Since the two self-built houses_ get their sales tax you two self-built by fdjerue7eeu


									Since the two self-built houses, get their sales tax you two self-built

  self-built two houses, business tax
 city Tax Inspection Board of the self from the houses by a unit composed of terms
tax price of business tax levied Jian, and made a deal with back taxes and fines. The
unit sales of real property that has been paid by the business tax should not repeat the
business tax.

: According to "The People's Republic of China Interim Regulations on Business
Tax," second paragraph of Article IV of these Rules provides that: their new building
units or individuals that sell on the self as if the provision of taxable services. The unit
has two self-built from the taxable sales, including acts of which is construction and
installation, which was housing sales after the act, these two acts should be subject to
business tax. Therefore, although the unit has been by "selling real estate" to pay
business tax; but some still need to self-built according to the composite assessable
value "Jian" sector pay business tax, therefore, not repeat business tax, Tax Inspection
Board made the unit Treatment is also correct. / Center>

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