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					Pham Van classical model of the classic cover letter in English English

 classic cover letter in English Pham Van

  cover letter is divided into two letters of recommendation and cover letter, writing a
cover letter with the following seven steps conduct.
  the following example:
  assume that you name is Li Ping, you are a company from the newspapers that wish
to recruit an English translation, please write to the company manager, a cover letter,
your personal information is as follows :
  1. profiles: name, Li Sheng; age, 23 years old; height, 1.80 m; health status, good;
hobbies, swimming, singing, dancing.
  2. Biography: After graduating from Peking University in 2005 secondary school
work assigned to Nantong, Suzhou, 2007, transferred to secondary schools so far.
  3. Work: serious and responsible work, get along well with others.
  4. Features: fluent in English, especially spoken language, has more books in
Chinese, English, some knowledge of Japanese language, Japanese and foreign guests
can use the dialogue.
  telephone :********
  Address: Renmin Road, Suzhou, ** No.
  first step: The Source
  job description is actually the source account of the letter opening sentence, it can
cover letter seems natural, smooth; without introducing the source, the recipient will
be surprised, suddenly, the article is also a lack of transition, take care, this source can
be described as follows:
  earmanager ,
  second step: show that the employment aspirations of
  introduction to the sources, the job should be the recipient that his wish that the
purpose of writing, this desire can be used for the following job Description:
I'minterestedinthisjobverymuch. I'dliketogetthisjob.
  third step: The CV
  unit needs a new, job-seekers also have job aspirations, but that does not mean that
this work of non-you must go. If you do not do a good of this work experience,
strength, is also difficult to adapt. Therefore, the introduction resume is essential. This
resume can be described as follows:
  NowI'dliketointroducemyselftoyou. MynameisLiPing.I 'm30yearsold.I' m180cmtall.I
  Step : put job superiority
 certain amount of work experience only without their own advantages and strong
points, it is difficult to obtain satisfactory job. Therefore, the job should indicate their
work experience in addition to some but also has certain advantages and strong points,
so be certain to win. This article and I can get along well with others:
  Step five: you were a plan
  wealth of work experience, some advantages and strong points, can only represent
the past and the present situation, since after you were a wish that has been, and from
sit back and relax, slack in, that is not recognized by employers. Clearly shows that
after the hard work by staff determination to the leadership of the employer moved to
tell you this, the important part. Have been seriously thinking can be described as
 Ifyouagreewithme, I'llworkhardandtrytobeagoodtranslator.
  Step Six: Request reply link
 unit leaders agree that if your job requests, you are bound to please him and contact
you in order to prepare you in a timely manner, to the applicant or the employer report.
To make sure, when you request reply link should provide your mailing address, zip
code, telephone number, e-mail and so on. This response can be used to contact the
contents of the following description:
 Ifyouagreewithme,            pleasewritealettertomeorphoneme.IliveatNo.1RenminRoad,
  seventh step: that of gratitude
 regardless of whether your request can be satisfied answer, you write to the
employer to the other Tim is trouble, so you can make it gratitude. This would be a
show of gratitude:
  will be gone together as a whole, together with a letter following the end has become
a complete cover letter.
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