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  Shanghai houses lease contract template
  Shanghai public housing lease contract template
  Number: 20090520
  of the contract the parties
  Lessor (hereinafter referred to as Party A): King Size
  lessee (hereinafter referred to as Party B): Zhang MAO Yi
  under the "Contract Law of PRC" and relevant laws and regulations, A, B sides of
equality, voluntary basis, Party A will use the rentals to the B, Party B rent housing, to
specify the rights, obligations, by consensus, make the contract.
  Party shall ensure that the first rental housing rental housing consistent with state
  second housing is located, size, decoration, facilities condition
  1, Party A to Party B of the housing rent in the (provincial and municipal) (district
and county); building for the
  2 rental housing a total area of square meters (floor area / usable area / kit area).
  3, the housing renovation of existing facilities and equipment in attached annex to
the contract.
  of the annex as a Party under this contract to Party B and Party B using the lease
contract expires at the time of acceptance of the return of the basis for housing.
  Third Party shall provide real estate license (or valid proof of rental right), identity
(business license) and other documents, Party B shall provide proof of identity. After
verification, the other parties to copy files to keep. All copy is only used in this lease.
  fourth term of the lease, use
  1, of the leasing period of months. Years from the date until years day.
  2, Party B shall promise to lease the houses for use only.
  3, lease expiration, Party A is entitled to recover rental housing, party B shall return.
  B if required renewal, it must be in the months before the expiry of the lease written
notice to Party A, Party A consent by re-sign the lease contract.
  rent payment Article
  1, the housing rent per month (the entire ten-dollar capital Bai thousand million).
  total rent dollars (capital 10 000 thousand ten-dollar whole Bai).
  2, housing rental payments as follows:
  Party shall provide to Party B after receiving a valid payment certificate.
  related article VI of the lease fees and taxes
  1, Party A shall bear the cost of:
  (1) the lease period, housing and land property tax paid by the Party according to the
law. In the event of relevant government departments collected items not listed in the
contract but with the housing-related costs, should the employer.
  2, B to pay the following fees:
  (1) Party B shall pay its own when the burden of costs.
  (2) Party A will be allowed to increase the contract did not expressly fees paid by the
 of Article VII of the house and use
 1, during the lease term, Party A shall ensure the safe use of rental housing. The
housing and the maintenance responsibility of their facilities in this addition to the
two sides agreed in the contract and the supplementary provisions, by Party A (B used
improperly excluded).
 Party for maintenance to be made in advance days notice in writing to Party B, Party
B shall actively assist with.
 Party B to Party A maintenance request, the Party shall promptly provide the service.
 decoration on the part of Party A Party B assume the obligation to repair.
 2, B should be the rational use of its leased housing and ancillary facilities. As a
result of improper use of damaged housing and infrastructure, Party B shall be
responsible for repair or financial compensation.
 Party B, such as changing the internal structure of housing, renovation or setting
impact on the housing structure, equipment, design size, scope, technology, materials
and other programs to seek prior consent of Party A's written consent before
construction. After the expiry of the lease agreement, Party B or lead to Surrender,
unless otherwise agreed, the Party the right to choose the right one:
 (1) attached to housing owned by Party decoration all.
 (2) require Party B to restitution.
 (3) restoration project to Party B collects the actual costs incurred.
 of Article VIII of the housing transfer and sublease
 1, the lease period, Party A is entitled in accordance with legal procedures to assign
the rental housing transfer, the contract for new homeowners and B continue to be
effective .
 2, without the consent of Party A, Party B shall not sublet, lent rent housing.
 3, Party A house for sale, shall months written notice to Party B under the same
conditions, Party B has right of first refusal.
 Article contract changes, Dissolution and Termination
 1, the two sides can negotiate to change or terminate this contract.
 2, Party A has the following acts, the lessee has the right to terminate the contract:
 (1) can not provide housing or the provision of housing does not meet the agreed
conditions, seriously affecting living.

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