, highly polished swivels - 'D' shape. Finest quality polished stainless with immense
strength and durability. Also square ended version now available in small/ medium and large sizes
*These swivels were break tested - the results were nothing short of amazing. Example: the smallest swivel broke at 400kg. (880lbs.) This would restrain
approximately 73.3 female Golden eagles!! How much does your small bird weigh?
Small £6.50 Med. £7.00 Lge. £8.00 X/Lge £8.50 Eagle £14.00
New square ended version now available - Small/Medium size £6.25 and Large £6.50
Brass 'D' Swivels Small £3.00 Medium £3.50 Large £4.00 – new lower prices!
Cast, chrome swivels. Ideal for lures when great strength is not so important. Small £1.00 Large £2.00
Screw closing, small nickel plated identification tube with split ring, cable tie for fixing to aylmeri and
weatherproof sleeving. £1.75 each.

All our aylmeri are cut to fit individual bird species. None of this 'well it'll be close enough' attitude!
Each pair is cut from cowhide or kangaroo dependent upon size and width and will require an eyelet closing
tool. (see Tools) If you don’t wish to purchase a closing tool, see Riveted Aylmeri below.
Small £2.00 Medium £2.50 Large £3.00 X/Large £3.50
Studded, wide squirrel aylmeri - not guaranteed to stop bites but will give greater protection. £8.50 pair.

Again cut from kangaroo or cowhide dependent upon size. Fitted with closed eyelet and brass rivets for easy
closing with pliers. Small - £3.25 Medium - £4.00 Large - £4.50 X/Large - £4.75 No closing tool
required. Please state species and sex - the bird that is, not you. One character sent his order form in with
Man' and 'Yes please' under these headings!
And on the subject of training a bird of prey, remember - Success comes in cans……………not cant’s!
Cut from kangaroo - only £2.00 pair. (Not required with my larger sizes of anklets) Alternatively, cable
ties in sleeving, same price.

Superb American bells by Dave Noble. ***** Dual metal construction nickel silver/brass or bronze/brass. Silver
soldered and polished, these bells have a pure clarity and are now rated amongst the very finest hawk bells available.
Only £17.99 per matched pair. Single bells £9.00 each. 8 sizes ranging from ‘0’being the smallest (Spar size) through
1-3-5-7-9-11 to ‘13’ largest. (eagle size)
Lahore bells at £6.50 per pair or £3.50 for single bells - all sizes. Small, medium, large and X/large. Other suppliers
won't tell you that all sizes cost the same to buy in!

GLOVES – (Over 150 gloves always in stock)
Deerskin gloves by Falconcrest (all discounted)
These are 'knock you dead' handsome. In ‘hunting green’ deerhide with shaped / shaded /tooled leather cuff, double
thickness to thumb and three fingers, lined, rolled edge, matching tassel, peregrine on fist logo and secure one piece
'D' ring. This will be the most comfortable and supple glove you have worn to date. Four sizes – large, medium,
x/small & wrist length, all double thickness. £45.00 all sizes
Right hand gloves available at no extra cost. (Why do some suppliers charge an extra fiver for these?)
Eagle gloves - heavy double thickness, full length (17") in deerskin. Same quality and style as above.      £65.00
Buckskin gloves. Double thickness. An exclusive range. These gloves are extremely well made and very
comfortable. Made throughout in buckskin, they have a piped edge, cuff lining, some have a contrasting colour to
overlay, fixed 'D' ring, thong and tassel.
Men’s and ladies sizes. Left or right hand                                                                 £38.00
Child size                                                                                                 £32.50
Wrist length single thickness Men’s and ladies sizes. Left or right hand.          Buckskin                £29.50
Wrist length single thickness Child’s size                                        Buckskin                 £22.50
NEW Nubuck gloves. Double thickness in left or right hand. Dark green and exactly as Falconcrest spec. above but
without fancy cuff or peregrine logo. Beautifully constructed and exceptional value. Sm/Med/Lge/XL £30.00
Nubuck, single thickness wrist length gloves with cutaway cuff and fixed ‘D’ ring. Sm/Med/Lge/XL £18.00
Nubuck triple layer eagle glove in all sizes. Sm/Med/Lge/XL                                                £38.00
Glove overlay for handling eagles or flying a cast. 15" - 16" long, no thumb or fingers.                   £26.00

HAWKING BAGS (Is the 'old bag' giving you grief?)
Double sided bags Very well constructed to our own specification from heavyweight, olive canvas, these large bags
have two large game / equipment pockets, two small, secure outer pockets, knife pocket and are finished with a leather
piping to flap edges, large studded, removable, washable food pouch, bag strap shackle, jess eyelets and leather button
fasteners. Finished with contrasting leather falcon motif to rear flap. These bags are of a handsome traditional
appearance and will go on and on...........Only £39.00. To the over 16's and all male falconers - these bags are the
whippets wedding tackle! If you are under 16 or a lady then these bags are extremely nice! (If you are under 12, shame on
you for reading such filth! Now go and wash your eyes out with soap and water)
Single Sided Bag. This is a slightly smaller, single sided version of the double-sided bag described above. It is ideal
for display falconers, children and non-hunters who require less space in a bag. £32.00
Double sided Falconcrest suede field bag in hunting green with leather faced pocket to front flap, jess eyelets, knife
pouch and complete with bag strap and food pouch. Very well constructed and made to match Falconcrest gloves.
Single sided Falconcrest suede hip bag in hunting green with leather faced pocket to front flap, jess eyelets and
complete with bag strap and food pouch. Very well constructed and made to match Falconcrest gloves. £39.50
New in – Double sided field bag and single sided hip bags in hunting green Nubuck suede with shaded, leather
faced front flap and belt clip attached & food pouch. Superbly made. Double sided £29.50 Single sided £22.00

                    Come and take a look at the goods on:              

Westweald Falconry – Branches in Kent, Paris and New York. (ok, so I lied about Paris and
New York!)

               You want good summers? Feed a cow baked beans and drive a 4x4…………………..job done!
1¼” wide leather strap with solid brass buckle, 'D' rings, ring and trigger clip. Fitted with fixed broad (2")
shoulder strap. These straps are made exclusively for us in heavyweight English harness leather to last many
years. All are hand made /stitched and will not be bettered - the proverbial 'doberman's danglers'.
Available in hunting green. Long - £24.00 or slightly shorter for ladies and the vertically challenged.
Or…..Belt clip - 1”wide leather loop with solid brass swivelling trigger clip. £4.99 (good when no quarry is
carried in the bag but one bunny and your strides will be around your knees!)

Professionally turned and finished chunky hardwood stick wound with three metre braided cotton line,
swivel and finished with 12" strong polypropylene line for attachment to lure. One size only £8.95

Same beautifully turned stick as lure but wound with 30 metres (100' ish – more than enough!) of braided
2mm, 8 plait, soft polypropylene line. Large - £ 8.50 (253 lbs breaking strain) Small - £6.95 - 15mtrs.
Sticks available separately at £5.50 large and small. All sticks are hand-turned from various hardwoods and
are definitely not the ‘6" of dowel with a few black lines’ job that we’ve all seen before.

'Dummy bunny’ Brown fur fabric/white tail with a little extra weight to reduce bounce. Leather food patch
with meat ties and cord grip. Supplied with split ring. Yes! even your 'double hard bastard' Redtail won't
finish this one off in a hurry. (Thanks to my friend Andy for that quaint olde worlde expression) £10.50
Lure Pads Horseshoe shape, hardwearing leather construction, padded and complete with split ring, meat
ties to either side and cable ties for attachment of wings.
 Mini £6.50 Small £8.00 Medium £9.00 Large £10.50

Professionally cured and supplied 'mothballed'. (pity those poor moths!) Prices quoted per pair.
Crow / Cock or hen pheasant / Magpie / Jackdaw                     £ 2.20
Mallard / Moorhen / Partridge / Starling/Grouse                    £ 2.60
Squirrel tails (Grey or black - cured)                             £ 2.50

Spiked bow perch made in solid 12mm stainless steel with stainless 4" ring and textured /moulded rubber
perching surface. A brilliant new innovation in perch surfacing that can be scrubbed and disinfected without
damage. A truly first class product. Large only £55.00 (Postage cost £9.50)
Transportable version. (Approx. 13kg.. weight) NEW All stainless steel construction with textured /
moulded rubber perching surface. Totally impervious to virtually everything indoors or out. Large only -
£95.00 (£15.00 carr.) The really sturdy construction of these perches should last a lifetime. Lightweight
version (add your own concrete/lead etc.) with hollow tubular feet £65.00 + £8.50 carr.
Block perches - Arab style.Turned from solid, black PVC with stainless steel spike, ground plate and
integral tethering loop. Tops are fitted with an Astroturf disc that is removable for cleaning and can be
replaced independently should the need arise. Impervious to just about anything, indoor or out – a ‘one off’
purchase. Please note that tops on the 4.5” and 6” are interchangeable so you can but 1 perch with 2 top
sizes 4.5” diameter £58.00 6” diameter £65.00 8” diameter £70.00 12” diameter £160.00
               Postage costs          £7.50                      £7.50          £7.50                  £ 12.50
Zinc plated ground plate ½” thick steel (12”dia.) and threaded stud to convert your block perch for
portable use £27.00
Shelf Perches NEW in 2008 Made in hard-wearing black polypropylene with retaining lip, Astroturf
surface and comes with fixings.Medium (350mm) £15.00 Large (450mm) £20.00 + £5.00 post on either.
‘Featherweights’ portable bow perch NEW in 2008 Convertible for use indoors (heavy feet) or in the
garden/aviary (spikes). Made in stainless steel this perch comes with a ribbed rubber perch surface in a
sturdy, moulded plastic carrying case with 12 month guarantee. Weight (with feet attached) 12kg. - £95.00
delivered. See picture on website. A truly innovative product.
Cadge – Sturdily made in black polypropylene for up to 4 birds. Astroturf perching and ‘drop’ ledge!
Size: 775mm long x 235mm high x 300mm wide.           £40.00 + £13.00 postage.
Cordura, breathable casting jackets with Velcro fastening for easy and safe equipment fitting. Three sizes to
fit all popular falconry birds £15.00 Small, Medium and Large (racy, lacy version available with suspender type fastenings for
you lady falconers and kinky lads – special order only!.................. Yes, I am kidding, before some smart arse orders one!)

Set of six files in plastic case.                                                                                                  £ 5.75
Set of ten needle files in plastic case.                                                                                           £ 4.95
Beak Clippers (No, not doggie toenail clippers- they can crack beaks)                                                              £ 3.75

Staghorn whistles (no pea) with split ring                                                                                         £ 6.95
Low pitch plastic dog whistle with ring (staghorn shape)                                                                           £ 5.50
High pitch plastic dog whistle with ring (staghorn shape)                                                                          £ 5.50
Plastic shepherd's whistle (very loud - great fun learning!)                                                                       £ 1.50
Nickel plated shepherd’s whistle           ditto                                                                                   £ 2.75
Acme Tornado 2000 whistle allegedly the ‘world’s loudest’ in hi-vis orange.                                                        £ 2.95
Silent dog whistle nickel plated. (How do you know if it works?)                                                                   £ 8.95
Fox decoy call nickel plated and really good once you’ve got the hang of it.                                                       £ 2.75
Lanyard – 30” with non-twist swivel clip (black)                                                                                   £ 1.50
Whistle chain 16” nickel plated with swivel clip/split ring                                                                        £ 1.50
Retractable whistle/key reel. Small, secure and lightweight                                                                        £ 3.99

CATAPAULT Great for whacking an acorn up your dog's arse when he's not paying attention, shifting
that hiding squirrel and making food airborne for fitness training.       £ 1.99
Electronic scales. These scales incorporate a tubular 'T' perch covered in grass surfacing. Weighing capacity
is 11lb. (5kg in 1g increments ( + add &weigh facility) and can be switched from metric to imperial. Auto
shut-off facility. Complete with lithium batteries and 10-year guarantee. Only £45.00.
Electronic scales. As above but flat topped and covered with grass surfacing. (No perch) £35.00
NIGHT HUNTING LAMPS / LIGHTS (See also -Tracking lights)
Remote control Roto-Light Attaches to car roof with secure suction pad and operates by corded electronic
remote control handset. Rotates through 360 + vertical adjustment. Powerful 1,000,000 cp. twin filament
bulb and top carrying handle. Our price £54.00 (RRP £59.95) Postage on this item £6.00
Head Lamp 2 ultra bright white LEDs and 5 position switch. Lifetime warranty. Complete with batteries.
Great for times when you need both hands free. £19.95
RAGE torch. Weight 2.5oz. Zenon bulb, waterproof & outrageously bright. Lifetime warranty. Complete
with batteries. £14.95
Many other lamps are available (up to 3 million CP!) plus rifle lights, filters, batteries, head lamps etc.
Pyrethrum based, safe, anti-mite spray for birds. Also good for spraying old moult feathers to stop
deterioration while stored.

100ml. (Plenty for a single bird)                                                 --                                               £ 3.20
150ml.                                                                            --                                               £ 3.95

                                  GIFT VOUCHERS AVAILABLE FROM £5.00
           No animals were harmed in the making of this price catalogue......but once you’ve bought the kit for your hunting
                                                hawk……………..who can say?

Screw type eyelet closing tools. Machined in steel and of solid construction. Med / Lge - £12.50
Extra Large £13.50.
Eyelet pliers for 8mm & 10mm eyelets (includes 1 set of jaws) £15.00
Jaw sets for the above pliers (8mm & 10mm) £6.00 pair
Small eyelet pliers to fit 4mm eyelets. £8.50. Please state size required.
Small eyelet pliers including 100 brass eyelets 6-7mm £9.50
Multi-size revolving hole punch pliers Standard duty. £8.95
Semi heavy-duty punch plier with plastic grips. These require 70% less effort to use £27.00
Heavy-duty professional punch plier. Solid steel construction with replaceable tubes £39.00. Even Arnie
won't bend these; they're a serious piece of kit for the professional leatherworker
Wad Punches (For punching larger holes) All sizes starting at 6mm & 8mm £6.75 10mm & 12mm £8.50
Brass eyelets to fit our closers / pliers. Bags of 20 with backing rings. Small (4mm or 6mm) - £1.40
Medium (8mm) - £1.80 Large (10mm) - £2.00 X/Large (12mm) - £2.20
Wood handled awls Straight blade £3.99 each. Curved (spade) blade £4.25
Stitch markers (overstitch wheel) 6 or 7 points per inch £7.99 each.
Heavy duty Barbour thread for leather stitching. £5.25 per 50gm. spool.
Sailmakers heavy waxed thread £3.45 per 25gm. spool.
Leather sewing palms Easier and safer to use than a thimble. £6.99 each.
Leather stitching needles. 6 x size 1 needles £1.75 or you could use a dead hedgehog!
Beeswax. Small 1oz. block for use on thread, hood braces etc. £1.50
Steel safety ruler. For safe cutting of leather/fabrics. 1' long. £3.75
Nickel steel scalpel handle £4.50 Great for leather working. 2 sizes - to accept large or small blades.
Scalpel blades (pointed or curved) Foil pack of 5 - .80p ( State handle size 3, 4 or 5)
Scalpel handle (professional - chunky acrylic handle) £ 5.95
Brass 2 piece rivets for leather £1.40 per doz. (State shank length required 3mm/5mm/7mm/9mm)
2 piece rivet closers £2.99 each. No more mashed rivets!
Brass 'D' rings 3/4" 55p each. 1" .75p each 11/4" .85p each 11/2" .95p each Other sizes available.
Solid brass seamless rings 1" .85p ea. 2" £1.90 ea. 2.5" £1.90 ea. 3" £2.25 ea.
Solid stainless steel welded rings. 2" £2.95 3" £4.75
Swivel scissor trigger hook (sprung pincer jaws that meet end to end – squeeze sides to open)) ½” Nickel plate £1.50
Swivel cast scissor hook (sprung pincer jaws that overlap each other) ½” Nickel plate £2.50
Bow shackles As probably fitted to the top of your falconry bag. Large £2.95 Stainless steel.
Steel quick links What? you say. Think of a chain link that you can unscrew to open and then screw back
together again. Yup! that's a quick link. Small (1" long) £1.10 Large (1.5" long) £1.75
Press studs (1/2" brass) £2.00 per doz. (5/8" antiqued) £2.35 per doz.
Press stud closers (for 5/8" studs) £4.75 each. No more mashed press studs!
Plastic 4" cable ties Bags of 50 - £1.00 or 100 - £1.80
Plastic sleeving for cable ties .50p per foot.
Coping tools See Coping tools independently listed.
Hood beads & plates Sculptured hood beads 25p /plates 8p for the DIY hood maker. Silver or gold colour.
Lace maker for cutting leather laces to 3 or 5mm widths £11.95
Leather Skiver (1.5") for bevelling and skiving thicker leathers. With 5 blades £12.95
Wad punch set Set of 12 wad punches from 1/8” to ¾” in plastic wallet. Super value at £16.50 (post £5.50)
Cutting mats – self healing. (A2 size) 60cm x 45cm to prolong the life of your cutting blades. £16.50
Solid pewter pins. Flying barn owl, double barn owl, tawny owl, eagle on log, flying goshawk, running hare,
running pony, pair of swans (flying), pair of ducks (flying), hedgehog, frog, falcon hood, falcon on glove,
flying pheasant, badger, fox mask, running fox, stags head, rabbit, cat, mouse, squirrel on branch, shire
horse, retriever head, ferret, stooping falcon, New: Gos head, Harris’ hawk and eagle’s foot. Still only £2.75
each. Please state design required.

Lensatic compass. With hinged case, luminous dial, magnifying viewer, adjustable marching line, sighting
hairline and full instructions Only £6.95
NEW Multi-coloured flashing mini LED unit. This small, lightweight, waterproof unit is highly visible over
vast distances so long as you’re not blind, and is best fitted by cable tie to aylmeri for short term use. Great
for birds / dogs / cats. Many other uses are possible. Only £4.99 complete with batteries/split ring and cable
tie. Spare batteries only £1.50 per pair. Can also be used on your wife / husband / wallet! (These lights do not
come fitted with a tail-mount clip. If fitted in this way your bird becomes invisible in the dark when 50’ away and facing you!)

HOODS (All stocked hoods feature Gortex braces)
Anglo- Indian - A beautifully made, sturdy, quality hood with flared beak opening and leather turks head
knot, throat lash and plume. £21.50. Large eagle size £45.00
Bahraini - Same quality as above but with pleated closing and rolled edge around bottom. £29.50 Finished
in a rain resistant, semi- gloss lacquer.
Dutch - A great little hood, being semi-rigid and hardwearing. Dual coloured with rolled edge, flared beak
opening and turks head top knot. £29.50 Finished in a rain resistant, semi-gloss lacquer.
A stunning, hand painted version of this hood is also available. These are professionally painted with your
choice of bird or scene at the ridiculously reasonable price of only £75.00. Each hood is totally unique.
Falconcrest Dutch Hoods - Stunning hoods with flared beak opening, Anglo-Indian or Bahranian style
pleated closing, rolled edge, air vents (yes seriously!) and bead / leather top knot. Eye panels shaded in two
tone colours or black depending upon stock. These hoods are beautiful and very good value at £43.50
An eagle sized hood, based on a Kazakh design is also available to order at £65.00
New Kazakh Rufter hoods for eagles. Beautifully made from a genuine Mongolian kazakh pattern with
adjustable throat strap for an individual fit - £75.00 Instruction sheet included. Limited stock.
New ‘Khan’ hood (never before seen in UK – see website) Simply stunning. Plain black £29.50
Tooled ‘mahogany’ version £37.50. Stitched and glued these are immensely strong, lasting hoods.
Robin Hood - A thieving git - available only in Lincoln green! 
Hood Protector (tough) cases only £12.00
TELEMETRY _ Please also see dedicated ‘Black Falcon’ telemetry page – page 15
Spares: Antennae £12.50 TX cap (plain) £6.50 TX cap (with loop) £7.50 Leather belt holster £25.00
(only available from Westweald at this price)
Telemetry Transmitters - all frequencies supplied from top UK manufacturer, with lifetime
guarantee. Standard power @ £130.00 Hi-Power @ £170.00 Merlin @ £140.00 (suitable for Spar/Merlin)
CONEY COMA INDUCER (Aka ‘Bunny basher’)
10” Teak cosh with finger grips and leather thong. In the fishing world it would be termed a ‘priest’ – well
this ‘aint fishing – so it’s a bloody cosh! £15.00

9”of solid, polished stainless steel spike with welded ring. Comes complete with a sturdy, dark green leather
sheath with belt loop. This will also double up as a temporary tethering point and allow for ‘hands free’
creance use. This could well become one of your favourite pieces of kit. £23.50

Made from solid black polypropylene with fitted perch, welded seams, stainless steel hinges and secure door
locking system. Top carrying handle. We believe these to be the best on the market today… bar none.
Standard Single Box 300mm wide x 595mm high x 500mm deep £80.00 + £13.00 carr.
Large Single Box 350mm wide x 650mm high x 600mm deep £90.00 + £13.00 carr.
Standard Double Box 600mm wide x 595mm high x 500mm deep £150.00 + £20 carr.
Large Double Box 700mm wide x 650mm high x 600mm deep £175.00 + £22.00 carr.

                                           Visit us at:

        Or, by appointment at ‘Wildcobs’ Long Barn Road, Weald, Sevenoaks, Kent TN14 6NJ Tel: 01732 463218

             Keep Britain Tidy – polish your shoes, tuck your shirt in and brush your hair occasionally!
A small range of 'frivolous' gifts suitable for birthdays, Christmas or just for the hell of it!
Coasters - In sets or singly - Harrier, Peregrine, Hobby, Red Kite, Osprey, Golden eagle and Kestrel.
Square. All at £1.75 each.
Pewter barn owl landing on post. (2.75" high) lovely detail and bright polished finish. Well below RRP at
only £9.00 each.
Pewter falcon on arab block. Same detail, size and finish as barn owl. Also £9.00
Pewter tie/scarf pins - see main list for details. 32 different to choose from! £2.75 each.
Highly polished stainless steel hip flasks. Body bound with grained green leather and supplied with funnel
for filling. Boxed. Exceptionally good value at £9.95 (4oz size) For those who like getting fissed in the
pield! Oh bugger, I’m sho pished that I just realished they’ve been dishcontinued……………
Bone China mugs with picture and habitat details of Peregrine, Kestrel, Barn Owl or Golden Eagle. Good
quality and really good value at £6.50 (RRP £8.99)
Pictures Painted by wildlife artist Andrew Baker, these beautiful and technically accurate pictures have
been reproduced in limited numbers, some exclusively for Westweald. A4 size, signed and complete with
mount, overall size 11.25” x 14.5” Harris’ Hawk on branch (only 12 available at present.) Redtail on bow
perch. £22.00 each
NEW Magfire Magnesium firestarter with tinder. 3000 strikes, water resistant. £6.95
Keyring Perfect miniature leather falconer’s glove keyring with tassel. Brilliant £4.85
Combat Trousers Olive green, medium weight cotton trousers with two side pockets, two rear pockets and
one large buttoned cargo pocket to each side. Adjustable waistband and draw cord to leg bottoms which can
be removed if required. Waist sizes from 28" to 44". One leg length only (32") Only £17.50.
NEW Hawking vests in dark green Gore-tex with rear, double-zipped quarry pocket, adjustable waist strap,
adjustable shoulder straps, removable/washable food pouch and loadsa other pockets besides. These came in
to me a little smaller than expected so order on the large side. Brilliant price at only £35.00
Wear one once and you'll bin your beloved hawking bag forever! 4 sizes (Free measuring and fitting service
available for ladies on the above two items.)
Thermal woolly hats Thinsulate. (no bobble) in black. Can be fitted with feather plume and turks head knot
if required! Unbelievably warm and totally waterproof in dry weather! £2.99 Really warm.
Boot Socks Long, very warm, very thick and great value at only £3.99 per pair. Shoe size required.
Realtree Hardwoods Rain Jacket now in stock. Lightweight and waterproof, double seams, quilted liner
and soft fleece for comfort and warmth, drawstring hood, elasticated cuffs, underarm vents and two large
cargo pockets. Outstanding and unbeatable value at only £35.00 these jackets are less than half
recommended price. Now let’s see anybody match that! Med. Large and X/L in stock, other sizes available.
NEW Utility Belt 3” wide, 600 denier, olive green belt with velcro fastening at front to fit all sizes. Fitted
with very secure trigger clip and four pouches as follows: round pouch to take bottle (water for dog or
ferrets - Jack Daniels for you!) rectangular velcro fastened pouch (first aid kit?) long Velcro/zipped pocket
for telephone or similar, rectangular, top zipped pouch includes fold up water dish for dog. Brilliantly
thought out, well made and best of all amazing value at only £15.00
Kevlar dick shield Protection from your bird while you take a leak with your hungry bird watching from above!
Only available in falconers sizes 9” / 10” / 11” / 12” Please send outline drawing!…….only kidding…… really!
NEW Baseball cap Dark green with Westweald Falconry embroidered on front in gold. One adjustable size. This
cap will instantly turn your appearance into that of a world class falconer! £11.50


Please note that goods cannot be ordered online. I like to SPEAK with my customers and therefore ensure that the
              correct and most suitable goods are being supplied to avoid disappointment and delay.

These knives keep an edge for ages and will last a lifetime……provided you die within the next 30 years!
Normark 6" skinning knife with beech handle and tan leather scabbard                      Only £24.95
Marttiini 4” Condor Gold fillet knife with hilt finger guard.‘Grippy’ rubber handle       Only £27.95
Gatco ceramic rod knife sharpener – small, lightweight and very good                             £ 6.95
Buck ‘White Lightning’diamond taper knife sharpener. Small and ideal for bag or pocket           £ 8.95
We now carry an extensive range of folding / locking / non-locking / single-handed opening knives.
These are top quality, tough knives, all listed knives having stainless steel blades.
8402 Nieto Spanish sheath knife (Rubber grips) Small 4.5" s/steel blade. Includes leather sheath £18.95
8403 Nieto Spanish sheath knife (Rubber grips) Large 7" s/steel blade. Includes leather sheath £26.95
HK8702 Nieto Spanish sheath knife (Stag grips) 5” s/s blade – stunning! Includes leather sheath £65.00
LK546 Nieto Spanish folding lock knife. Stag/brass handle with 3.75” blade. Leather belt pouch.£61.00
LK9001/S Alloy frame/rubber inset grips/locking/single hand opener. 3.25"                        £11.95
LK5 'Bear Claw' Pakkawood grips, stainless frame, locking 3.5" blade.                            £18.50
LK232 Hi tec lock knife. Black rubber grips, 2” plain blade. Or LK231 with serrated blade.       £ 9.95
LK990 Alloy body, black grips, single handed, lock knife. 3" stainless blade.                    £19.95
Buck knife. (USA) Finest quality Alpha Hunter 3.75” drop point blade with guthook, walnut grips and full-
length tang. Lifetime guarantee. Complete with leather belt sheath (RRP £98.95) Superb!          £92.95
Buck lock knife. Single-handed opener, 3.5” folding Alpha Hunter with guthook. Rosewood grips and
leather belt pouch. (RRP £97.95) Lifetime guarantee and worth every penny. *****                 £82.95
‘Wild Cat’ lock knife with gut hook. Black grips, 3.25” blade, single hand opener. Great value. £11.95
‘Wild Cat’ hunting knife. Fixed blade with gut hook. Black grips. 3.5” blade.                    £13.95
HK8950 Hunting knife. 4.25” blade, olive wood handle and leather sheath. O/A length 8.5”         £25.95
HK8908 Hunting knife as above but 5.25” blade. O/A length 9.75”                                  £27.95
HK8904 Hunting knife as above but 6.5” blade. O/A length 11.5”                                   £29.95
HK11011 Hunting knife as above but 2.75” blade                                                   £26.95
LK121 folding, lock knife. Nickel grips with olive wood inlay. 3.5” stainless blade.             £21.95
LK940 – Folding lock knife. Stainless handle with inlaid wood grips. 3” stainless blade          £10.95
LK912 – Folding lock knife. Single-handed opening. Ebony grips, 3.25” stainless blade.           £14.95
LK17 – same spec as LK9001 but 3.25”stainless blade is 1/2 plain and 1/2 serrated.               £ 9.95
New Opinel No.08 locking, folding knife. 3.25” blade with leather belt pouch                     £13.95
New Leather belt pouches for all sizes of folding knife. Brown or black. 4.5” £4.95 5” £5.95
We are official agents for Vydex Animal Health products and carry a full range of Probiotic, and Vitamin/
Mineral supplements for raptors. Essential for any birds whether fed solely on a chick diet (yuck!) or a good
varied, whole carcass diet (yum!). Try it and see for yourself! Birds require 40 different elements to fulfil a
balanced diet - can you achieve this with your present diet? Doubtful!
Entravian (new generation probiotic)                                 100gms. £8.95      200gms. £12.75
MVS 30 (Vitamin and mineral supplement for birds)                    100gms .£5.75      200gms. £ 8.35

VYDEPHOR DISINFECTANT Iodine based disinfectant / germicide. This is probably the most
thorough germicide on the market today having the ability to kill many disease producing organisms and
deodorising at the same time. Environmentally friendly and 100% safe in the aviary (you can clean and
spray with your bird still in residence) Highly concentrated, one bottle lasts for ages. Vastly cheaper than
most alternatives.
Pack sizes: 1 litre £6.85 (postage £5.00) 5 litres £22.75 (postage – please call.)
We now have available the range of remote control Canicom 200 (200 mtr. range – 1 dog)) £149.00
Canicom 800 (800 mtr. range – up to 2 dogs) £229.00 and Canicom 1500 (1500 mtr. range – up to 4 dogs)
£249.00 dog training/obedience collars. CE approved systems feature waterproof/shockproof impulse
collars, full 2 yr. guarantee and instructions. The 800 & 1500 come with carry cases. Spare collars £92.00
Add £5.00 P+P
Many, where possible, are discounted. A small selection of secondhand books is usually available.
Falconry in the British Isles by Francis Salvin and William Brodrick. This is a collector’s book containing
24 beautiful, original colour illustrations dating back to the first publication in 1855. (147 pages) Only
£15.00 (RRP £30.00!!!)
The Versatile Gundog by Guy Wallace. Dog training for gun and hawk. 111 pages. (Hbk) £19.50
The Red Tailed Hawk by Liam J. McGranaghan. A brilliant guide to training and hunting with the Redtail.
£28.95 (RRP £29.95) p/back (when available) or £35.00 hardback.
Falconry - Art and Practice by Emma Ford. New paperback edition, now only £14.99
An excellent book written by one of Britain’s best-known falconers.
The Rites of Autumn by Dan O'Brien. The story of a falconer's journey across America. Really good.
Only £8.95 (RRP £12.95)
Pirate of the Plains by Bruce Haak. Book on Prairie falcons. Only £13.95 (RRP £18.95)
The Complete Ferret (New 1995) by James McKay. A complete guide to ferret keeping/training/
working. Very good. Only £ 11.95 (RRP £12.95)
Some Time With Eagles and Falcons by J. Olsen. -160 pages Only £12.95
A Falconry Manual by F.Beebe. 196 pages. An updated version of the out of print 1976 book 'Hawks,
Falcons and Falconry' £15.50
Emergencies and First Aid by Neil Forbes MRCVS. A must for all falconers and rehabilitators. Loose-leaf
folder. Very readable and understandable! £11.95
Understanding the Bird of Prey (new in 1995) by Dr. Nick Fox. 375 pages with 150 colour photos and
over 290 black and white technical drawings. A real contender for best falconry book available. Due to
recent price increase, now £43.50
City Peregrines by Saul Frank. 313 pages. Only £14.95 (RRP £19.95)
Falconry, Care, Captive Breeding and Conservation by Jemima Parry-Jones. Only £18.95
(RRP £19.95) New – 2003 paperback edition now available at £12.99
Training Birds of Prey by Jemima Parry-Jones. A step-by-step guide for novice falconers with a section on
training owls. Only £12.99. Now in paperback.
Understanding Owls by Jemima Parry-Jones. Written by a leading authority, beautifully illustrated, loadsa
colour and b/w pictures and goodly sections on management, training, housing and breeding. 160 pages. A
superb book at only £12.99
Raptor Nutrition by Neil Forbes and Colin G. Flint. 56 page p/back. Essential and eye-opening reading.
Only £5.00 Proceeds go to the Campaign for Falconry
Bolt from the Blue by Dick Dekker. 192 pages on wild, hunting Peregrines. £12.95 Many colour plates.
Working Ferrets by Jackie Drakeford. An excellent 118 page book on all aspects of choosing and working
ferrets. £12.95
The Encyclopedia of Falconry by Adrian Walker. 152 page, 95,000 word hardback book covering virtually
every historic and modern falconry term and many aspects of falconry generally. A really nice book with
many colour and b/w plates and diagrams. £39.95
IBR 2007/2008 Directory An invaluable ‘yellow pages’ for everything falconry £7.00
Raptors of the World Brand new book in 2001 by James Ferguson-Lees and David A. Christie. Hardback
cover with 997 pages covering all 313 raptor species worldwide with 2000 colour pictures on 112 colour
plates. A fantastic book that is highly recommended. £53.00 (RRP £55.00) Postage on this big book is £5.50
Barn Owls by Iain Taylor. 304 pages covering all aspects of the Barn Owl in the wild. Many b/w plates.
Our price only £18.95 (RRP £21.95)
Buteos and Bushytails by Gary L. Brewer. 135 pages including many colour and b/w plates. Essentially
covering squirrel hawking with both the Redtail and the Harris’ Hawk. Superb book at £45.00. Some signed.
Hawking Ground Quarry by Martin Hollinshead. 168 pages with many colour plates, Topics cover
Goshawks, Harris’ Hawks, Ferruginous, Golden eagle and Redtail. Hybrids and ferreting are among the
other subjects covered. H/bk £29.95 Very good.

        And on the subject of books……..The dictionary is the only place where success comes before training.

The Complete Rabbit and Hare Hawk by Martin Hollinshead. Invaluable to 'Harris’ hawkers' and covers
Goshawks and hunting with Sakers. A superb falconry manual. Approx. 200 pages with 16-page colour
photo section. £28.95 Currently out of print but keeping fingers crossed for a re-print!
Hawking with Golden Eagles by Martin Hollinshead. Pbk. £19.95
A Passion for Harris’ Hawks New book by Martin Hollinshead available now. £22.50 – brilliant!
A Mixed Bag by Martin Hollinshead – Another 140 page, paperback winner. Very good £12.95
Harris’ Hawk Days by Martin Hollinshead. A great and exciting read. £16.95
Hood, Leash & Lure by Roger Upton. (Need I say more?) 2004 H/back, 303 pages. £32.50
Falconry Basics by Tony Hall. 250 page h/back. Sorry, haven’t read it yet. £16.95 (RRP £18.95)
Hawking & Falconry for Beginners by Adrian Hallgarth. Hbk. £19.50
Falconry in Literature by David Horobin. Hbk. Signed limited edition. £29.95
Training the Short-Winged Hawk by Derry Argue. Yet to read it, I can’t keep up! £24.95
On the Wing by Alan Tennant. Good reviews for this hardback book. £15.99 (RRP £18.99)
Falconry & Hawking by Philip Glasier. Brand new third edition reprint of this superb book £35.00
Rabbit Hawker’s Dogs by Bill Oakes           £14.95

A small range of second-hand books is available. Please call if there is something in particular that you are looking for.

Put together with the specific needs of the falconer in mind. Contains everything needed for immediate
attention to injured birds in the field or at home. An essential item for the falconer's bag. Only £23.50
including clear instruction sheet. Supplied in high quality self seal plastic bag!
A vital and often lifesaving piece of equipment for the serious falconer. (This item is also contained within
the first aid kit.)
10ml. syringe fitted with correct size tubing. Only £1.00 each. (complete with instructions)

Kangaroo leather Top grade, black, fantastically strong, with virtually no stretch and semi-rigid. Suitable
for all equipment. Sold in quarter, half and whole hides only. Due to the latest price increase, price is
based on…….                                                                       £14.00 per sq’ Please call.
Cow hide (approx 1.5mm)Good, supple leather for general use. Black/Green          £ 4.75 per sq’
Vegtan Calf (approx 1.2mm) Ideal for aylmeri, jesses & tooling work. Tan.         £ 4.25 per sq’
Vegtan Calf (approx 1.5mm) Ideal for aylmeri, jesses & tooling work. Tan.         £ 5.95 per sq’
Vegtan Calf (approx 2mm) Suitable for eagle kit.                                  £ 6.50 per sq’
Snakeskin/lizard print A very realistic thin snakeskin print leather for hoods and decorative work.
Black, brown lizard or Boa colours!                                               £ 6.00 per sq’
Hood leather Thin kip (approx 1.2mm) – may be tooled, stained and polished. £ 4.25 per sq’
Hood beads available @ .25p each. - see Tools and Accessories
Liquid leather dyes in 4fl. oz. bottles. Ox blood, (dark red) dark green, dark brown and navy. Particularly
good when used on vegetable tanned leathers.                                           £ 4.50
Resolene neutral leather dressing. This will put a shine to all leather, bring out the natural (or dyed) colour
and help seal/protect against rain. 4fl. oz.                                           £ 4.65
Ko-Cho-Line leather dressing for protecting and renovating leather. 225g.              £ 4.95
Invaluable for protecting your bird’s tail when travelling, tethered or in the field on a kill. Made from
hardwearing and washable green Goretex with velcro fastening and fitted with spring clip for attachment to
tail mount. Three sizes available. Small, and large £9.50 each. F. Gos size £11.00 Goldie size £15.00

             All of our products are environmentally friendly…………….they were made in a friendly environment!!

Brass tube tail mounts The best! Single - fits to one deck feather but, if required, more than one mount can
be used - (let's see the buggers get this one off!)      Small and large                    £3.50
Double - Telemetry and bell. Small and large (Weight 1 gramme or 1/28 oz.!)                 £4.25
Large eagle size                                         Single £3.75           Double      £4.75
Aluminium single tail mounts (exactly the same as Marshall) Large only at present           £3.99
NU GEL Superior product to wound powder and used/recommended by Neil Forbes. This product is
bloody amazing and a must for the hawking bag and weighing room. £3.99 (Also included in first aid kit.)

Triangular section steel needles for feather imping.                                                £ 1.75 for 6
Pack of 25                                                                                          £ 6.00
FERRETING EQUIPMENT & BOUTIQUE! See book list for ferret related information.
Ever felt murderous while waiting for your bloody ferret to wake up? Me too, so................
Ferret lines - 10 yds with swivel and hook                                                      £ 2.95
Collars in soft leather                                                                         £ 1.50
Muzzles in soft leather                                                                         £ 1.95
Harness in soft leather                                                                         £ 2.75
Ferret bag - Olive canvas, carry strap and press stud closing. (Holds 2/3)                      £ 8.99
Ferret Locator New Hi-visibility Mk3 Tracks to16' and comes complete with collar
batteries, 12 month guarantee                                  (RRP £147.00)                    £129.50
Ferret Locator Hi Vis Mk 2 complete                            (RRP £125.00)                    £110.00
Spare Mk2 collars for Mk1 & Mk2 systems                                                         £ 41.50
Gortex case for Mk1 locator                                                                     £ 5.50
Spare transmitter caps for Mk 1                                                                 £ 4.75
Spare batteries for collar                                                                      £   .75p each.
Purse nets in 6z nylon                                                                          £ 14.95 per 10
Ferret carrying boxes in black polypropylene. Not the cheapest – the best!        Single £ 40.00
                                                                                  Double £ 55.00
Back again at last!! Ferretvite multivitamin treat                                              £ 5.25

And now you've dug the little bastard out and forgiven him / her…………………………….
Ferret Conditioning & Insecticidal Shampoo. Yeah, I know you're all too bloody hard to admit you love
your ferrets, but don't they deserve spoiling sometimes too? You'd be lost without them! 200ml. Bottle
£3.95 (They'll smell like poofs but can then double up as a centrally heated scarf)

Exterior grade, dense, fine texture 'grass' surfacing. (Unsuitable for smoking!) One metre wide. Important
for aviary perch surfaces / travelling boxes, especially for falcons and heavy birds that are more prone to
suffer from bumblefoot. per linear foot - £ 6.00 per linear metre - £16.00 The healthier alternative to
Astroturf, being denser, easier to clean and less liable to trap bacteria in the pile.
Astroturf mats The genuine article. Great for use in travelling boxes - (RRP £8.50) Only £ 6.99
BINOCULARS Tasco Sierra 8x30 binoculars. Small size, waterproof, shockproof, olive green rubber
case, multi-coated optics for crystal clear vision. Complete with neck strap and superb carrying case, this
quality product is an ideal size, weight (15oz.) and power for falconry/general use. Special at £74.50 (RRP
Hawke Stratus 5-15x17 lightweight compact binoculars with zoom facility. Silver, grey and black. Multi-
coated optics/centre focus. Carrying case and 10 year guarantee £69.95
Pocket Binoculars – Very compact and sturdy 8x21. Ideal for use in the field. Complete with 10 year
warranty and carry case. Incredible value at only £14.50 per pair. Limited stock.

          This price list is safe for use by vegetarians, but not PC people or people of a nervous disposition.

VIDEOS & DVDs             Many are discounted.
Understanding Falconry          Ditto                                                            £19.95
Harris Hawking Bob Dalton - (Good quality and content)                                           £20.50
The Northumberland Crow Falcons by Nick Fox – brilliant.                                         £19.00
Grouse Hawking Derry Argue - Great footage of Gyr x Peregrines at work!                          £19.50
British Bird Dog Basics. Derry Argue. 55 minutes of essential training and control of pointing/retrieving
breeds. Teach your dog to point in 20 minutes! How to dizzy pigeons? Very good.                  £19.50
Pointers & Setters – The Pointing Instinct by Derry Argue. 55 minute video on the development and
training of pointing dogs for hunting.                                                           £19.50
Dreams of a Master. Exclusive to Westweald, this professionally translated; Spanish video is a ‘birds eye
view’ of training and hunting a falcon from the bird’s viewpoint.                                £15.00
Nutrition (with accompanying booklet) by Nick Fox. First in the new series. 55mins.              £23.00
Basic Training (with accompanying booklet) by Nick Fox. Second in series. 52 mins.               £23.00
Anatomy (with accompanying booklet) by Nick Fox. Third in series. 52 mins.                       £23.00
Health Care (with accompanying booklet) by Nick Fox. Fourth in series.                           £23.00
Preparations for Breeding (with accompanying booklet) by Nick Fox. Fifth in series 67 mins. £23.00
Imprints and Insemination (covered by above booklet) by Nick Fox. Sixth in series 71 mins.       £23.00
Incubation & Hatching (covered by above booklet) by Nick Fox. Seventh in series.                 £23.00
Rearing (covered by above booklet) by Nick Fox. Eighth in series.                                £23.00
Fitness Training (with accompanying booklet) by Nick Fox. Ninth in series 67 mins.               £23.00
Behaviour & Learning (with accompanying booklet) by Nick Fox. Tenth in series.                   £23.00
Owls Now on DVD by Jemima Parry-Jones - (Excellent) 55mins.                                      £14.50
Battles on the High Ground New in 2004 - by R. Lupton. Fantastic, quality footage of Blue Hare hawking
in Scotland with Goldies, Harrises, Redtail and Gos. Very good. 60mins. Video £21 or DVD £22.00
New Kiran Over Mongolia Award winning film about trapping, training and hunting a wild Golden Eagle
in Mongolia. Currently only available in the UK from Westweald Falconry.                          £25.00
New Game Hawking in the 21st Century by Scott Timmons. A fantastic new DVD. Currently only
available in the UK from Westweald Falconry.                                                      £25.00
New Road to Bakersfield (California Hawking Club – 30 years) Scott Timmons. An outstanding DVD.
The quality, content and music in this DVD is unrivalled. A thoroughly good film. 50mins.         £25.00

Campaign for Falconry goods. CFF embroidered cloth badge £3.50. Raptor Nutrition by Neil Forbes
£5.00. CFF car window sticker £1.50. All proceeds go to CFF.
Pulsar Keyring Light. Super bright blue or white LED. Lifetime guarantee. The power in this tiny light
will amaze you! Squeeze to operate £8.95 (RRP. £9.95) or switched version £12.95 (RRP. £13.95)
Pocket /Bag food pouches. Made from green plasticised canvas and fully washable. Will fit most coat
pockets and hawking bags. £2.95 each.
Falconers Magazine – Current and back copies available from £3.00 - £4.25
Gel hand-warmers. Can be used over and over again, lasts for up to 45 mins. £3.25

    Personal callers are always welcome to look around the shop but please telephone first to make an
appointment. This saves disappointment if I’m out and saves you getting your arse bitten if my dog is hiding
                                            under the bushes!

        Please call your vet without delay if you have a sick or injured bird….not me!

    Strictly payment with order.
    Postage and packing up to £10.00 value - £1.50 from £11.00 to £20.00 - £2.50 and thereafter £3.00.
     Heavy and/or bulky items will be posted at cost. If in doubt please call.
    Overseas customers please call or e mail to check carriage charges.
    All prices are subject to change without prior notice. All items are subject to availability.
    Cheques / P.O's to be made payable to Westweald Falconry. Please write cheque card number on reverse
     side of cheque with expiry date. Please write your order clearly and include your address, post code and
     telephone number in case of query. Don't forget that for many items I need to know bird species and sex.
     Top weight is required when ordering hoods.
    Title to all goods remains the property of Westweald Falconry until paid for in full.
    Goods may be returned for refund or exchange only if they are returned in an undamaged and saleable
     condition within 10 days of purchase. (excludes videos, books & DVDs unless faulty)
    No responsibility will be accepted for losses incurred due to the negligent use of our equipment. Please
     maintain all equipment in the correct manner and check daily for signs of wear. Be aware….
    All personal customer information held by Westweald Falconry is treated in the strictest confidence. It
     will not be passed to any third party, at any time, under any circumstances.
    Credit / debit card information is kept on file only with customer consent or by customer request.

    MOST MAJOR CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS ACCEPTED – Minimum order value £10.00 –
       Please telephone with your order and card details
Detach here   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

                                                     Order Form
                                                      (2008 Cat.)

    Scs                S/ eh
                       ew t
                        x ig                     u tt
                                                 Qny                      Dc too o s
                                                                          e r i nfG
                                                                           sip     d
                                                                                   o                                     Pea
                                                                                                                         r eh
                                                                                                                          c c                   ot

Please print your name, address, postcode and telephone number clearly to ensure delivery.
Name......................................................                                         *Post and packing £________
Address..................................................                                           Total            £________
............................................................... Tel. No.........……………. Fax No.....................……………..
............................Post code.................... Date.................................. E-mail…………………………….
Send completed form with payment to: Westweald Falconry - 'Wildcobs' Long Barn Road, Weald, Sevenoaks, Kent TN14 6NJ
England.         Tel/Fax: +44 (0) 01732 463218 Mobile: 07973 379736 E.mail:

*Due to losses incurred in the past through ParcelForce and Royal Mail, no responsibility will be accepted for lost packages or parcels once they have left our
premises. If you wish your parcel to be sent insured (Parcel - £1.00 extra) or by recorded delivery (1st class .65p extra) please add the additional cost to the postage
rates as shown.


                                                       Made in England
The stunning Black Falcon system comes complete with 3 channel receiver, fixed antenna and pistol grip
handle, standard power transmitter, batteries, tail mount, soft carrying case and full operating instructions.
The system is ready to use upon receipt and carries a lifetime warranty. You NEVER pay for repairs unless
the system has been tampered with, abused or damaged through misuse or neglect, simply postage costs.
RECEIVERS - Available 173MHz / 216MHz / 433MHz
   Receiver dimension for the 3 & 10 channel: 110mm x 80mm x 48mm and powered by PP9 battery
   Folding, fixed beam or telescopic yagi antenna. (Telescopic not available in 173 MHz.)
   Receiver weight approximately 9.5oz .excl. antenna
   Backlit signal strength meter for use in low light levels or darkness.
   Integral speaker for audible signal.
   Auto power shut off after 1½ minutes
   Headphone socket for optional headphone attachment when listening for low level signal

   All alloy bodied transmitters are machined to the very highest standard and fitted with screw cap. Leg
      mount caps available.
   25mw Standard power – operates using two batteries. Weight 9.5gm. Length 305mm. Battery duration
      5 days continuous.                                                  £120.00 plus £4.50 p&p
   50mw High power – uses 1 x N1/3 battery. Weight 12gm. Length 300mm. Battery duration 16 days
      continuous.                                                         £170.00 plus £4.50 p&p
   Merlin – operates using single battery. Weight 3.2 grammes. Length 193mm o/a. Battery duration 3.5
      days continuous.                                                    £140.00 plus £4.50 p&p
   Replaceable Teflon coated aerials
Black Falcon 3 channel receiver with solid aerial, standard transmitter, carry case, batteries, tail mount,
instructions and delivery -                                                 £575.00
Black Falcon 10 channel receiver with solid aerial, standard transmitter, carry case, batteries, tail mount,
instructions and delivery -                                                 £625.00
      If you require the above systems with high power transmitter please add £50.00. Telescopic aerial add £80.00

Leg mount transmitter caps (with loop)                                      £ 8.00
Standard transmitter caps                                                   £ 2.50
Spare aerials                                                               £ 8.00
Car mag mount aerial                                                        £ 40.00
Telemetry batteries: Most popular sizes available at £7.50 for a card of 10. 1/3N batteries £1.75 each
Battery holder: Holds 7 batteries separately and safely. Made in robust plastic case with swivelling top for
easy access to each battery. Suits 393/392 size batteries. Only £5.50 (Not suitable for 1/3N)
                            Please note: Legal frequencies in Europe are 173MHz and 433MHz

A Anglo-Indian hoods 6
   Anti-Mite Spray 4                                 L Lamps 4
   Astroturf 11                                         Lanyards 4
   Aylmeri anklets 1                                    Leashes / Arab leash + anklet set 1
                                                        Leather dyes/dressings 10
B Bags / Straps 3                                       Leathers 10
   Bahraini hoods 6                                     Leather working tools 5
   Baseball cap 7                                       Lights/lamps 4
   Baths 2                                              Lures 3
   Batteries & battery holders 5
   Bells 2                                          M Mangala (Arab wrist sleeve) 2
   Bewits 2                                             Magfire firestarter 7
   Binoculars 11                                        More kit than most!
   Black Falcon telemetry 14
   Block perches 3
   Books 9/10
                                                    N Nu-gel 12
                                                        Nudes – page 3… in the Sun
   Bow perches 3
   Buck Knives 8
   Bullet jesses 1                                  O O dear, no entry. O yes…..Order form 13
   Bunny ‘bashers’ 6
                                                     P Perches 3
C Cadge 3                                              Perch surfacing 11
   Carrying boxes 6                                    Pewter pins / models 7
   Casting jackets 3                                   Pictures 7
   Catapaults 4                                        Pocket liners 12
   Closing tools 5                                     Press studs 5
   Clothing 7                                          Purse nets 11
   Compass 5
   Coping tools 4                                   Q Quarry spikes 6 & 12
   Cowhide 10
   Creances 3
   Crop tubes 10
                                                     R Realtree jackets 7
                                                        Rivets 5
D Dem tings wot goes round de legs                  S Scales 4
   Disinfectant 8
                                                       Scalpel handles / blades 5
   Dog training aids 8
                                                       Screen saver 12
   Dummy bunnies 3
                                                       Shelf perches 3
   Dutch hoods 6
                                                       Superb kit – all pages
   DVDs 12
                                                       Swivels 1
E Eagle overlay/slip 2                              T Tail guards 10
   Elastoplast - for novices – try Boots
                                                        Tail mounts 11
   Entrodex probiotic 8                                 Tail bells 2
   Eyelets 5                                            Terms of business 13
   Eyelet pliers and jaw sets 5                         Tools 5
                                                        Telemetry 6 & 14
F Falconers Mags 12                                     Tracking lights 6
   Ferreting kit 11                                     Travelling boxes 6
   Ferret finders 11                                    Trousers 7
   First aid kit 10
   Food pouches 12                                  U U know Westweald gives you the best deals!
   Fox decoy calls 4                                    Utility belts 7

G Gift items 7                                      V Videos 12
    Gloves 2                                            Vitamins & probiotic supplements 8
    Great deals (all pages!)

H Hand warmers 12                                   W Wad punches 5
   Hawking bags 2                                       Whistles 4
   Hawking vests 7                                      Wings 3
   Hood beads 5                                         Warm woolly hats! 7
   Hoods and hood cases 6
   Hood leather 10                                  X What some of my competitors will
   Head lamp 4                                          be when they see my quality & prices!

I I.D. tubes 1                                       Y Exactly! Y shop anywhere else?
   Imping needles 11
                                                     Z OK I give up, I can’t think of anything
J Jesses 1

K Kangaroo hide 10
   Kazakh rufter eagle hoods 6
   Knives, pouches and sharpeners 8
   Ko-Cho-Line 10


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