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									April 28, 2008

To Potential Proposers:

                        REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS

The City of Pittsburgh (City) is soliciting proposals from qualified retirement plan
consultant/advisors to assist the City in drafting a proposal for a plan
administrator of a defined contribution plan.

The City of Pittsburgh was established in 1758 and encompasses approximately 56
square miles. The population of the City is 334,563, according to the 2000 Census. The
City has a strong mayor form of government and is responsible for providing public
safety, public works and recreational services to the residents of Pittsburgh.

Scope of Work
The City currently has a defined benefit retirement system for its 3,100 active employees
and 4,400 retirees. This system is administered by the Comprehensive Municipal
Pension Trust Fund (Pension Board) which is a 7 member board consisting of 4
members appointed by the Mayor and 1 member from each Plan (Police, Fire &

The City wishes to offer a pilot program for a voluntary defined contribution plan for new
employees. The City is looking to work with a retirement plan consultant/advisor to
assist the City in preparing a strategy for the new voluntary defined contribution plan, as
well as a Request for Proposal for a plan administrator and assistance with the selection
process. The consultant selected will not be eligible to bid for the plan administrator

Proposal Requirements
In order to be considered, respondents must provide the following information:
    • Cover letter.
    • Detailed scope of services to be provided by your firm, including any additional
       and necessary work not mentioned above.
    • A detailed history including resumes or similar documentation for those to be
       assigned to this engagement. The information should include the names of
       clients for which similar services have been performed, contact names and
       telephone numbers, a brief description of services provided.
    • Fee proposal.
    • Address any possible conflicts of interest the consultant may have with the City.
    • Statement of affiliations.

Proposals are to be returned to the City no later than June 5, 2008 by
5:00 p.m., at the following address:
City of Pittsburgh
Finance Department
1st Floor, City/County Building
414 Grant Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Attention: Tony Pokora

Please provide 5 copies of your submittal and one (1) reproducible electronic file. If you
have any questions, please call Tony Pokora at 412-255-2899 or

Evaluation Procedures, Criteria and Terms
In order to be considered, respondents must clearly demonstrate through their submittal,
expertise and knowledge of defined contribution plans. Those firms deemed most
qualified, in the sole judgment of the City, shall be considered. The City may select two
to three firms to make a presentation to its Pension Board.

The selection of the consultant will be based on the following:

       •    Professional qualifications.
       •    References
       •    Previous relevant experience.
       •    Staff availability for this project.
       •    Minority/Women Business Participation either as subcontractors or in
       •    Capacity to meet the project requirements.
       •    Proposed fees.

The City reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, waive any proposal
informalities, and modify or postpone the proposed project at its sole discretion. No costs
of the proposal preparation will be paid by the City.

Proposed Schedule

Proposal Due                  June 5, 2008
Review Proposals              Summer 2008, TBD
Interviews                    Summer 2008, TBD
Award Contract                Summer 2008, TBD

For all contracts in which insurance is required, a certificate evidencing the following
minimum insurance must be provided when award is made, unless otherwise specified:

       A.      GENERAL LIABILITY Single limit of Bodily Injury and Property Damage
               Combined: $500,000.00 each occurrence, $1,000,000.00 aggregate.
       B.      CITY OF PITTSBURGH must be listed as "Additional Insured' on the
               insurance certificate.
               NOTE: The name(s) of the insured on the certificate must be the same
               as the name(s) of the Contractor listed on the bid document.

       C.      Insurance coverage must be an “OCCURRENCE POLICY".                 "Claims
               made” policies are unacceptable.


               $500,000 for each individual occurrence and $1,000,000 in aggregate

Insurance must be maintained in full force and effect throughout the term of the contract.

It is the City's goal to encourage increased participation of women and minority
groups in all City contracts. The City, therefore, requires that all prospective
Contractors demonstrate good faith efforts to obtain the participation of minority-
owned business enterprises (“MBEs”) and women-owned business enterprises
(“WBEs”) in work to be performed under City contracts. In order to demonstrate this
good faith commitment, all prospective Contractors are required to complete and
submit with their bids either an MBE/WBE Solicitation and Commitment Statement,
which details the efforts made by the prospective Contractor to obtain such
participation, or an MBE/WBE Commitment Waiver Request which details why no
MBE/WBE participation could be obtained. Failure to submit either an MBE/WBE
Solicitation and Commitment statement or an MBE/WBE Commitment Waiver
Request may result in rejection of the bid.

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