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 Ghana, Tanzania & Kenya
Kwamena Quagrainie, Aloyce Kaliba, Charles Ngugi, Steve
            Amisah & Kajitanus Osewe
            Activities - Survey
1.   Cross-National Analysis of the Potential
     Economic Impact of Aquaculture in Africa

    Kaliba, A.R., Osewe, K.O., Senkondo, E.
     M., Mnembuka, B.V., and
     Quagrainie, K.K. Economic Analysis of
     Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niliticus)
     Production in Tanzania. Journal of the
     World Aquaculture Society, 37(4)
    Papers on Ghana & Kenya under review
          Activities - Training

2.   Cost Evaluation and Benefit
     Assessment of Fish Farming in
     Selected African Nations

    Followed the Kenyan model for
     training and developing
     aquaculture in Ghana and Tanzania
CRSP – Achievements

1.   Established a Forum that brought
        Fisheries staff
        Extension officers
        Fish farmers
        University Undergraduate and Post-
         graduate students in Fisheries and
CRSP – Achievements cont.
2.   Opportunity for fisheries and
     extension staff to update their
     knowledge of the situation on the
     ground, through visits to fish
     farms during data collection and

        Constrain: transport and other
         logistical support and visits had been
CRSP –Achievements cont.

3.   Brought farmers and potential fish
     farmers together to interact/learn
     what other farmers were doing and
     shared in their experiences and
     novel technologies – e.g. Induced
CRSP –Achievements cont.

4.   Farmers learned to keep accurate
     Farm Records or improved on
     existing ones.

5.   Farmers learned to compute
     various performance indicators;
     Revenue, Profits and Costs.
CRSP –Achievements cont.

6.   Linkages established between
     CRSP, University, Fisheries
     Department (Ministry of Fisheries)
     and Fish Farmers. MOUs signed.

     •   CRSP is now a consortium of experts
         offering free technical advice to fish
         farmers and extension officers
CRSP –Achievements cont.

7.   Manuals on Fish Farm Record
     Keeping, Benefit-Cost
     Analysis, produced and distributed
     to, at least, 85 farmers at no cost
     to farmers.
   ACRSP/USAID for support and funding.
   Kwame Nkrumah University of Science
    and Technology
    (KNUST), Kumasi, Ghana.
   Sokoine University of
    Agriculture, Morogoro, Tanzania
   Moi University, Eldoret, Kenya
   Ministries of Fisheries, Ghana, Kenya and

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