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					                           25 Types of Poetry

           -ing poems                      Acrostic Poem
                                    Use the letters of the word
line 1: subject is one word or a    to write the word downward
short sentence                      and use a word or words for
line 2-10 words with ing            your poem.

                                    R eading is fun
           Cold Weather             E ven though I get sleepy
             Blowing                A nd want a snack-
             Snowing                D onuts sound good!

                                    Line 1: 5 syllbles
                                    Line 2: 7 syllables
                                    Line 3: 5 syllables
        Listing Poems
                                    The sky is so blue.
Line 1: topic of poem               It looks like blue, blue
Line 2-10 words that describe the   water.
topic word                          I love to watch clouds.
                                     Fill in Blanks Poems
                                    _________are red
           Cares                    _________are blue,
           Cooks                    _________is sweet,
           Cleans                   And so is ________.
                         Types of Poetry

         Couplets                                Cinquian
Two lines with ending words that      Line 1: subject
rhyme.                                Line 2: describes subject
                                      Line 3: action words about the
       My Grandmother                 subject
My grandmother sits in her wheel      Line 4: feelings about the
chair,                                subject
Looking out the window while she      Line 5: synonym for the
sits there.                           subject

       Concrete Poetry                           Cathy
Draw a picture and write your poem         cheerful, truthful
on it. Your poem follows the shape       e-mailing, calling, eating
to help make the picture.                  friend for 20 years
                                                 best bud

                                          Good Poem/Bad Poem
                                      Choose a favorite person,
           Tercet                     animal or thing to write about.
Three lines with the first two
rhyming.                                   Good Cat, Bad Cats

The old woman wrinkled her toes,      My cat meows quietly,
As she swotted a fly on her nose.     While he claws the furniture.
Then she kept rocking in her chair.   My cat walks softly,
                                      As he tries to scratch me.
                         Types of Poetry
         Place Poem                             Lunes
This poem takes a small part and    Line 1: five syllables
describes it.                       Line 2: three syllables
                                    Line 3: five syllables
An Alley in Texas
Garbage cans                        The night is scary.
Bolts                               It is dark.
Dirt                                I like my night light!
Ants                                        Earth Poems
Coke cans
                                    Poems about saving the earth
Broken bottles
                                    or the plants and animals on
Empty boxes
                                             The Earth
       I Remember Poems             The earth is not quiet.
Write a list of things that is      There is a hurricane in the
remembered about a person, place    ocean.
or thing.                           There is an earthquake down
             MOTHER                 The animals are running.
I remember my mother.               The plants are trembling.
I remember her dark hair and
I remember her whispering to me                Chant
to                                  A poem that repeats certain
   be quiet when we went to the     words over and over (to be
    library.                        read aloud).
I remember he being taller in
shoes.                              My cat can spring
I remember her good night kisses.   My cat can spring in
                                    My cat can spring in the
                                    My cat can spring in the air!
                            Types of Poetry

      Group Poems                               Question Poetry
                                        Choose a topic and write questions
Write poems with your class.            about it. It can be rhyming or free
-Choose a topic                         verse.
-write some neat words to go with
the topic                                         Oh, Flower
-write sentences about the topic             Why are you drooping?
(free verse)                            Why are your leaves hanging down?
                                             Why do you look so dry?
                                        Did someone forget to water you?
    Poems set with Music
-Choose a topic
-Choose a song
                                             Noun/Adjective Poems
-Write poem and set to music (Skip to                Trees,
my lou, Are you sleeping, etc.)                      Trees,
                                                 Green Trees,
             Clerihew                            Large Tall Trees,
A humorous poem contained in                   Long tree branches,
four lines with a-a-b-b- The               Strong leaves waving in the wind,
                                              Fantastic Trees.
first two lines rhyme and the
second two lines rhyme.                         Subject Poetry
                                        Choose any subject to write
One second grade teacher down           about. Just make a list of
the hall,                               things about it.
Was afraid to play with a bat and
ball.                                               Vacation
Once a ball hit her in the head,                  Packing a bag
And now she hides quietly in a                 Putting gas in the car
shed.                                             Eating out
                                                  Seeing friends
                                                Visiting relatives
                                                 Coming home
                             Types of Poetry

    I used to. . . but Now                       Buddy Poetry
Things that you used to not like,       Two students get together and
but now do like.                        discuss their favorite kinds of
  I used to hate brocholi,              candy or one they both like then
      But now I like it.                write sentences about it.
  I used to hate making long trips,
       But now I enjoy traveling.                    Crunch
  I used to hate cold weather,          It taste like chocolate and cereal.
         But now I like being chilly.   It melts in your mouth.
                                        It tingles your tummy.
            Color Poetry                It doesn’t last very long.
Choose a color and describe it or       I need a drink of water.
list things that color.


Green comes from trees standing
  tall and straight.
Green as jello.
Green for St. Patrick’s Day.
Green is for Christmas.
Green is the color of my bedroom.
Green is my favorite color.

      Five W’s Poetry