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					Real conditions in Guangdong repurchase contract model contract to buy back

 real conditions of contracts to buy back

 repurchase of Guangdong property lease
 condition of the seller (the original buy hereinafter referred to by the
people )×××( Party) buyer (the original seller )×××( hereinafter referred to as Party B)
buy real property is hereby agreed by both parties enter into buyback contracts are as

 before the first B in the × × × × × × × × day on, attached to real property after the
column about the conditions to retain the right to buy back the yuan × × × × the whole
of the price of gold dollars, selling and Party, and property sale and purchase
agreement entered into private certificate and accounted for the sale of the subject
matter submitted to complete the sale on file transfer. Above due to Party B in
accordance with this section × Contracts Ordinance, the exercise of the right to buy,
but also willing to Party B under this contract agreed to buy back.

 second Party to exercise the right to buy, be it prior to the Party, accepted the offer
price by the gold yuan RMB × × × return the entire Party, the Party A to Party B the
same day by all total income.

 third both parties, the previous trading by non-Party has spent × × × × × × for a total
of RMB yuan whole, according to the contract and Party A shall pay Party B, Party B
recognition above the amount to be given the same time the establishment of this
contract, Party B shall pay all the Party received.

 fourth buy of the subject matter of this piece × × × × part, by the Party improve × ×
× (such as benefit payments, deposit fees.) Total expenditures yuan RMB × × × × a
whole, B also recognize and correct and is willing to repay the money according to
the number of B, while Party A to Party B also received pro.

 Party in this Article V contract was established to buy back the same time, the sale
should be subject of further improved properties, together with all of its delivery of B

 Party of Article VI shall in × × × × × × × × month prior to the date, the registration
of the relevant documents ready for delivery and B under the jurisdiction of
management authority to buy back the title to apply for transfer of registration .

 Party to ensure the contractors Article VII does not buy during the sale and purchase
agreement with others, had made and for the mortgage, typical items such as the right
to set his, or for any warranty claims.
 discovery of such defects as in the future, Party A shall be responsible for
straightening out, In case of any damage upon whose still responsible for its liability.

 buy back the subject of Article VIII of this document deal with taxes, if any is owed
to the Party to be paid, not a hurt the B, which therefore there is damage caused by
Party B, Party B may apply to the Party seek compensation.

 Article IX of the repurchase contract fees and registration fees, or value-added tax
burden by the Party.

 of this contract in duplicate, A and B sides, one for each party.

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 buyer (B ):×××
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