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					Pension benefit obligation (pensionbenefitobligations) obligations of duty

 future pension benefit obligation
 corporate retirement rules in accordance with the provisions of employee retirement
benefits should be a deferred compensation obligation. Pension accounting represents
the liability side. Pension obligation is to provide business services to the employees
working during the pension payments in the future as a commitment, such an
obligation and the actuarial present value. The so-called actuarial present value
(actuarial present value), refers to the amount of future payments, taking into account
the time factor and the possibility of payment, the date of its conversion to a specific
value. U.S. Financial Accounting Standards Board Announcement No. 87 provides for
three different pension obligations:
 (1) Projected benefit obligation is calculated by the pension benefit formula will be
given the date of payment of all pensions in the next few , conversion date for that
specific actuarial present value.
 (2) accumulated benefit obligation is calculated by retirement benefits, will be a
specific date to be paid all pensions in the future the number of discount for the
actuarial present value of a specific date. Accumulated benefit obligation calculated
by the actuary, calculated the same with the projected benefit obligation, accumulated
benefit obligation is the present wage level, while the projected benefit obligation by
the next pay level. Future wages are usually higher than the current wage, if the
formula does not provide for pension benefits under the wage level of future pension
benefits a few, then the accumulated benefit obligation and projected benefit
obligation equal; otherwise Projected benefit obligation over accumulated benefit
 projected benefit obligation and accumulated benefit obligation of the difference
between, the future level of wages above the current level of wages cited Chi, as the
effect of future wage increases. The relationship among the following:
 = accumulated benefit obligation Projected benefit obligation + future wage
increases of a few
 projected benefit obligation due to the estimated future wages, so the lack of
reliability, but the future impact of future cash wages flow, is the most likely to fulfill
obligations, it is relevant. Under the assumption of continuing operations, since the
payment of pension benefits to a few, are in accordance with the wage level prior to
retirement, and therefore, the wage level by the expected future benefit obligations, a
more truly reflect the future of the pension benefit obligation business. Much you test
 calculation of the cumulative payment obligations purpose, the provisions of the
Financial Accounting Standards Board do not have to Projected benefit obligation at
the balance sheet listed companies, but companies extract the minimum fair value of
pension fund assets should be accumulated benefit obligation is equal to, if less, the
difference is not extracted as the Fund's accumulated benefit obligation, should be
prompt in the financial statements, that is, low pension liabilities.
 (3) Vested benefit obligation is to the right of workers to receive pension payments
not to continue to be subject to the conditions of employment, business methods by
the provisions of the retirement pension benefits calculated the number of its
conversion to the actuarial present value. For a specific date has reached the
conditions for voluntary retirement of workers, such as in the day retires, enterprises
have to pay the pension number, as both benefit. At this point, the amount of vested
benefits shall be vested benefit obligation; if that day does not go through the
formalities of retirement, but continue to stay in business services, should be expected
to pay the vested benefit from the conversion for a specific date on the actuarial
present value, shall be vested benefit obligation. Vested benefit obligation calculation,
usually to consider the time factor and the possibility of payment in the specified date
of vested benefit obligation less than the vested benefit. Vested benefit obligation and
accumulated benefit obligation Junan current wage level, plus non-vested benefit
obligation Vested benefit obligation shall be accumulated benefit obligation. Vested
benefit obligation is the half-way separation of workers, enterprises should assume the
payment obligation, accumulated benefit obligation is the enterprise approach might
be to suspend the retirement benefit obligation assumed. / Center>