OCB_Questionnaire by kapilbhat23


									OCB Questionnaire


1. You readily help you co-worker even if it is not related to your job.

2. You switch your vacation dates with your co-workers, when they are in need.

3. You participate more often in cultural/sports activities in the organization.

4. You volunteer frequently for activities involving social concern like NGOs, Teach India, etc.,
outside the work?

5. People approach you for assistance, without hesitation.


1. In case of disagreement with co-workers, you convey your message politely.

2. You maintain your calmness even when provoked.

3. You avoid abusing the rights of others.

4. You co-operate with others irrespective of your mood swings.

5. You try your best to avoid arguments.

Civic Virtue

1. You take interest in attending meetings that are not mandatory, but important.

2. You keep yourself updated with latest information.

3. You stay well informed about the changes happening in the organization.

4. You read the memos and emails about the institution, intended for your notice.
5. You consciously follow the organization's rules.


1. You avoid taking leaves more often.

2. When required, you come early to work and leave late.

3. You are punctual in carrying out your responsibilities.

4. You do not waste organizational resources or properties.

5. You avoid spending more time on personal calls.


1. You complain only if the issue is significant.

2. You try to understand the working of organization than finding problems with the policies.

3. You provide constructive feedback when asked for.

4. You readily take up challenging job, without any complaints.

5. You consider criticism/feedback as an opportunity for your improvement.

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