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					             Ancient Greece Study Guide (Chp. 5 Test)

1) Did Greece have a lot of arable land (land used for farming)?
2) What natural land feature separated Greece into regions and later,
   city-states (polis’s)?
3) Whom was the Trojan War fought between?
4) What did Greece lose when the Dorians ruled?
5) What types of poems did Homer write?
6) Phalanx
7) When Athens was guided by Cleisthenes, what severe restriction did
   he place on the democratic process?
8) Who led the invading Persian army into Greece in 480 B.C.?
9) Under Pericles, who began receiving pay for their services?
10)       What killed 1/3 of all Athenians during the Peloponnesian War?
11)       Who won the Peloponnesian War?
12)       How did Socrates die and why?
13)       Who wrote The Republic?
14)       Did Phillip II and Alexander rule over Greece?
15)       Alexander II gained control over the Greek Empire after who
16)       Which Persian king fled the battle twice to avoid capture by the
17)       Whose empire was split between three of his primary generals
   after his death?
18)       Who was welcomed as a liberator, god, and pharaoh in Egypt?
19)       In the Hellenistic world, what city was the center of culture and
   commerce (business)?
20)       Who came up with a value for pi?
21)       This huge bronze statue was over 100 ft high.
22)       This most famous Hellenistic city had a famous library and
23)       This guy formed the basis for Geometry.
24)       What invading force was driven from Athens just before the
   Golden Age of Athens began?
25)       What made Alexandria so important?
26)       Why were the Macedonians under Phillip II able to conquer
27)       Did Hellenistic culture spread into China?
Chp. 5 Map/Chart Questions (Use the Greek maps
                  in Chp. 5)

 1) What is the name of Greece’s largest island?
 2) What sea separates Greece from Asia Minor
 3) What is Greece’s easternmost city?
 4) What waterway lay near Troy that separates
    Europe from Asia Minor?

 Use the Forms of Government Chart on pg. 128

 1) In which form of government does social status
    play a role?
 2) What form of government was practiced in
 3) Where was monarchy the form of government by
    2000 B.C.?
 4) Which form of government sometimes had a
    ruler who declared divine right?
 5) Which form of government was ruled by all