The Minneapolis Plan for Sustainable Growth Legal Basis Why

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					The Minneapolis Plan for Sustainable Growth
Legal Basis

Why do we need a comprehensive plan?

Minnesota      A comprehensive plan is a public document that describes how a
Statute        community wants to develop over a specified planning period.
Subdivisions   In Minneapolis, the Comprehensive Plan is a long-term vision for growth
1&2            and physical development of the city. It is a policy framework that guides
               planning, zoning, and development decisions; basically a roadmap for how
               the city will grow, where the growth will occur and what type of growth is
               intended for that site.

Minnesota      The state legislature adopted a schedule for comprehensive plan
Statue         updates, usually ever ten years.
               Minneapolis last updated its comprehensive plan in 2000. This current
               update was triggered by the Metropolitan Council adopting a new regional
               framework for planning in 2005. The new framework set out population
               growth projections for cities and counties in the 7-county metropolitan
               region. It also includes regional policies for transportation, regional parks,
               and housing. These policies are called “systems statements.”

               State statute also defines mandatory components of a comprehensive plan,
               and those components that are optional. Minneapolis is updating each
               chapter to the comprehensive plan, which includes all the mandatory
               components and optional elements, like economic development, that make
               good business sense for the city.

Minnesota      Comprehensive plan amendments are evaluated by the public, staff,
Statute 4,     elected officials and the Metropolitan Council to ensure that they
473.175        satisfy these criteria:

               Conformance—are the policies consistent with the regional planning
               framework laid out by the Metropolitan Council, with existing city policies
               and regulations, and projected future plans?
               Consistency—is the comprehensive plan consistent with the legal
               requirements for comprehensive planning?
               Compatibility—does the planning and development called for in the plan
               work well with planning and development called for in comprehensive plans
               for neighboring cities, the county, the park board, and the school district?
                                         History of Planning
                                         City of Minneapolis
Milestone                                        Date                                       Significance
First zoning code in United States adopted in     1916         Upheld as constitutional by US Supreme Court.
New York City                                                     Zoning a police power delegated to states to
                                                             protection the public’s “health, safety, and general
City of Minneapolis Planning Commission           1923
First Zoning Code, City of Minneapolis            1924                            Implemented by city engineers
Minneapolis Downtown Council created              1955        Formed in response to General Mills leaving the
                                                                        city and the development of Southdale.
                                                              Downtown strangled by transportation gridlock.
                                                              Downtown Council demanded creation of a city planning
Planning Department created                       1956                      City hires first professional planners
Central Minneapolis Plan                          1959           Central Minneapolis Plan developed establishing
                                                               principles to organize downtown, and the seeds
                                                                for the Nicollet Mall. Partnership between City
                                                                           and downtown business community.
Minneapolis adopts first Comprehensive Plan       1962                                 Entitled “The Official Plan”
Second Zoning Code adopted                        1963            Considered “state of the art”; Zoning Office
                                                             transferred from the Planning Department to the
                                                                                             Inspections Division
Metropolitan Council                              1967       Created to provide a regional planning framework
                                                                   for three major policy areas: water resources
                                                                management, transportation, and regional park
Metro Center 85                                    1970                               Update to downtown plan
Metropolitan Planning Act                          1976
Metro 90                                           1978           Second Update to Central Minneapolis Plan
Second Comprehensive Plan                          1982                         Entitled “Plan for the 1980’s”
Metro 2000                                         1987             Third update to Central Minneapolis Plan
Downtown Minneapolis 2010                       1994--1996   Fourth update to downtown plan begins focusing
                                                                                           on downtown core
Third Zoning Code                                 1999
Third Comprehensive Plan                          2000                                    The Minneapolis Plan
Regional Development Framework 2030               2004            Adopted by Metropolitan Council; trigger for
                                                                                    comprehensive plan updates
Regional System Plans                           2004—2005      Metropolitan Council adopts system statements
                                                                                for the three major policy areas:
                                                             (transportation-2004; water resources 2005; parks
                                                                                          and open space, 2005)
System Statements                                 2005             Sent to each local government in metro area
                                                                    triggering comprehensive planning updates
Minneapolis Plan Update                         2006—2008        City of Minneapolis updates The Minneapolis

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