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									National Day to celebrate the 60th anniversary blessing celebrating anniversary

 national holiday celebrating the anniversary of the blessing

, Sky blue grass green Flows, Mid-Autumn Festival with the China National Day
degrees, mother birthday of 60 years, full of auspiciousness Divine, fine, forget the
sorrow clouds, harmonious and happy music comes first, rest assured I wish first to
wish you well-being go hand in hand National Day, being stationed!
, National Day holiday classic like the first song to soothe our emotions, relaxation,
leisure activities, then let us pat happy beat, followed by a beautiful melody, laughing
sang songs of happiness, I wish Happy holidays!
, National Day, celebrating the 60th anniversary of the founding of the motherland, is
a rare celebration relaxing holiday, celebrate the family and friends gather together,
celebrate the love harmonious and happy family, celebrate the sound of blessing: I
wish the National Day Happy!
, National Day, the beautiful feeling; Mid-Autumn Festival Mid-Autumn Festival,
laughter, worry-free. Ushered in the motherland even more festive 60th birthday, sent
best wishes, wish you happiness and good health of the flag will never fall,
harmonious and happy the colorful flags fluttering! I wish happy holidays!
, 2009 military parade, display of national unity and a 56 square pro; by reading from
the heroes force officers and soldiers, after more than 80 new generation; display
made of new equipment, the traditional and more innovative forms!
, Birthday of the 60th anniversary of the motherland, was "celebrate" the next;
National Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, were "celebrate" the next; harmonious life of
peace and harmony may "celebrate" the next; greetings in peace, blessing today,
Happy National Day, we have "celebrate" the next!
, This particular special National Day celebration, the 60th anniversary of the
motherland's birthday, wear a red scarf and healthy, to receive a happy little flowers,
raised his flag proudly, National Day, celebrating together wish a happy holiday,
harmonious and happy !
, National Day, the national spirit, the rest on the rest of the spending on consumption,
the play on the play, and this year is the 60th anniversary of birthday of the
motherland, peace and prosperity, the blessing to blessing, to revealing each friend's
bright smile!
, A poor and naught building, two bombs and one satellite tree national prestige. Third
Plenum of orientation, four demon divisible bulk haze. Rings celebrate P Plus
customers, create brilliant Shenzhou VI. Seven Seas compatriots heart to heart, Eight
Immortals fame. Nine He Qinghua Festival, 11 National Day holiday release.
  0, text messaging to cell phone is busy, happy wishes to get one. Chinese Love, love
the nation, far apart, then the truth. West Ye Hao, East worth mentioning, is a brother
country. Celebration ceremony, He Zhongguo, just love Wins Greater China.
  1, National Day theme: good home for the state a good state all the families have a
good; Autumn theme: country people round is round round round everybody. National
Day, the motherland 60th birthday, celebrations throughout the nation; Mid-Autumn
Festival, leisure vacation, happy, wishing happiness!
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