A Day in the Life Dr. José Marcos Lux by lpd48805


									                                                               A Day in the Life
                                                           Dr. José Marcos Lux Calel

                                                      Dentist, Health Talents International


6:15 AM          I wake up in my bed at the sound of the alarm of my cell phone. My soul sings a song that says
“each morning I wake and each night a lay down, I thank you for the blessings in my life, for everything you
allow me to enjoy, halleluiah, halleluiah, halleluiah, thankful for your goodness.” I get up thanking God for
another day of life and for the opportunity to help the people who regularly visit the clinics where I work. I make
my bed and head to the shower.

7:00 AM          I am in the kitchen of my house accompanied by
my parents and we are eating breakfast. My plate has a boiled
egg, black beans, cream, and a piece of pizza that I cooked
Sunday after Church. We speak about my plans for the day and
where I will be headed for clinic and my father advises me that I
should treat my patients well as Jesus did when he was on the
earth. I finish my breakfast and I read the morning paper to be
aware of the news in Guatemala and other parts of the world.

7:50 AM          Ready to go to work in high spirits and a deep
desire to help the people who will visit us in clinic today. I walk to the parking lot where the truck is, about 5
blocks away and is owned by a member of the Church. Today I am going to the community of Pacaja Xesic,
which is located 15- 20 minutes from Santa Cruz del Quiche.

                                               8:15 AM.          I meet up with one of the promoters who Works
                                               with the ministry whose name is Tomas Garcia Tecum and we head
                                               out to the clinic listening to the news on the radio.

                                               8:40 AM          We arrive in the community at the Church of Christ
                                               and meet up with the rest of the work team. We unload the
                                               equipment and supplies from the trucks and we organize everything
                                               we are going to use that day. Then I am ready to attend to the
                                               patients that come to clinic with toothaches.

                                               9:00 AM          We start the clinic with some words of welcome to
                                               those how have arrived to look for a solution to their health problems
                                               and a brother from the local congregation offers a prayer to God.
                                               We start clinic.
9:20 AM           I am seeing patients. I start to work
with some children (I love working with children). They
are good patients and were not difficult to work with.
They are very content and thankful because I did not
cause them too much pain in pulling their teeth. Patients
keep arriving little by little throughout the day, some
have arrived only for an exam (to get advice on fillings
or other dental services), others have arrived because
they have had a toothache that has been evolving for 1
month or even longer. While the patients are waiting for
the anesthesia to kick in we take the time to pray with
them and speak to them about Jesus and how He is the
only path to peace and joy in our hearts and it is                                                                        
necessary to trust in Him.

11:35 AM         I am taking a break and enjoying refreshments prepared by the brothers in the community, a
banana and a hot corn drink. It is one of the blessings we get from working in the ministry. After a short and
nutritious break, I continue with the patients.

1:10 PM          We head out to lunch which will be in the home of one of the Church members, around 5 minutes
away by foot. The brothers in this community have prepared us a delicious lunch. On the way to the house we
come across a number of dogs who are barking, so we walk with caution and some fear of being bitten (I was
bitten by a dog in this same community in September of last year). Thanks to God we arrive where we are served
lunch with no problems. After washing our hands we sit down at the table and we are served a bowl of beef soup
and a side plate of vegetables (carrot, potatoes and squash). We eat together as a team and afterwards have a
discussion about what we should eat to be in good health and we wish each other “buen provecho”, “may it be
good for our health”.

                                                                2:00 PM           We return to the Church building
                                                                to wait for more patients and while we are waiting I
                                                                take the time to read a book written by Max
                                                                Lucado titled “When God Whispers Your Name”.
                                                                It is interesting what great men have been able to
                                                                accomplish by placing their trust in God.

                                                                3:20 PM          I am treating who I think is the last
                                                                patient of the day, a girl who walked 1 hour and 15
                                                                minutes to get to the clinic which is probably the
                                                                closest place for her to get to, in hopes of helping
                                                                her with her pain.

3:45 PM          As we are starting to pack the supplies and equipment two more patients arrive. They are two kids
who have arrived without their parents as their parents are working. The parents sent them as they are
complaining of pain in their teeth. These were the last 2 patients of the day so we completed our paperwork of
patients seen that day and during the previous week.
4:20 PM        We load the supplies for the medical and dental clinics in the trucks, say our farewells to the
volunteer promoters and we head for our homes.

4:40 PM        I am back in Santa Cruz and I head to Guatex (Guatemala FedEx), a delivery and mail company,
to send some dentures to the Dental Lab in Guatemala City.

5:00 PM         I am arriving at the parking lot where we park the HTI trucks.

5:15PM            I am at home after a day of many blessings and I am feeling good. Most of the patients were
children and even better, they were very cooperative before, during and after their procedures – meaning no one
cried. I greet my parents with a hug and a kiss and my mom offers me a cup of coffee. This is a custom in
Guatemala, as at this hour of the day the majority of Guatemalan families are accustomed to sit down, drink a cup
of coffee and eat a piece of sweet bread and talk about what happened during the day. My sister (Josefina, who
also works for HTI full-time) arrives at home after presenting a seminar titled “Healing the Heart” to our sisters of
the Zone 2 Church of Christ located here in Santa Cruz del Quiche. We talk some about the seminar and after we
sit and talk for awhile, I head to my room.

6:15PM          I head to my room to watch a TV show and to check my email and prepare a dental order for the

7:00 PM          I head to the kitchen for dinner. The table is set with some grilled steak that was cooked by my
mom at lunchtime (my mom normally saves me some food from lunch for my dinner), some beans and cheese. I
normally also drink coffee at dinner but tonight I decide to just have water as I need to go to bed early. As I eat I
take the time to talk about life with my parents and my sister.

8:30PM            After brushing my teeth, I am ready to go to bed; I prepare my clothes for he next day as I need to
travel to Guatemala City. I normally travel to Guatemala City on the last Wednesday of the month to attend
continuing dental educational conferences. The city is about 3 hours away so I need to leave the house around 4
or 4:30am to be able to get to the city before 8am when the conferences start. Before I would try to leave the day
before, but that is more difficult now since my car was stolen last month.

9:00PM         I set my alarm on my cell phone for the next day and I say a prayer thanking God for the life he
gave me today and ask Him to provide me a good rest. Good night.


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