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									         ACTION PLAN
Federal Network for Sustainability

     Green Power Initiative

          Final Dated April, 2005
                                          Action Plan
                            Federal Network for Sustainability (FNS)
                                 Green Power Initiative (GPI)


This Action Plan lays out the strategy, objectives and roadmap for the fourth initiative of the
Federal Network for Sustainability, entitled the Green Power Initiative. This plan addresses
strategy, resources, objectives, team members, funding and the schedule of the initiative.


The membership of the FNS includes agencies with responsibility for large numbers of Federal
facilities, and their associated energy requirements. Collectively our agencies comprise the
single largest purchasing power of energy in the nation. Executive Order 13123 encourages
Federal agencies to increase their use of renewable power and requires agencies to include a
provision for renewable power in every new electricity solicitation. In addition, the Secretary of
Energy, upon recommendation from the Renewable Working Group subcommittee of the
Interagency Energy Management Task Force, set a goal to acquire 2.5% of energy from
renewable energy sources by the end of FY 2005. Many Federal agencies have been in the
forefront of utilizing renewable energy. Federal agencies are currently nearly 95% of the way
towards reaching this goal. To date, renewable energy purchases by FNS member agencies in
the west account for approximately 35% of the green power inventory by Federal agencies
nationwide. In addition, there are numerous examples of on-site solar projects and several wind
projects by FNS members. Any new National Energy Policy enacted is expected to increase the
goals for use of renewable energy.

Green Power Initiative Vision:

The vision of this initiative is provide coordination, education, and access to expertise to utilize
available green power programs and initiatives currently in place, including the U.S. Department
of Energy, Federal Energy Management Program, the Environmental Protection Agency Green
Power Partnership Program, and Department of Defense renewables initiative. Through the FNS
initiative we will build on our current achievement to make an increased contribution to meeting
the 2.5% goal by the end of FY2005. Our effort will help to preserve our natural resources,
assure increased facility reliability and security, help assure price predictability for Federal sites,
and reduce dependence on foreign oil.


To bring together FNS member agencies, and draw upon the collective expertise within these
agencies, to encourage full utilization of the existing mechanisms to acquire renewable energy:
Through on-site projects, purchase of green power, and purchase of renewable energy certificates
(green tags).
   1. Provide leadership to support the development and/or purchase of green power resources
      in order to meet the 2.5% renewable energy goal established by Federal guidance.
   2. Engage in education and outreach activities that will increase the number of different
      FNS agencies and sites undertaking green power activities.
   3. Provide coordination and synergy with DOE’s Renewable Energy Working Group and
      EPA's Green Power Partnership Program.
   4. Facilitate communication of ideas, success stories, and resources through our FNS
      website, conference calls, and membership meetings.

Leadership and Team Members:

The Green Power Initiative will appoint a lead and co-lead for the Initiative and will invite
members to participate from all agencies within the FNS. We will endeavor to have a
membership that includes agencies involved in utility energy procurement, experience with
renewable project development and/or green power purchases, and those with an interest in
developing renewable energy projects and/or purchasing green power resources to meet their
agency's goals. Other entities outside of the FNS who are interested in our initiative will also be
invited to join as Associates. Our membership list will be kept up to date and will be readily
available to FNS members. This Action Plan will be reviewed and commented on by our
Initiative committee and will be updated as needed. Our membership will be encouraged to fully
engage in our Objectives and Action Items in order to make progress toward our goals. We
recognize that different agencies will have different interests, as well as different strengths to
lend to the group.

Objectives and Action Items:

Our membership has selected a group of objectives designed to achieve our strategy. Over time
we will be able to select additional objectives from this list and develop new ones as needed.


1. Provide education and outreach to agency personnel on the benefits, costs, financial
   mechanisms and successful approaches to increasing the use or purchase of renewable
   energy. (i.e., management, energy managers, design, engineering and O&M for on-site
   renewable projects and utility managers and procurement for renewable purchases).

2. Maintain and update the FNS Green Power Inventory database to document progress to date
   by our member agencies in developing on-site renewable energy projects and purchasing
   green power (direct purchases and green tags).

3. Continually update the Green Power Initiative page of the FNS website to provide valuable
   information, links to resources, showcase success stories, and provide other relevant
   information on green power to the FNS membership and others.

4. Identify technical assistance needs of individual member agencies, and work through our
   network of members and associate members to identify and secure technical assistance
   resources. As part of this technical assistance, identify barriers to green power activities at
   our member agencies, and help to provide solutions and resolve issues.

5. Encourage FNS member coordination with the Interagency Renewable Working Group and
   participation in the EPA Green Power Partnership as a mechanism to meet their goals. Work
   on activities appropriate to the Regional level and respond to requests from these groups.
   Provide value to these nationally based groups.

6. Encourage all FNS member agencies to establish a goal of an appropriate level of green
   power activity for their existing and new facilities.

7. Collect and disseminate success stories of a variety of approaches to green power project
development and purchases by FNS members.


Funding is an important component of our initiative. We will strive to achieve a funding level
from our membership that allows us to make continual progress toward our objectives. Funding
at a level of $10,000-15,000 annually would be desirable.

Original funds expended to date for the GPI ($5,000) have been used to 1) develop an inventory
of renewable energy projects and purchases by our members, 2) develop this draft GPI Action
Plan, and 3) update the GPI web page on the FNS web site. Another $10,000 has been allocated
to the Green Power Initiative by the Department of Energy, Western Regional Office to support
FY 05 activities. Additional funding from GPI members is encouraged.


This initiative is proposed to last approximately 18 months (March 2004 to December 2005),
commitment and funding permitting, in order to pursue current Federal renewable energy goals.
At the end of this 18-month period, members of the FNS Green Power Initiative and the FNS
Steering Committee will review options for extension or closure of this initiative.

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