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Qinzhou certificate examination in 2008 Economist April 1 to 15 handle handle Qinzhou


									Qinzhou certificate examination in 2008 Economist April 1 to 15 go through Qinzhou

 Qinzhou examination to handle

 Yen Chow handle economic and technical qualifications, 2008 examination
certificate notification
 county district Zhigai Ban, directly under the relevant units Zhigai Ban:
 post office under the Kwai [2009] 22 spirit of the document, the 2008 National
Qualification Examination for economic expertise Qinzhou a total of 37 qualified,
including: Intermediate 28, the primary 9. The time they qualified counting from
November 2008.
 harbor has enabled each unit, please inform on April 1 to 15 to Qinzhou Zhigai Ban
(John Fossey Street 26, 3rd floor) to deal with examination personnel qualifications.
Accreditation, the candidate must provide my admission ticket, identity card, with the
end of recent photo (color, black and white) 1 inch 2, 2-inch one, and fill out the
"qualification examinations staff Registration Form" in duplicate.
 performance check>>>
 Qinzhou Title Reform Leading Group Office of the
 April 7, 2009 - Thanks for reading this article, this article from [worry document] collection and sorting, to thank the original author / center>

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