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					THE MOON: The crescent moon is identified with the goddess Diana as virgin; she was also
called Luna. Prior to this the crescent was Isis, and subsequently is also connected with the
Virgin Mary. Since the Ottoman Empire took Constantinople - which had the moon as its
emblem, probably in relation to Diana - the moon was adopted as the symbol of Islam. The
rose and the crescent together are important meditations for the spirit in Sufism.

The moon is often related to chastity or purity, and is also a device of the Hunt (in connection
with Diana). It signifies female; the reasons are complex. The moon is a reflection of the light
of the (male) sun. It is also tied to the cycle of a woman's regenerative process. The moon
growing toward full and then waning is emblematic of female pregnancy and birth. The moon,
ruler of the tides, is also connected with the Sea, and with change and growth. Specifically, it is
a symbol of potency and inspiration to Rumi and to Yeats, both of whom are quoted in the
novel. In the tarot, it is often connected with unreliable friends and relationships, but also with

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