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									Websites for teachers
       The archive contains hundreds of free lesson plans for grades 6-12. You may
       perform a keyword search to retrieve a lesson, browse the archive by subject, or
       scroll down the page to view the most recently published lessons. This site is great for teaching economics,
       kindergarten through grade 12 and even beyond! There are lesson plans for
       various age/grade levels, and you can even order some materials to be sent to you,
       such as a CD ROM and a curriculum kit with worksheets and all. This could
       serve as a useful tool in meeting some of those additional life skills requirements
       for high schoolers.
       Blue Web'n is an online library of 1700+ outstanding Internet sites categorized by
       subject, grade level, and format (lessons, activities, projects, resources, references,
       & tools). You can search by grade level (Refined Search), broad subject area
       (Content Areas), or specific sub-categories (Subject Area). Each week 5 new sites
       are added.
This site has a limited selection of worksheets clearly marked by grade level and matched
to State standards that could be printed to get a family with elementary aged students
started with something while waiting for curriculum to arrive. It also has suggestions for
texts and workbooks with links to Borders Books and other vendors.
This site has math worksheets that can be printed in a variety of elementary grade levels,
and also includes the ability to custom build math worksheets by setting parameters for
problems and/or answers.
This site has spelling and vocabulary worksheets, as well as grammar, math, solar
system, weather, and plants. It also has short reading excerpt similar to the kinds found
on the STAR test that print along with comprehension questions. Neatly divided by
grade level for K-6.
Site links and puzzles that can be used with the Discovery Channel, TLC, and Animal
Planet programs or as stand alone pages.
Software reviews, math and vocabulary worksheets, vocabulary builders using hangman,
word scrambles, and hidden words.
Jigsaw puzzles and mind teaser puzzles (hands-on), as well as traditional wood board
games such as chess, Mah Jong, and Pachisi. Also has a free puzzle arcade of interactive
games for kids.
An electronic passport to various countries in the world during specific time periods that
school children usually study. The site includes photography along with articles similar
to a newspaper or magazine. Written with middle school and older in mind.
Each MAZOON is a fun combination of maze and cartoon that can be printed and solved
This site has interactive “worksheets” for students that self correct. It includes basic
math through calculus. Each topic has a short lesson, followed by examples and then
questions for the student to answer.
This site has printable lesson plans in a variety of subject areas as well as worksheets and
printable mazes.
More than 500 thematic units ready to go in all subject areas, for instance the language
arts area has thematic units using popular children’s literature. Contains links to other
websites with similar material. Excellent resource instead of purchasing unit study
This site has a free newsletter and worksheets and reproducibles in many curriculum
areas. For elementary age students.
Links for on-line activities from Pre-K to teens. Information from their magazine about
current events at all age area. Divided up by parents, teachers, teens, and kids so it is
easy to navigate.
Resources for parents new to home schooling. Has suggestions for parent books and
websites for supporting the new home teacher, including learning styles, distance
education, parent training, etc.
For K-8 teachers and kids. This site has games such as math baseball, grammar gorillas,
and the brain bowl.
This is an on-line science site, divided into modules for exploring concepts. It includes
demonstrations and explanations as well as games to test students’ knowledge and
understanding of key concepts. This one looks fun.
This is a great site for kids seeking information. It contains an encyclopedia, atlas,
almanac, and dictionary. There are changing daily features such as “In the News”,
“Today in History”, and new vocabulary words, plus games and quizzes.
Elementary and middle school English and ESL site, with a writer’s workshop (this
month it contains lessons on Weighing an Argument, Building an Argument, and
Refuting an Argument). There are flashcards for parts of speech and seasonal games and
Contains drill games activities and information for the older students – middle school and
up to 12. Looks a little boring, but as a review quiz, it has its place.
Lots of links to other teaching sites, as well as worksheets and information for all grade
levels. It also has rubric makers, word search generators, word scrambles, and
crosswords. Too many pop-up ads really distract from the site and trying to close the
links takes you to it.
This site boasts 5000+ free worksheets to print or download. Subjects include: Math,
Phonics, Science, Social Studies, Handwriting, Humane Education, History, and
Language Arts. You can also subscribe to the email newsletter to receive one free
Thematic Unit every other week. Units include; Science, Social Studies, Geography, and
History. Elementary ages.
This site contains the basics, such as ABC Activities, Reading, Reading Comprehension,
Math, Writing, Handwriting, Colors, and Shapes for the younger students. It also has
Research Forms, Report Helpers, Book Report Forms, Maps, and Flags for use with older
students. Added bonus: Reading comprehensions for fictional and informational reading
practice. Useful for teaching test-taking skills.
Lil' Fingers is an on-line storybook site for pre-K and K children with games, storybooks
and printable coloring pages. Stories, activities and holiday sections are designed with
bright colors and big buttons for little fingers to click on.
Printable facts and maps about all the states for a geography study.
Printable handwriting practice sheets in manuscript and cursive. Sorted by letters,
numbers, and theme, such as family members. Choice of small to large size for
beginning and more advanced lessons.
This site has short educational movies in math, technology, English, science, and health.
DLTK's Crafts for Kids features a variety of fun, printable children's crafts, coloring
pages and projects for holidays, educational themes, and some favorite cartoon
Activity Pad offers printable pre-K and K activities, word search puzzles, mazes, and
holiday activities.
Contains coloring pages for students, sorted by holidays, characters, seasons, animals,
nature, and “educational” themes.
County of Los Angeles Public Library, Library Kids Online site. Contains search tools
that are safe for kids, as well as links to all curriculum areas.
Book reviews, sorted by best and worst, as well as alphabetically.
Download Learning offers practical educational software that helps kids and families
connect with common knowledge—the shared, familiar knowledge about history,
geography, science, and the arts that brings people together. There is a free download
monthly or you can subscribe to the site.

In the Spotlight Homeschooler's Writing Club <>
Announcing the Homeschooler's Writing Club! Writing is a topic that seems difficult for
homeschooling families to accomplish and often gets neglected. Sign your kids up today
and get your pencils sharpened!

The below link is interesting-it is a list of 100 vocab words and definitions that every
high schooler should know. Could be incorporated into an English class, and useful for
standardized testing, SAT, etc.

I just found out that MIT is offering open courseware
through the following website:

I found out some info on the CAT 6 test. You can go to and view the site which has alot of info.

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Elementary School Educators •How is a Teacher Like a Pregnant Woman?

Secondary School Educators •Much Edo About Art <>
Art History Art Smart <>

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