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					Naval Submarine School in 2010 graduate brochures Navy submarine

 Naval Submarine Academy graduate

  university admissions, a 2010 graduate recruitment program in our hospital 60.
Various professional cadres are working for the Navy recruitment; engineering,
science, military operations research professional at the same time the Navy recruiting
new graduates; engineering, science professionals, national defense and the Navy also
recruit local National College of Science and Engineering Undergraduates; part of the
professional side culture within the military commission to recruit graduate students.
  2, all consistent with the provisions of state and military graduate enrollment,
determined to dedicate themselves to national defense, naval service cadres, new
graduates Naval Academy, the Navy focused on national defense and local state
institutions both science and engineering graduates by fresh Master of the relevant
national provisions apply for the Internet and locations of the graduate enrollment
department for processing, review by our hospital after passing the admission ticket
issued, the designated testing room in the graduate entrance examination.
  3, requiring candidates to good health and free of infectious diseases, consistent with
"the PLA military institutions to recruit students physical examination standards",
which mainly include: not less than 1.65 meters tall men; two uncorrected visual
acuity was 0.4 above, corrected visual acuity of 0.8 or above; normal liver function;
no color blindness, suffering from color amblyopia.
  4, from the local recruitment of graduate students (including naval national defense),
called for men, and in September 1, 1986 after the birth, after taking the enrollment
procedures, learning to enjoy during the cadres according to the provisions of the
treatment based upon graduation allocation of work by the Navy.
  five candidates in our hospital under the first test, retest results, through political,
psychological, business, health, physical inspection, in accordance with the full
measure of the principle of merit. For the first-choice candidates in our hospital, meet
the admission conditions are situated in the limited number of professional
recruitment can not be accepted, I will, as appropriate, hospital professional and other
institutions in similar transfers between admission.
  six other outstanding issues are welcome to contact my office.
  unit code: 90042
  Unit: Naval Submarine School
  Address: Qingdao City, Shandong Province, Shandong Road on the 10th Naval
Submarine Academy Graduate Department
  Zip Code: 266071
  Contact Tel: (0532) 51858195
  Contact: Young small
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