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									                 ADVERTISEMENT AGREEMENT
By virtue of this Advertisement Agreement, the parties hereto agree as follows:

1. Advertiser          ____________________________________ a corporation organized
                       under and in accordance with Singapore law, with office address at

2. Organizing Entity   G Nexus, event and marketing consultancy, with address at 20 Maxwell
                       Road, #09-17 Maxwell House, Singapore, 069113

3. Advertisement Fee (Tick and underline as applicable)

                                                Premium Position
                         Outside Back Cover (OBC)                          S$ 1,800.00
                         Inside Front Cover (IFC)                          S$ 1,600.00
                         Inside Back Cover (IBC)                           S$ 1,500.00

                                              Run-Off-Press (ROP)
                         Full Page                                        S$   1,400.00
                         Full Page Right Side                             S$   1,500.00
                         Half Page (Vertical or Horizontal)               S$   700.00
                         Half Page Right Side (Vertical or Horizontal)    S$   800.00
                         Quarter Page                                     S$   400.00
                         Quarter Page Right Side                          S$   500.00

                                            Promotional Flyer Insert
                         Inserts                                           S$ 0.15/flyer

                                                Series Discounts
                         3 Ad Bookings                                     5% Discount
                         6 Ad Bookings                                     10% Discount
                         12 Ad Bookings                                    15% Discount

                       Amount in words: _________________________________________
                       plus other items/services to be given by the Advertiser, to the
                       Organizing Entity, as stated in Annex “A” hereof;
4. Exclusivity         This Advertisement agreement is non-exclusive.

The Parties hereto agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Advertisement
Agreement and all its annexes. This Advertisement Agreement and its annexes constitute the
entire agreement of the Parties and supersede all other prior agreements.

                                                              G Nexus

By:                                                           By:

_______________________                                       _______________________
Signature                                                     Signature

_______________________                                       _______________________
Name & Designation                                            Name & Designation


   1. Advertiser will provide a payment in the amount stated in section 3 of the advertisement
      agreement, by way of cash, cheque, wire transfer bearing the following information to the
      Organizing Entity:
          i.     Name of Organization: G Nexus
          ii.    Bank Name: United Oversea Bank
          iii.   Bank Code: 7375
          iv.    Account Number: CA# 388-302-131-0
          v.     Branch Code: 336
          vi.    Swift Code: UOVBSGSG

           Or cheque payment made payable to G Nexus

   2. Payment by the advertiser for the advertisement values rendered under this Agreement
      shall be made as follows:

               100% payment upon signing of the agreement.

   3. Advertiser shall not deduct and withhold the applicable taxes as may be required by law.

   4. Advertiser shall provide the following;
         i.       Design of the promotional materials but production will be c/o the Organizing
                  Entity. Organizers to send their logo and other advertisements.
         ii.      Necessary content, logos and scripts for the materials / product mentions
         iii.     Company’s merchandising materials such as banners and flyers
         iv.      Possibility of giveaways to the Event’s Guests

   5. For and in consideration of the agreement made by Advertiser to the Organizing Entity,
      Organizing Entity shall provide the following values to Advertiser:
          i.      Inclusion of company’s in all promotional/communication materials including
                  advertisement space in magazine; brand mention in event plugs and print.

       The foregoing shall collectively be referred to as the “Advertisership Values”


All capitalized terms used herein refer to and shall have the same meaning as the same
capitalized terms used in the advertisership Agreement to which these Standard Terms and
Conditions of advertisership are an annex.

1. Organizing Entity shall provide full cooperation to Advertiser to allow Advertiser to maximize
    the advertisership Values, which Organizing Entity will provide. Organizing Entity’s
    cooperation shall include, but not be limited to:
i.      Granting the advertiser advertising space in the It’s ME! Magazine
ii.     Providing advertiser with access to the advertisership plans and schedules to enable
        advertiser to plan its deployment requirements;

2. In the event the advertisership is postponed or cancelled for any reason whatsoever,
   Organizing Entity will, at advertiser’s option, either (i) provide to Advertiser the same
   advertisership values when the postponed/cancelled advertisership is resumed or next held;
   or (ii) make a fair and equitable settlement that will compensate advertiser for the
   advertisership aalues it has not been able to realize, and for costs advertiser has incurred,
   due to such postponement or cancellation.

3. Organizing Entity should provide at least two (2) months prior notice to the advertiser in case
   of such postponements or cancellation.

4. In the event that not all of the advertisership values are consumed within the indicated
   advertisership period, the Organizing Entity will, at advertiser’s option:

    i.       Extend the advertisership period for not less than four (4) months from expiration; or
    ii.      Convert the unconsumed advertisership values to another form of equivalent value
             and importance to the Advertiser; or
    iii.     Refund the proportionate amount of the advertisership fees, which represents a fair
             and equitable settlement that will compensate Advertiser for the advertisership
             values it has not been able to realize and for costs Advertiser has incurred in
             relation thereto.

5. The Organizing Entity hereby warrants to the Advertiser that:

    i.      It is duly authorized to enter into this Agreement and has obtained all the necessary
            corporate/government approvals necessary to enable it to perform its obligations
            under this Agreement.

    ii.     It is capable of providing the advertisership aalues stated in this agreement. Where
            the Organizing Entity is a private corporation/foundation/ entity, it further warrants
            that it has the authority from the local government and/or any governing body to
            deliver the advertisership values and that it has the authority to bind that governing
            body to honor the commitments made in this Agreement.

    iii.    It shall submit to Advertiser completion reports of the activities of the advertisership,
            inclusive of compilation of print ads, event photos and other pertinent materials
            whenever applicable.
6. Advertiser hereby warrants that :

    i.      It is duly authorized to enter into this Agreement and has obtained all the necessary
            corporate/government approvals necessary to enable it to perform its obligations
            under this Agreement.
    ii.     It is a duly licensed company authorized to provide services within the Republic of

7. Advertiser may choose to extend some of the advertisership values to provide exposure to
   any of its affiliate companies, and the services of its wholly-owned affiliate and its’ partner
   companies in Singapore. Advertiser shall notify Organizing Entity if Advertiser chooses to
   exercise this option and shall ensure proper coordination for all of its product lines and
   groups participating in the advertisership.

8. In the event of doubt or conflict between these Standard Terms and Conditions and the other
   documents comprising the Agreement, Advertiser and Organizing Entity shall construe the
   documents in the most harmonious manner as possible and in such a way as to give
   maximum fulfillment to the intention of the parties in the procurement of the advertisership
   and the grant of advertisership Values.


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