EDF Energies Nouvelles commissions a 38 MW wind farm

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					                                                               PRESS RELEASE

                                                                       Paris, October 21, 2009

              EDF Energies Nouvelles commissions
                  a 38 MW wind farm in Greece

Pursuing its wind energy expansion in Europe, EDF Energies
Nouvelles announces the commissioning of the Viotia 2 wind farm in
Greece, which has 38 MW in total capacity.

                                                        Located in Beotia, in the North
                                                        West of Athens, this wind farm is
                                                        equipped with 19 turbines supplied
                                                        by Danish manufacturer Vestas.

                                   The Viotia 2 facility is owned by the
                                   EDF Energies Nouvelles group,
which holds 52.2% through its EDF EN Greece and RETD subsidiaries,
and by PPC Renewables, a subsidiary of Greek national electricity
company Public Power Corporation.

Number two of the wind energy market in Greece, EDF Energies Nouvelles
completes with this wind park its seventh project in the country. To date,
EDF EN has commissioned 187.4 MW in gross capacity in Greece.

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