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Dogs                                     Exercise
Color Wave on Dogs                       Orange Background
Background Purple                        Rope Toy
Animated Dog Running                     Turtle Toy
Slide 2                                  Animated German Shepherd
                                         Animated Dog with Ball
Your Sort of Dog                         Animated Dalmatian
Small, Medium or Large                   Animated Running Dog
Male of Female
Long-Haired or Short                     Slide 6
Puppy or Adult
Flash Bulb on Text                       Healthy and Happy Dogs
Background Blue                          Yellow Background
Happy Tails to You - Animated            Yearly Vet Checks - Brush on Color
                                         Proper Nutrition
Slide 3                                  Exercise
Different Types                          Animated Dog with House
Background Green                         Animated Waving
White German Shepherds - Fly In          Animated Dog Rub
Black German Shepherd - Spin             Animated Dog Tongue
German Shepherd - Checkerboard           Animated Dog with Bone
Bull Mastiff - Flash Bulb                Animated Dog with Tongue Laying Down
Great Dane - Diamond
Rottweiler - Blinds

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Pink Background
Bullmastiff Puppies - Box
Bullmastiff Puppy - Checkerboard
German Shepherd Puppy - Fly In
Great Dane - Spin
Great Dane - Flash Bulb
Labrador Retriever - Blinds