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					CPD Return

               Self-Evaluation of Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
                                For Chartered Meteorologists

The Accreditation Board has issued a Self-Evaluation Form which should be used for CPD
returns – a copy is attached. The document is also available from the Society’s website
(http://www.rmets.org/activities/cmet/index.php) or we can send you a copy by email. The Board
intends to call in CPD records on a 2 year cycle (or more frequently if there is any cause for
concern in particular cases).

The purpose of the Self-Evaluation Form is to provide the Society with summary evidence of
CPD by those wishing to retain the accreditation CMet. It is divided into sections, each relating
to some specific type of activity. The Society recognises that it might not be possible to record
items under some headings. However, it does expect the record to identify some activity relevant
to CPD other than that simply associated with routine professional activity.

Please note that the Self-Evaluation Form is intended to record only examples of activity, and is
not intended to replace a more detailed CPD record or CV. We wish to encourage members to
keep their own detailed record of activity for their own benefit, even though the Society would
not normally wish to examine these in full.

In most circumstances a satisfactory return will simply be acknowledged as such by the Society.
However, for audit purposes, the Society may occasionally ask for further details of one or more
section entries. For this reason, we invite you to declare that you are willing to provide a more
detailed account of relevant activities if asked to do so (see Declaration statement). Please note
that, unless stated, such a request will not imply that the Society considers the original return to
be unsatisfactory.

In the event of a return being considered unsatisfactory by the Board, the author will normally be
invited to submit a further CPD record after one more year. Should this still not prove
satisfactory, then the accreditation may be withdrawn by order of the Council of the Society.

Chief Executive and Secretary to the Accreditation Board
Royal Meteorological Society

Self-Evaluation of Continuing
Professional Development
For Chartered Meteorologists

                               CPD Self-Evaluation Form
Name of Member:                     :

Period of record (2-years)          :

Please complete one or both of sections A and B. In each of sections C to F, enter no more than
three items which you consider to be the most significant in relation to your professional
development during the period of this record.1

Section A. Professional activity of a member in either full-time or part-time employment as
a meteorologist.

Please state
   Name of employer
   Current position or job title
   Area(s) of specialisation

Summarise below any significant change in responsibility or activity within the period covered by
this record (including change of employment)

Section B. Professional activity of a self-employed member

List the titles of, or briefly summarize below up to three projects or consultancies which were
either started or are continuing during the period covered by this record. In each case, describe
briefly, to the extent that commercial confidentiality allows, the nature of the work and its
approximate duration (actual or anticipated). If you run a company, please give the name of that
company and its principal activity.

  If there is insufficient space in a section, please continue on an additional sheet marked with your name,
the period of validity, and the section to which it refers.

CPD evaluation                                                                                                 1
Self-Evaluation of Continuing
Professional Development
For Chartered Meteorologists

Section C. Publications

List below up to three publications (books, articles, journal papers, reports, etc) which you have
authored (or co-authored) during the period of this record, and which are related to your
professional activity and which are in the public domain.

Section D. Service to the Community

List up to three examples of activity such as membership of a RMS committee, voluntary work
promoting public interest in meteorology, talks to community groups and societies.

Section E. Professional training

List up to three courses (provided either by your employer or another organisation) which you
have attended during the period of this record and which were directly relevant to your
professional activity.

CPD evaluation                                                                                  2
Self-Evaluation of Continuing
Professional Development
For Chartered Meteorologists

Section F. Self-learning methods

List in decreasing order of importance the three most significant activities through which you
have continued to improve your general knowledge of meteorology and keep up-to-date with
advances in your own specialist area. (Examples are reading learned journals (such as QJRMS),
attending scientific meetings, reading popular scientific journals (such as Weather and New
Scientist), reading textbooks, attending Workshops and Seminars.)

Section G. Other Evidence

List here any items which do not fall within the categories described in sections C to F, but which
you nevertheless consider to provide evidence of CPD within the period of this record.


The above provides a true summary of my activities during the period of this record. I
am willing to provide to the Society a more detailed account of these activities if asked to
do so.

                                                 Signed          :

                                                 Date            :

CPD evaluation                                                                                   3