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									                              TERM PAPERS

There are two term papers due each quarter in 11th grade U.S. History &
Government. Each paper counts twice in the quarterly average. The Major
paper counts as two test grades, and the Minor paper counts as two quiz
grades. All assignments are expected to be typed, double spaced, font sized
12. Standard essay format should be utilized: introductory paragraph with a
thesis statement as last sentence, several body paragraphs that relate to
proving your thesis statement, and a concluding paragraph that begins with a
restatement of the thesis.

Failure to turn in term papers will not only result in zeros, but it will also
prevent the most damaging grade of the quarter from being dropped; it will
further more prevent the lowest quarter of the year being substituted with the
Regents Exam score (should it be higher).

Per your syllabus the due dates are dictated. Penalty will result each day the
paper is late, even if you are absent. You may email the paper should an
absence occur on a due date.

For each quarter the assignments are as follows:

Quarter 1:
Minor Paper~ You are writing your own Current Event Document Based
Essay. This is similar to the DBQ you write on the Regents Exam. The
difference is that you are collecting the documents and writing an essay
based on those documents. The assignment requires 5 documents. The
documents can be a combination of newspaper or magazine articles, political
cartoons, and photos. The essay should involve the evolution of some topic
related to said documents. The essay is not solely to be in reference to each
individual document, but rather an analysis of some current event, using the
documents as evidence. You should make reference to the documents with a
parenthetical endnote….(doc a). Label each document a,b,c,d,e, and attach
them to the back of the essay. The paper should be roughly 2 pages typed.

Major Paper~ You are to write a paper thoroughly explaining how the
System of Checks and Balances works. A detailed review of the Separation
of Powers is required. Further analysis will involve how each branch is able
to check the other two, thereby preventing any one branch from abusing
power. Specific examples in full detail are required. A detailed diagram of
the Checks and Balances “triangle” will make this essay complete. This
paper should be 5-7 pages in length.

Quarter 2:
Minor Paper~ (Historical Political Cartoon Report from Colonial Era~ Civil
War) This quarter you are writing 5 separate analysis on 5 different
political cartoons under one cover. You are to collect 5 cartoons that all
surround different topics to avoid repetition. Cartoons may be photocopied
from the text book. You may also find cartoons on-line at a variety of sites:
www.politicalcartoons.com, www.boondocksnet.com. Each cartoon should
be thoroughly reviewed, discussing issues beyond what is presented in the
cartoon. Make sure to include analysis about what led to this event, what
issues are involved, and what repercussions might occur. Each cartoon
essay should be roughly 1-2 pages typed. As there are 5 cartoons, the paper
could potentially be 10 pages long. Be sure to attach each cartoon with its
respective essay.

Major Paper~ (Historical Book Review)
In a combined effort to reduce your work load, this quarter you are writing a
book review utilizing the book you read in English class. The majority of
you will read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, A Raisin in the Sun, or
Be careful to realize that a book review is different from a plot summary
book report. In this assignment, you are writing a critical analysis of the
literary work using direct quotes as supportive evidence. The quotes are to
be “woven” into your argument, using parenthetical endnotes to reference
the page number for the quotes. (See attached sample reviews.) Successful
review of the book will answer the question, “to what extent does the author
portray life by social, political, economic, religious or moral means?” Is
there a social or political revolution ongoing? Are the main characters
challenged by economic strife or moral upheaval? Has religion had an effect
on the characters? The best thesis has multi-parts to prove, resulting in
correlating body paragraphs for each part.
Length: 3-5 pages.

Quarter 3:
Minor Paper~ (Historical Political Cartoon Report from Post Civil War~
This cartoon report mimics the quarter 2 assignment with exception to era.
Major Paper~ (Combined English/Social Studies Research Paper or Book
Depending on who your English teacher is, you will be dictated per this
This assignment will count as separate grades for both courses; therefore, be
sure to make two copies of this term paper for grading.

Quarter 4:
Minor Paper~ (Historical Political Cartoon Report from Post WWII~
Present Day) Same as quarter 2 with respect to new time frame.

Major Paper~ (Top 10 Presidents Paper)
This paper is a review of your favorite top 10 American Presidents. This
paper will serve as an excellent review for the Regents Exam, and therefore,
should be an expression of your finest work. As this work mandates at least
one page per president, it is likely that the result will be anywhere between
10-30 pages in length. See attached packet for this assignment.

4th quarter report assignment:
You are to create your own top 10 list of American Presidents. Please list them in order,
beginning with the best (#1). This is not a list of biographies. You are to discuss the
administrations of each president and any major legislation passed. Important cabinet
members are an integral part of your discussion, as they are the people the presidents rely
on for decision-making help. You can get this information in my classroom as well as
other outside sources. Also, you must include any important events or treaties that took
place during each administration. Remember, you are ranking these presidents based on
accomplishments. This paper discusses why these presidents were successful. You
should plan on having at least 1 typed page per president, (i.e. at least 10 pages of text,
total). Cover page and photos do not count. Writing style does count. This should be
reflective of your best work. The final work should be neat and professional looking.
(Big headings and blank spaces are only filler in my mind. This paper should look like a
short book, with each president being a new chapter.)
1. cover page
2. table of contents – president #1-#10 named in order of ranking
3. introduction- “What makes a good president?” (additional info. Not part of 10 pages)
4. pages numbered
5. double spaced
6. font size 12
7. bibliography- most of your information will be in textbook and should already be in
    your notebook

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