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					The Adult ESOL Strategy for Scotland – Action Plan

The adult ESOL strategy for Scotland will play a key supporting role in achieving the Scottish Executive’s vision for a prosperous, inclusive,
diverse and pluralistic Scotland. Raising the quality and quantity of English learning opportunities for those adults for whom English is not a
first language is key to the success of the strategy. It is vital that we support learning, progression and expansion in order to meet growing

The actions to achieve these aims are detailed in the table below. Some will be achieved through existing capabilities and funding routes within
the Scottish Executive (ETTLD and Communities Scotland, and the Development Department). Others will require new resources.

    Action                                            Who                   Outcome                                      Resources     By When
1   Work with Colleges, and other ESOL                Scottish Executive–   Provide approximately 4,000 additional       Significant   To commence
    providers as appropriate, to                      ETLLD                 classroom places                             new           immediately,
        • Significantly expand ESOL provision;                              Provide substantial additional qualified     resources     with
        • Increase the number of teachers                                   teachers                                                   expansion of
             trained in ESOL delivery; and                                  Provide improved learning & teaching                       provision to
        • Improve ESOL learning & teaching                                  resources                                                  be achieved
             resources                                                                                                                 by June 2008
2   Using latest available data, map existing         Scottish Executive–   Available     resources   are     targeted Existing        June 2007
    provision and unmet demand to identify and        ETLLD/                appropriately                              resources
    prioritise where more ESOL provision needs        Communities
    to be targeted                                    Scotland.
3   i) Set up and maintain a national panel of        i) Scottish           Expertise to lead implementation of the      New           June 2007
    ESOL experts and stakeholders                     Executive-ETLLD       strategy and advise on ESOL issues across    resources
    ii) Plan and issue quarterly e-newsletter to      ii) National Panel    sectors is sourced to ensure that policy
    inform interested stakeholders of ESOL news                             developments and local need are dealt
    and development, national and local area                                with effectively
4   32 CLD Partnerships to identify provision to      Scottish Executive-   Local     partners    and     stakeholders   Existing/     August 2007
    coordinate      ESOL     impact     regionally,   ETLLD/                collaborate more effectively to improve      New           & ongoing
    supported by Scottish Executive                   Communities           service delivery and coordination
                                                      CLD Partnerships
    Action                                         Who                    Outcome                              Resources        By When
5   Set up and maintain a national ESOL            Scottish Executive-    ESOL providers and learners can keep New              September
    website to disseminate good practice,          ETLLD/                 informed about the latest national                    2007
    promote ESOL provision and professional        National Panel         developments and available ESOL
    development and link to relevant websites                             provision
    and publications
6   Produce and publish information (in a          Scottish Executive–    ESOL learners and providers are aware New             September
    variety of languages) on funding principles    ETLLD/                 of and understand eligibility and funding             2007
    regarding ESOL provision across sectors        Communities            streams
                                                   National Panel
    i) Map existing accredited ESOL learner        Scottish Executive–    High quality learning programmes are New              March 2008
7   qualifications onto SCQF framework             ETLLD/                 developed to respond to the needs and
    ii) explore SCQF levelling of learning         Communities            goals of ESOL learners
    programmes                                     Scotland/SQA/
    ii) Develop a curriculum framework for         National Panel/CLD
    ESOL, teaching, learning and assessment        Partnerships/
8   i) Map existing provision to identify levels   Scottish Executive –   Learners can progress      into other New             April 2008
    of existing programmes and gaps                ETLLD/                 learning,     work and      community
    ii) Create structures which facilitate         Communities            participation
    progression                                    Scotland/SQA/
    iii) measure progress                          National Panel/CLD
9   i) Map professional development pathways       Scottish Executive-    Staff and volunteers (if involved) are i) Existing/   January 2008
    for ESOL practitioners, identify gaps and      ETLLD/ National        appropriately qualified in a context that New
    develop appropriate professional awards        Panel                  links the qualifications to other related
    ii) Develop a Continuing Professional                                 professional qualification structures and ii) New     March 2008
    Development      structure    for    ESOL                             standards
    iii) Consider ways of supporting voluntary                                                                    iii) New      April 2008
     Action                                           Who                   Outcome                               Resources   By When
     organisations to enable them to maintain and
     expand CPD
10   i) Develop screening and assessment tools in     Scottish Executive–   Screening and assessment methods are in New       December
     order to place learners appropriately, plan      ETLLD/                place to place the learner appropriately          2007
     learning and monitor progress                    Communities           in the right type of available provision
     ii) roll out of training to different sectors    Scotland/                                                               August 2008
                                                      National Panel
11   i) Develop and disseminate a “Best Practice                            Practitioners develop their knowledge New         December
     in ESOL” framework to help practitioners                               and skills for successful learning and            2007
     deliver the best possible learning experience                          teaching
     to meet the needs of ESOL learners. Include
     effective    models      including    college,
     community, voluntary and work. Involve
     ii) Develop and disseminate good quality                                                                                 August 2007
     and appropriate learning materials through                                                                               ongoing
     the ESOL website (ref. action 4, above)
     iii) Develop a programme of research                                                                                     March 2008
     including practitioner action-base research                                                                              ongoing
     in order to help inform, shape and develop
     future ESOL provision in Scotland
     iv) Organise a national seminar/seminars to                                                                              November
     share effective practice across sectors                                                                                  2008
12   Work with employers, trade unions, Higher        Scottish Executive-   Learners have better opportunities to New         December
     Education Institutions and others to support     ETLLD/National        progress into other learning and/or work          2008
     and develop ‘English for vocational              Panel/CLD
     purposes’ and ‘English for further study’        Partnerships

Scottish Executive: Enterprise, Transport and Lifelong Learning Department
March 2007