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					                   Fiverr Money Making System

Fiverr is a place where all sorts of people come to have their work “outsourced” or get some special
advice on SEO or what have you. Because of the 5$ price tag, lures in lots of businessmen and
entrepreneurs, so this is exactly who we’re going to target to make the most money.

On Fiverr you’ll find many different gigs – ones that are successful and ones that aren’t. The VALUE to
the customer and speed of completion on your end make a successful gig that brings in $500 a month
or above.

For example, having a gig that says “I’ll knit sweaters for you for 5 dollars” and someone who offers a
graphic or a report of some sort is much better because it has appeal to business owners and you can
easily complete it, much faster than knitting a sweater. Hence more money in your pocket.

So the point here is to create something you can slightly modify or quickly create – fulfill the order
quickly and move on the next one. Reports or graphics, advice of some sort, backlinks, ETC., are all good

It’d be good to look around fiverr to kinda get a feel for what’s good and what’s not and tailor your gigs

Create a very catchy headline that has a benefit in it, such as “I will create TWO headlines to split test to
make you more money” – for example. It’s appealing to business owners so they’ll most probably order.

Writing short copy for the gig is pretty simple once you get the hang of it.

The best thing to promise in the copy is “will bring you more orders, money” – also saying that you’ll
give them a personalized and unique report (you won’t be lying to them, you’ll still have to personalize
your product to some degree).

Make sure you PACK your short copy with what it’s gonna do FOR THEM. “This will make you more
money by giving you more customers” – etc.

(If you must, look at how I write my short copy in the videos and you can also look at my own gig on it’s the SEO report.

As far as tags go – just put as many tags there as you can to fill up the space.

NOW, here are the feedback-sucking templates you can use:

One that works better:

Here it is!

Also please leave public feedback after you check out the product, it's very important to me.

P.S. If you still have some questions or want to talk more and in depth about your website and
marketing add me on skype or aim at *** and we can chat :-)
Of course change it up to match your product, but it works really well.

Another one, that gets less feedbacks, but also less negative ones:

Here it is!

P.S. If you still have some questions or want to talk more and in depth about your website and marketing
before leaving public feedback, add me on skype or aim at *** and we can chat :-)

The best ways to get traffic to your gig would be to promote it on Facebook, Twitter – and as many
social sites as you can. So submit it to as many as you can.

Now, as far as the “Featured” section goes – you can apply to it by contacting the Fiverr administration
by clicking on “Contact Us” at the bottom of homepage and asking them to feature your gig.

You’ll need about 200 views, a few orders and a couple of good feedbacks. A proper picture is very
important as well, as they’re pretty strict about it.

Getting featured isn’t a problem if you just follow what I outline in the videos (get views, get feedbacks
with the template + good picture)

Now, here’s how to squeeze more money out of your customers.

See, the WHOLE POINT of this system for me is to have people pay you $5 to get the product that you
offer and then basically have an option to buy MORE stuff that you’re going to get paid for.

So depending on your gig think of affiliate programs you can promote in your report that you send along
with your completed order.

In the actual REPORTS you can sprinkle your affiliate links and explain how those products would be
useful. (I push SEnuke in my SEO report, for example).

If you do copywriting – include your skype or msn messenger ID in case they need a full-blown
salesletter written. Fiverr is a great way to get very hot leads for your business, too.

If it’s a design gig that you’re doing – think of further services that you can sell them – like website
design or SEO services.

There are very many possibilities, but they narrow once you decide on what your gig will be and it
becomes easy to choose the right monetization method that’ll take you above $500 a month.

Email me if you have any questions about this at

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