Registered valuer test counseling: an overview of test assets Crane by fdjerue7eeu


									Registered valuer test counseling: an overview of test assets crane

  registered asset assessment test
-level work crane is a crane that busy at work and the degree and speed of lifting the
parameters of full respect, the design and selection of important parameters of the
-level work crane our country will be divided into eight grades
-level work crane utilization level from the crane and load status of the two factors
  mobile crane is composed of two parts: the upper part of the lifting part, called on
the train; the lower part of the supporting chassis, called off, the main bodies,
including the hoisting mechanism, luffing, stretching institutions, support leg
mechanism and operation of institutions.
  (1) hoisting mechanism. Lifting bodies drives, reducers, brakes, rolls, wire rope,
pulley block and hook composition. Major role in lifting height within a certain speed,
will improve load, hover, down.
  (2) rotary body. Slewing bearing by the rotating device and rotary drive device of
two parts. Its role is part of the weight bearing slewing cranes and lifting heavy loads,
drive rotary part of the relatively fixed part of the rotation.
  (3) luffing. Mobile crane was lifting the arm by changing the angle of elevation to
change the operating range. Therefore, the luffing jib is to change the angle of
elevation of the body.
  (4) Telescopic mechanism. Telescopic mechanism is used telescopic boom of mobile
cranes are unique, the role is to change the length of telescopic boom to get the
necessary range and lifting height, and absorb the telescopic lifting the quality and the
quality of caused by axial load.
  (5) legs institutions. Legs agency's role is to complete retractable legs, increasing the
base area and the adjustment of crane operations slope site in order to improve the
stability against overturning, increased lifting capacity.
  (6) run institutions. Mobile cranes run institutions is an important part of that wheel
and crawler two, whose role is to crane to the required speed and traction along the
direction of travel regulations. / Center>

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