IRS Appeal Letter by chillyt

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Internal Revenue Service                                              Department of the Treasury
Appeals Office
1352 Marrows Road                                                     Person to Contact:
Suite 104                                                               FRANCIS X. MCNICHOL, JR
Newark, DE 19711                                                       Employee 10 Number: 8-02281
                                                                       Tel: 302-286-1508
                                                                        Fax: 302-286-1641
Date: February 8,2010                                                 Refer Reply to:
                                                                      In Re:
Christine T. O'Donnell                                                  Income Tax Liability
P.O. Box 3987                                                         Tax Period(s) Ended:
Wilmington, DE 19807                                                    12/2005

Dear Ms. O'Donnell:

Thank you for meeting with me today and providing the additional information that was NOT submitted
during the examination of your 2005 return. The have considered your evidence relating disallowances for
WAGES ($14,560) and CAR & TRUCK EXPENSES ($4,681) and I believe you are entitled to some relief.

You indicated that you more information and could provide it afteryou receive specific requests from me. I
want to wrap this entire thing up the first week in March. Specifically, if you have anything for me to consider
regarding the following, please call me and advise how we may proceed:


Since I started this process in December and planned to resolve it in January, I'm sure you understand how
under the gun I am to actually resolve it in the first week of March. Because of this I am requesting you
come in with this information or mail/fax it so I can consider it the first week in March, or at a very minimum
just call me if you have nothing else to offer. I will tell you what I can do you and make the proper
adjustment to your account. Thank you for your cooperation.

                                                                      ;e;, frlcllJ
                                                                      Francis X. McNichol, Jr.
                                                                      Appeals Officer


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