Puppet Play Self-Evaluation

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					                          Puppet Play Self−Evaluation

        For each of the following categories, record a mark and a reason why. Try to
create a mental balance between what you did well and what you could improve on,
so that your mark is fair. Because the ability to reflect on your own work is so crucial
to drama, it is included in your evaluation.

Flow of Story                                                         /15

Quality of puppets                                                    /10

Use of voice for effect                                               /10

Movement of puppets                                                   /5

Appeal                                                                /5


Teacher Evaluation:

_____The self-evaluation is fair, and _______ out of five is awarded for accurate reflection.

_____The mark is changed to _________ because it did not accurately reflect the quality
of the work presented. The reflection mark is ____________ out of five.