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									Party Building in a city summary of non-public non-public enterprises work Summary

 summary of the work of non-public enterprises Party

 ** private enterprises in the overall work of party building, the main approach and
the results achieved
 1, ** City private enterprises in the overall work of party building
 ** ** city jurisdiction over the county, Xiangxiang City, Shaoshan City, three
counties (cities) and Yuhu, Yue Tong District, the end of 2007 up to 4966 non-public
enterprises, non-public economy accounts for the proportion of the city's GDP
reached 52.7%. Party non-public enterprises in our city work started in December
1997, when the city set up committees and the City Federation of Private Economy
party is "two brands, a team." Development of the situation in 2004 changed its name
to non-public economy city party committee, party committee members of the nine
people, including secretary of a person by my part-time; deputy secretary of the 2, the
municipal committee member of Federation of part-time; the remaining six members
are influential The non-public enterprise party organizations. Through the
strengthening of the guidance, following Yuhu area, Yuetang Qu, ** the other three
counties (districts), the Xiangxiang non-public economy of the party work being
established. Currently, the city established a separate party of non-public enterprises
reached 690, there are 138 non-public enterprise established 39 joint branch. City
party committee directly under the grass outside the public 21, which grass-roots
party five party branch 1, branch 15, a total of more than 1,000 members, the
immediate past two years in the development of grassroots organizations in 135 new
 2, ** City carried out in private enterprises in the Party's main practice
 Through years of trial and practice, ** Party City in non-public enterprises have also
summarized some of their work experiences and practices concrete can be
summarized as "a strong, two arrested, three combinations."
 A strong, that strong foundation, expanding the coverage of party organizations.
 we have accurate knowledge of private enterprises in the number of members, basic
information sources and based on the principle of "actively and steadily, to create the
conditions of enterprises in appropriate classification to implement" principle, to the
nearest, convenient and flexible setting mode, so that a formation of a mature,
established a strong one, to solve the "some party members, no organization" issue.
Always adhere to the guidance of the established institutionalized party organizations
do a good job, from time to time for inspection piecewise contacts require enterprises
to achieve the party's activities "Four" (a site with tables and chairs, there is a system,
there are audio-visual equipment) gradually train party activists, efforts to improve the
quality of party workers. Also strengthen the leadership of the Urban Youth League
non-public to support their organizations to carry out a series of meaningful activities.
 Two efforts that improve party building activities and a typical example.
 - a good grasp of Party activities. We call on all private enterprises in the party to
carry out a variety of activities, and create to attract workers, united masses of the
good atmosphere. In the event of content and form, tried to be required for the
enterprise, the support for the workers, as members are welcome, supported by the
owners. If recent years, we carried out carefully organized "to our posts, make
contributions, I add luster to the party flag," "党员示范岗", "non-public economic
Forum", "vocational skills contest," "employees Fun Games "go visit and study and so
has received very good results.
  - focused models and good examples. We chose a good foundation, strong
representation of non-public enterprises as a pilot to concentrate, to grasping into the
pilot demonstration, the demonstration grasp into a bright spot. In recent years,
promoting the use of such party's grassroots organizations backgammon, from one
party of the "Mechanical Engineering", the new Olympic committees corporate
culture, staff training branch of electrical equipment, Eastcom party committees such
as Technical Training and Contest give full play to stimulate their role model. We are
also actively explore innovation, enhance the function of a typical problem-solving
and dispel doubts persist in exploring solutions to the typical non-public enterprises as
party building hot and difficult issues of "experimental field", to promote private
enterprises in the overall level of party building.
  three combinations, that work of party building and enterprise development to
combine the work of party building and the building of enterprise culture, integrate
the work of party building and build a harmonious enterprise together.
  - Party non-public enterprises combine work and enterprise development. Over the
years, we always implement the "party building work together with business
development," the idea, to lead the Party organizations in enterprises focus on
business development for party building efforts to explore the work of grasps with the
carrier, focused on pressing business development efforts. BBK Group stores open as
to where members move to where the building where the party organizations, and
business development simultaneously, give full play to strong political party
organizations and fortresses role in promoting enterprise development. Learning new
Austrian party by party branches and groups of activities, to develop team spirit,
encouraging staff morale, to play an exemplary vanguard role of party members to
highlight various aspects of business.
  - non-public enterprises Party building work and corporate culture combined.
Culture is the soul, is an inexhaustible motive force for enterprise development. We
guide each private enterprises in the party to carry out combined corporate culture
construction work of party building, constantly enhance the corporate culture grade,
enterprise spirit, enhance the development of the internal driving force. In recent years,
we organize the "plant my glory, plant failure is my shame," "provide reasonable
suggestions," or web sites in the enterprise Party newspaper columns and other
activities, imperceptibly to create a solidarity, unity and struggle of the good
atmosphere .
  - non-public business enterprises Party work and harmonious combination. Long
time, we guide the non-public enterprises party, focus and coordinate the relationship
between business owners and employees to care about the immediate interests of
employees, improve employee skills, maintaining the lawful rights and interests of
employees, employees at work to solve difficult problems in life as the starting point
for the staff to real, and do practical things. Meanwhile, the private enterprises in the
party organization is also actively straighten out the relationship with the departments
at all levels, coordination and businesses surrounding the relations, business
development and create a harmonious, the external environment.
  third, non-public enterprises ** City Party results in the
  in recent years, we have the superior right under the leadership of Deng Xiaoping
Theory and "Three Represents" as guidance, in-depth implementation of Scientific
concept of development, unite and lead the party to actively explore the non-public
enterprises, strive for progress, made some effectiveness. First, system building
gradually improved. Establish and improve the party rules of procedure of the system,
party members contact branch system, the party branch secretary of the regular
system, training system, party activists and a series of party work system, so that the
work of the city party committee non-public economy into standardized. Second, the
growing ranks of party members. The city has built private enterprises in the party's
members be rationalized organizational relationships. The last three years, a total
non-public enterprises in the development of 241 new members. Third, play an
increasing role in full. Education and guidance as we continue to deepen the work,
called on party members to take the lead part in various public welfare activities,
especially in 2008, the grass-roots party organizations to work together in conjunction
with corporate executives, have launched campaigns against ice contributions to
disaster relief and disaster relief activities of love, set up non-public enterprises and
who's good image. Fourth, to private enterprises in the party to re-found "home."
Members of non-public enterprises from all over the country, there is the sea, off the
party members, party members have retired to change jobs, jobs for party members
have graduated, there are migrant workers of the party, many members have little
contact with the original organizational unit, has become a "pocket" party. Now they
become the party of non-public enterprises, a party member, with a kind of feeling of
belonging, play an exemplary vanguard role of party members with a platform to play
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