plan propose management for the Mara new Groups Thelandwhich by Nowandforever


									     propose management for the Mara
Groups     new       plan
BY SOTOMON                                          Thelandwhich wasformerly ownedjointlybythe                                                          CCPFwhich will act as a management for the area
                                                    pastoralistcommunitieswasmainly usedaspas-                                                          surrounding the Mara reserve.
Efforts to reinforcethe bufer zonesurrounding       ture groundsforbothlivestockandwildlife.                             game
                                                                                                         Etforts reinforce
                                                                                                               to                                          According to David Henson from CDC, the
                                                        Dwindling revenuesfrom livestock produc-                                                        framework will enable communities to devel-
the MasaiMara GameReserve          have receiveda
                                                    tion due to changingweather patterns and the
                                                                                                         reserue's zone                                 op pariicipatory management plans for their
new boost with the start of a processmeant to
                                                                                                         I The Marasunounded West,
                                                                                                               Masai is            onthe                areas.
createa management      plan for the area.          failure oftourismtoprovide enoughincomesfor
                                                                                                         North tast group
                                                                                                              and by              ownedMaasai
                                                                                                                            ranches by                      "It will be flexible and easily usable by commu-
    Improving conservationand tourism devel- the pastoralistsdueto poor management led        has
                                                                                                         c0mmunities the
                                                                                                                    and on SouthisiheTanzanian          nities themselvesand it will enable communities
opmentin the areais seen    asthe onlywayof eas- to subdivision of land, creating opportunity for
                                                                                                         border.                                        to plan for sustainable destination developmentj'
ingpressure   onthe Marareserve providing changinglanduse.
                                                        Wheatfarmshavesprungup in areas were
                                                                                           that                    ranch are of greater
                                                                                                          rlhe group areas part the                     saidMrHenson.
better incomes for communities surrounding
                                                    formerly rangelandsfor free roaming wildlife.        Mara-Serengeti and
                                                                                                                       ecosystem  provide
                                                                                                                                        dispersal           Once complete, the framework will provide
the reserve.
    Astakeholders'  forum organised Basecamp
                                     by                 Settlementssuch as Tialek,Itong, Lolaimu-             for
                                                                                                         areaswildlife.                                 clear zonesfor wildlife, Iivestock pastures, human
Foundation,   broughttogethergroupranches,      in- tia and Sekenanihave also sprung up blocking         I lmprovrngconservation
                                                                                                                              andtourism                settlements and areas open for development of
vestorsand representatives governmentbod- wildlife dispersalroutesand adding pressureto
                              of                                                                                    inthe is as only of
                                                                                                         developmentareaseen the way                    tourism facilities.
ieswho resolved pushfor a management
                  to                          plan  availablewildlife rangelands.                        easing        0nthe reserve providing
                                                                                                               pressure Mara         and                    According to Mr Lars Lindkvist from Base-
thatwill guideutilisation of ecological  resources      According to the Masai Mara senior War-          betterincomesfor         sunounding
                                                                                                                        communities        the          camp Foundation, the frameworkforthe areas
inthe area.                                         den, Mr James Sindiyo, growth of the towns,          reserve.                                       surrounding the Mara should also be in harmony
    The MasaiMara is surrounded on the West         "presentsseriousproblems for conservationin                                                         withthe management plan of the Mara reserve.
North andEastby groupranchesownedby Maa- thefuture."                                                                                                        "It needs to be harmonised with that of the
sai communities and on the Southis the Tbnza-           F\rrtherexpansion ofthesetownsis fearedwill    resources be utilised without having a nega-
                                                                                                                  will                                  reservesince itis part of the same ecosystemj'he
nianborder.                                         cause  permanentdisruption of wildlife habitats    tive effecton the ecosystem.                     said. Already several institutions which include
    The group ranch areasarepart ofthe greater creating problems as seenin Kitengel4 where                The Conservation Development Centre(          Basecamp Foundation and the African Conserva-
Mara-serengetiecosystem       and provide disper- human settlementshave completelylocked off           CDC) has already formulated a draft proposal     tion Center have offered to support the process
sal areasfor wildlife moving through the eco- wildlife irside the Nairobi National Park                for amanagementplan that can provide abasis      through capacitybuilding and tunding.
system.                                                 To prevent this, stakeholders are pushing      for discwsion by stakeholders.CDC   which also       Past efforts to bring together group ranches
    Changing of thela.nd ,however,
              use            has            sound-  for a managementplan for the area to be for-       createdmanagementplans forAmboseli, Tbavq        have failed due to vast interests in the Mara
edtheatarmbellsamong      conservationists see mulated.
                                           who                                                         and Meru ConservationArea formulatedthe
                                                                                                                                   has                  whidr range from political, economic and so-
it asathreattotheecologicalbalance     ofthe area.      A management   planwill outline how the Mara   Community Conserv'ation   planning Ftamework     cialinterests.

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