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									Lawyer mediation Mediation lawyers transcripts Example

 lawyer mediation record examples

  mediation on time :______ ______ ______ in the morning ______
  conciliation Location: Beijing _________ law firm office
  mediation Moderator: Wang ____________, _________ Beijing law firm
  cause of action: Marriage
  is the facilitator:
  A by: Ren ____________, _____-year-old male, Han nationality, live Beijing
_________ ______ Avenue District No. ___, ___ Beijing company employees
  B: Female _ Zhao ____________, ____ years old, Han nationality living in Beijing
_________ ______ Avenue District No. ___, ___, Beijing Bureau of Workers
  Record: Zhang ____________
: When you apply for Beijing _ ________ mediation law firm to send lawyers dispute
both marriage and is now designated by the Beijing Municipal _________ law firm I
was a mediation case you agree?
  A: I agree.
  B: I agree.
  Q: Please talk about the dispute Party process.
: I met with the B ______ years was introduced, marriage is still feeling good. ______
Year, we registered marry a boy, now aged and a half. ______ At the end, B B units
will be transferred after the company's work of the Department of Foreign Affairs,
Party B is rarely home to live, I think she began to busy with work, very physical
shock she can influence over time on a couple of our feelings I raised this matter
several times with her, B are cross my mind is changed, said she was so busy with
work, I gave her more trouble, at this moment, out came Fengyanfengyu, said she was
outside the unrestrained life, I can not stand, so she wants a divorce.
  Q: Please speak on the matter B?
  A :______ end of the year, I was transferred to the Foreign Affairs Department of the
company after a change in the nature of work, travel often, and sometimes special late
night dinner with clients, can not go home on time. These circumstances, Party A is
very clear. As for my life style, absolutely no such thing. Party and I married six years,
the couple has been very emotional, but also a child, I do not agree with a divorce, if
the work of the Department of Foreign Affairs really affect my family life, and I can
transfer to another job request to the company leadership.
  Q: answer B, Party A that rational?
  A: (a) is also OK, she is not at home, so to say.
  Q: You also can restore the feelings of it?
  A: (a) were observed for a period of time to her right, if, as she said it, I had nothing
to say.
  Q: What brought you two agreed to suspend the divorce proceedings it?
  A: I agree.
  B: I agree.
 Q: Both of you through mediation and consultation shock solution, and finally
reached a settlement result, both sides look at transcripts, if agreed to mediation today
comments, please sign.
 A: Okay.
 B: Yes.

  office _________( signature)
  Zhao _________( signature)
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