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                           January 2006 Bulletin No. 2 – 06


Regional Strategy Formulation Workshop in Teacher Education

The School of Education & Humanities in collaboration with the Organisation of American States (OAS)
hosted a Regional Strategy Formulation Workshop in Teacher Education at the Education Lecture
Theatre, Turkeyen Campus from January 9 – 11 under the theme Developing Strategies for the Higher
Quality of Teacher Education. The Feature Address was delivered by Dr. Henry Jeffrey, Minister of
Education, who also formally opened the event. Speakers at the Opening Ceremony included Mr. Tota
Mangar, Dean of the School of Education & Humanities, Dr. James G. Rose CCH, Vice-Chancellor, Mr.
Dennis Moses, Director of the OAS and Mr. Neil Browman of the University Bursary who gave the
Invocation. Chairperson was Mr. Deryck Bernard, Lecturer in the School of Education & Humanities.
Professor Zellynne Jennings-Craig, Head of the Department of Educational Studies and Director, School
of Education, University of the West Indies (UWI) Mona Campus and Professor Arthur Richardson also of
the School of Education, UWI Cave Hill Campus were the lead consultants heading the workshop. They
addressed the topic: Issues in Teacher Education: International and Caribbean Perspectives. Other
presentations included Main issues in Teacher Training in Specialist Areas and Key Learning Strategies
by CARICOM specialists: Dr. June George, Dr. Ian Robertson, Dr. Annette Insanally, Ms. Doreen Preston,
Ms. Daphne Franklin and Mr. Raymond Khan; Preparation for teaching in areas inhabited by the
Indigenous Population: Cultural and social issues to consider by Dr. Desry Fox of UG; Distance Education:
Lessons learnt from the Caribbean Experience that can inform teacher education in Guyana by Dr. Olabisi
Kuboni; Distance Education: Lessons learnt from the Guyanese Experience that can inform teacher
education in Guyana by Ms. Debbie Thomas and Ms. Florine Dalgetty. This workshop was part of a UG
Project funded by the OAS and coordinated by Dr. Victorine Solomon, Head of the Research and
Graduate Studies Division, School of Education & Humanities.

Workshop for New Lecturers

The Office of Resource Mobilisation & Planning (ORM&P) once again hosted the annual workshop for new
lecturers from January 16 – 20 at the Education Lecture Theatre, Turkeyen Campus. 23 new lecturers
were in attendance. Facilitators at this workshop, held under the theme, An Induction into Key Aspects of
Academic Operations at UG, spoke to a number of topics specifically chosen to give the new lecturers
valuable information. Topics addressed included: An Outline of UG Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities
and Threats and The University of Guyana as a Learning Institution: The role of the Lecturer in shaping
the Culture by Mr. Al Creighton, Deputy Vice-Chancellor; UG Structure and Academic Practices by Dr.
Marlene Cox, Director, ORM&P; Personnel/Financial Matters by Ms. Patricia Harnanan, Personnel Officer;
Mr. John Seeram, Bursar and Mr. Neil Browman, Chief Accountant; Assessment Strategies at the Tertiary
Level by Mr. William Kellman, Lecturer in the School of Education & Humanities; Quality Assurance in
Teaching by Mr. Aubrey Overton, Head, Department of Foundations & Education Management, School of
Education & Humanities and Dr. Michael Scott, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences; Strategies for Effective
Teaching at the Tertiary Level by Professor Winston McGowan, Walter Rodney Chair, School of Education
& Humanities; An Introduction to Computer Aided Instruction by Mr. Malcolm Williams, Lecturer and Mr.
Lelandar Singh, Head, Department of Computer Sciences, Faculty of Natural Sciences; Using Research to
enhance the Learning Process by Mr. Deryck Bernard, Former Dean & Lecturer, School of Education &
Humanities; and Effective Student/Lecturer Relations by Mr. Vincent Alexander, Deputy Registrar.

NBIC University of Guyana Awards

On January 9, the National Bank of Industry and Commerce (NBIC) held its fifth annual NBIC University of
Guyana Awards Ceremony. Recipients were Mrs. Karen Assanah, who received the NBIC Chairman’s
Award for the Best Graduating Student with a Bachelor’s Degree in the Faculty of Social Sciences, and
Ms. Areika Low, the Award for the Second Best Graduating Student with a Diploma in Banking and
Finance. The University was represented at this event by Mr. Vincent Alexander, Deputy Registrar; Dr.
Michael Scott, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences; Dr. Marlene Cox, Director, Office of Resource
Mobilisation & Planning and Mr. Hector Edwards, lecturer in the Faculty of Social Sciences. The Bank also
made a contribution to the “Reading is Fun” Programme in the form of books, which were received by Ms.
Gloria Cummings of the University Library.
Alumni make presentation to Law Department

The Department of Law, Faculty of Social Sciences was the recipient of a donation of GY$240,000 from
52 Guyanese Law students currently studying at the Hugh Wooding Law School in Trinidad. This
donation was part of funds raised in 2005 in response to the damage caused to the Department by the
January 2005 flooding. The alumni also presented the sum of US$800 to a Guyanese first year law
student at the Hugh Wooding School, whose home also suffered as a result of the flood. Representing the
University at the ceremony were: Mr. Vincent Alexander, Deputy Registrar; Professor Aubrey Bishop,
Head, Department of Law; Ms. Paulette Paul, Public Relations Officer and two former Law students, Mr.
Ronald Burch-Smith and Ms. Desa Calder.

Memorial Service for Law Student

On January 23, the Law Department held a memorial service for the late Mr. Andrew Anderson, a 3rd year
UG Law student from Jamaica, who died by drowning at the Splashmin’s Resort on the Linden/Soesdyke
Highway. The ceremony was attended by a wide cross-section of the University community, including the
Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Head of the Law Department, Presidents of the University of
Guyana Students’ Society (UGSS) and the University of Guyana Law Society (UGLS) and representatives
from other Faculties and Divisions. Also present were colleagues and friends of the late Mr. Anderson,
who paid glowing tributes in song and poetry and recalled the good times they had spent with him and the
positive way in which he had touched their lives. Members of Mr. Anderson’s family and the Jewish
Brotherhood, of which he was a member, also paid tributes. The funeral took place in Jamaica on January
29 and the University was represented by the UGSS President, Mr. Jason Benjamin, who was also a close
friend of the deceased, and two other students. The University offers its sincerest condolences to the
family of the bereaved. May his soul rest in peace.

Attendance at Meetings/Conferences/Seminars/Workshops

Ms. Simone Bernard of the Readers’ Services Division, University Library migrated to Malaysia to pursue
the Master of Library and Information Science Degree at the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur. She is
expected to return in July 2007.

Distinguished Professor Clive Thomas CCH attended a Heads of Government Research Meeting in
Trinidad from January 6 – 9. Also, as part of a joint UG-UWI (Organisation of American States – OAS)
project, he was at UWI Cave Hill Campus to lecture for a module in the Masters in Trade Policy
programme from January 15 – 27.

Ms. Debra Lowe-Thorne of the Turkeyen Library attended the 2nd phase of the Library of Congress
Programme for Cooperative Cataloguing (PCC) at the Caribbean Union College, University of the West
Indies, St. Augustine Campus from January 9 – 14.

Mr. Calvin Bernard, lecturer in the Department of Biology, Faculty of Natural Sciences, led a team
conducting faunal surveys of the Guyana Goldfield’s Aurora Site in the Cuyuni River area from January 20
– 31. Specimens of the animals collected will be housed at the Centre for the Study of Biological Diversity
and will also be used in teaching Vertebrate Zoology.
Featured Alumni

                             Dr. William Wilson

                            Dr. William Wilson, Dean of the Faculty of Technology, is a Civil/Structural
                            Engineer. In 1981, he graduated from the University of Guyana with a
                            distinction in the Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Civil Engineering, and also
                            received the President’s Medal for Best Graduating Student and Valedictorian.
                            In 1983, he continued his studies at the Imperial College, University of London
                            where he obtained his Masters Degree in Civil Engineering (Structures) in 1984
                            and his Ph.D. in 1987. Dr. Wilson started his career at UG in 1981 as Assistant
                            Lecturer in the Faculty of Technology. In 1988, he was appointed Head of the
                            Department of Civil Engineering, a position which he held until he was
                            appointed Dean in 2002. Dr. Wilson is a Fellow of the Guyana Association of
                            Professional Engineers and since 1990 is a Professional Consultant with David
                            Klautky & Associates. He has designed and supervised the implementation of
                            numerous building projects including hospitals, schools, roads and bridges in
various parts of the country. In 2001 and 2002, Dr. Wilson returned to the Imperial College in London to
participate in short professional development courses on Foundations and Earthworks & Embankments.
He has held the following positions along with that of Dean, Technology Faculty: From 1989 – 1994:
Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Social Impact Amelioration programme; 1994 – 1998: Chairman
of the Board of Commissioners of the Georgetown Sewerage & Water Commissioners; 2000 – 2001:
Director of the Guyana Forestry Commission and 2002 – present: Chairman of the Board of Directors of
Guyana Water Incorporated. Dr. Wilson is also the author of several publications on Civil Engineering.

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