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            Friday February 26 2010 - Grenada Mississippi                                                                                                            75 Cents

Mom charged in toddler’s drowning
             By LEANN McCOY                        ed Tuesday as a result of the                                He said based on the investi-       face up in he water, the report said.
                 Staff Writer                      January drowning death of her                              gation, police got a warrant for        Responding officers found Smith near
                                                   son, Jermiah Smith, who would                              Smith’s arrest. She was arrested      her son, who was lying on the floor not
  A Grenada woman has been arrested and            have been two yesterday.                                   at an apartment on East Street        breathing.
charged with murder in connection with              “Originally during the investi-                           Tuesday night.                          They noted in the report that he appeared
the drowning death of her 23-month-old             gation, we were ruling the child’s                           According to incident reports,      to have a bruised area on his forehead.
son, a Grenada police official said.               death as a drowning accident,                              Smith told police she put the           “It is a very sensitive subject when
  According to Capt. James Carver, chief           but based on autopsy results, we                           child in the bathtub the morn-        the investigation involves a small child,”
of detectives, a woman he identified as            saw multiple areas of bruising,”                           ing of Jan. 11 and left the room.     Carver said.
Latondrea Neshay Smith, 25, was arrest-            Carver said.                               Smith            When she came back, he was             The investigation is ongoing, he said.

continues;                                       A New Jail for Nothing?
two more                                         Budget cuts
sentenced                                         could kill
      By LEANN McCOY
          Staff Writer                          work program
  Two judgments for drug-related                        By LEANN McCOY
charges were handed down last                               Staff Writer
week during Grenada County
Circuit Court’s February term.                 County sheriffs who house state inmates are
  According to court records:                pleading with the Mississippi Department of
    Stacy Davin Hodges was con-              Corrections to not cut funding for the joint
victed on the charges of Count I:            county-state inmate work program.                Proposed funding cuts by the state, which ordered Grenada County officials
conspiracy to manufacture meth-                As of March 15, State Corrections              to build this jail, could leave it empty.
amphetamine and Count II: pos-               Commissioner Chris Epps said he will not
session of precursor chemicals.              have the money to pay counties the $20 per       cut funding to a program that works.              Epps they have built new facilities, or are
  For Count I, he is ordered to              inmate per day for housing in the program.         “It’s actually cheaper to house the state       in the process of building them, to house
serve 12 years with MDOC.                      Epps said in a letter to sheriffs last week    inmate workers locally instead of at              inmates and were counting on the state
  For Count II, Hodges is to serve           that because of the $29.4 million in budget      Parchman or Pearl,” he said.                      money.
24 years with MDOC. Upon                     cuts this fiscal year, there will be no money      He said to house an inmate at Pearl costs         A new jail extension building was recently
completion of 12 years, he is to             for the program until the new fiscal year        $32 per day, and at Parchman $40, versus          completed in Grenada County.
be placed on supervised proba-               starts July 1.                                   the $20 it takes locally.                           “We built this new building to house the
tion for 12 years.                             He said counties have the choice of keep-        Sheriff Strider said the funding cut deals a    work inmates because the state mandated
      Bryan Chamblee was con-                ing the state inmates and absorbing the          blow to the county, because of the loss of        it,” Strider said. “Now we won’t have any-
victed on the charges of Count I:            costs or the prisoners will be moved to state    inmate labor.                                     one to fill it for its original purpose.”
conspiracy to manufacture meth-              facilities.                                        “As of right now, we have 15 inmates in           The new inmate housing building located
amphetamine, and Count II: pos-                                  Epps said space has been     the work program that help outside with           between the sheriff’s office and Justice
session of precursor chemicals.                                 made for 900 inmates          litter control and also help the Highway          Court was completed in January.
  For Count I, he is ordered to                                 at the Mississippi State      Department,” he said. “We just don’t have           The 70 foot by 100 foot building was
serve 12 years with MDOC.                                       Penitentiary in Parchman      in our budget to hire new people if we            designed to hold up to 70 inmates, and was
  For Count II, Chamblee is                                     and the Central Mississippi   lose these 15 inmates, and it would make          built at a cost of $500,000, Strider said.
ordered to serve 24 years with                                  Correctional Facility in      the people we do have work much harder              “The building would have to be remodeled
MDOC. Upon completion of 12                                     Pearl.                        beyond what they do.”                             for another use,” he said. “Because of them
years, he is placed on supervised                                Grenada County Sheriff         Strider said that Grenada County stands to      closing the program, it will bring our num-
probation for 12 years.                                         Alton Strider said it does    lose the $109,500 annually.                       ber of inmates down, and we would have
  Both defendants are ordered to                                not make much sense to
                                                 Strider                                        Several sheriffs and county officials told              See Jail Funding, Page A-5
pay all fines, court costs and

Library will observe                                                                                                                           Civil War ‘soldiers’
                                                                                                                                               at lake this weekend
Read Across America                                                                                                                                        By LEANN McCOY
     By LEANN McCOY                   in the Hat. Each child receives                                                                                          Staff Writer
         Staff Writer                 a goodie bag and a book, and
                                      are encouraged to wear their                                                                               Grenada residents can watch living history
  It is time to grab your hat         favorite hats,” she said.                                                                                this weekend as reenactors live, eat, and sleep
and read with the “Cat” on              She said “Read Across                                                                                  like Civil War soldiers.
Read Across America Day at            America Day” is in conjunction                                                                             Reenactors will make camp at the restored
Elizabeth Jones Library.              with “Read Across America                                                                                Confederate Fort at Grenada Lake Friday and
  The event is Tuesday, March         Week” that goes from March 1                                                                             Saturday.
2, from 4 to 5 p.m.                   to March 6.                                                                                                Pvt. Mike Goss, coordinator for the 27th
  According to Library Director         According       to      Pamela                                                                         Mississippi Infantry Reenactment Group, said
Crystal Osborne, the day coin-        Hubbard, program director for                                                                            the camp will be open to visitors Saturday from
cides with the birthday of            AmeriCorps Learning Quilt,                                                                               10 a.m. until dark. The group is also known
Theodore Geisel, or Dr. Seuss.        the week shows the importance                                                                            as The Claibournes, after Civil War General
  “Dr. Suess wrote the classics       of persuading children to begin                                                                          Patrick Claibourne.
like The Cat in the Hat and The       reading early in life.                                                                                     “We will live the life of a Civil War soldier
Grinch Who Stole Christmas              She said AmeriCorps VISTA                                                                              and give people a taste of Grenada history with
as a way to help troubled read-       members, Elizabeth Jones                                                                                 marching and drilling and weapons demonstra-
ers,” she said. “Through annual       Library staff and community                                                                              tions,” he said.
events like this, it is our way of    volunteers have been working                                                                               Goss said The Claibournes have been doing
honoring his memory and liter-        with school children to cel-                                                                             Civil War reenactments at Grenada Lake for
ary works.”                           ebrate “Read Across America                                                                              years but have recently begun using the restored
  Geisel died on Sept. 24,            Week” and to help them start                                                                             fort on Scenic Loop 333.
1991.                                 the “Let’s Get Reading” Book           The Grinch (Marty Irwin, an AmeriCorps member)                      “We used to use the old fort, but it’s a long
  Osborne said the event is for       Drive.                                 interrupts the Cat (Pamela Hubbard, AmeriCorps                    walk, and none of us are getting any younger.
children ages two through eight         “Children are collecting books       program director) as she tries to read a book that                We have been using the restored fort for four
and their parents.                    through March 6 at the K-8             will presented to children during Read Across                     years now,” he said.
  “Children will be enjoy the                                                America Day set for Tuesday.                                        He said with this demonstration, the group
reading activities with the Cat         See Reading, Page A-5                                                    Staff Photo/ Leann McCoy                 See Civil War, Page A-5

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