Sample Lesson Plan Introduce Project Make a poster of by whattaman


									                                                                            Sample Lesson Plan

Introduce Project                 Plants give us oxygen               Plants give us beauty             Plants give us beauty             Plants give us beauty
Make a poster of things plants    Begin science activity on           Sensorial lessons on sorting      Practical life lessons on         Sensorial lessons on
   give us                          photosynthesis                     pictures of flowers               artificial flower arranging       exploring gourds
Art lessons on mosaics and        Practical life lessons on dry       Continue practical life lessons    and leaf washing                 Math lessons on 1:1 corresp.
  collages                          transfer activities                on dry transfer activities       Begin language lessons on          (flowers to card)
Story: A Seed, a Flower, a        Story: A Plant Called Spot by       Story: “The little red house”      sequencing (growing              Yoga: tree
 Minute, an Hour by Joan W.        Nancy J. Peteraf                   Group lesson on making             flowers)                         Story: Flower Garden by Eve
 Blos                             Song: “I’m a Little Watering         prints with apples (Art)         Song: “See how the garden          Bunting
Song: “Ring around the             Can”                               Observe photosynthesis             grows”                           Observe photosynthesis
 Rosies”                                                                                                Movement: “Dance a garden”
                                                                                                        Observe photosynthesis

Plants give us beauty             Plants give us beauty               Plants give us paper              Plants give us paper              Plants give us paper
Art lessons on leaf rubbing;      Art lessons on stenciling           Begin sorting paper scraps        Begin tearing paper scraps into   Make recycled paper (science)
 switch to potatoes on print-     Math lessons on counting             into color-coded boxes             tiny pieces                     Story: From Tree to Paper by
 making activity                   (flowers in pot)                   Story: Paper through the          Begin language lessons on         Wendy Davis
Begin language lessons on         P.l.lessons on dried flower          Ages by Shaaron Cosner             patterning with stamps          Art lessons on painting
 patterning (on felt strip)        arranging                          Begin sensorial lessons on        Story: Paper by Annabelle          flowers and tracing; switch to
Story: Planting a Rainbow by      Making grass prints on the           paper box                          Dixon                            pears on print-making activity
 Lois Ehlert                       playground (art)                   Switch to carrots on print-       Group lesson on sequencing        Yoga: sunflower
Song: “The green grass grows      Story: From Seed to                  making activity (art)              cards (how paper is made)
 all around”                       Sunflower by Dr. Gerald            Song: “The green grass grows        (language)
Observe photosynthesis             Legg                                all around” accompanied by       (Send note home assigning
(Send note home assigning         Observe photosynthesis               gourd shakers                     vegetable to bring on Thurs.)
 fruit to bring on Monday)

Plants give us food               Plants give us food                 Plants give us food               Plants give us food               Plants give us food
Group lesson on fruit; fruit      Lessons on making lemon/            Lessons on apple cutting (p.l.)   Group lesson on vegetables        Lessons on sequencing
  tasting (science)                limeade (p.l.)                     Math lessons on counting          (science)                           stories (sentences) (language)
Science lessons on matching       Language lessons on                  (apples on tree); card to card   Lessons on vegetable scrubbing,   Add potato scrubbing and
 fruit cards (wholes to wholes)   sequencing story cards (fruit)       with apple stickers               peeling, and slicing (p.l.)        carrot peeling to p.l. shelf
Add sorting tray with             Lessons on blackberry               Science lessons on matching       Sharing vegetables and dip        Add sequencing story cards
 miniature fruit to p.l. shelf;    painting (art)                      fruit cards (parts to wholes)    Add sorting tray with mini.         (vegetables) (language)
 lessons on apple polishing       Add fruit and veg. related          Story: Ten Apples up on Top        vegetables to p.l. shelf         Add matching vegetable cards to
Add fruit-related cutting,         dry transfer tasks to p.l. shelf   by Theodore LeSieg                Story: Grandpa’s Garden             science (wholes to wholes)
 perforating, and stencils to     Story: From Fruit to Jam by Ali     Song: “Apple Seed Song”            Lunch by Judith Caseley          Story: Jamie O’Rourke and
 art shelf                         Mitgutsch                                                            Song: “Let’s Go to Market           the Big Potato by Tomie De
Add recycled paper to paper       Song: “Go Bananas”                                                    (vegetables)”                       Paola
 box (sensorial)                                                                                                                          Song: “One potato”
Story: Johnny Appleseed                                                                                                                   (Invite children to bring seeds
Song: “Apples and Bananas”                                                                                                                  of foods to share on Mon.)
Plants give us food                 Plants give us food                Plants give us food                Plants give us food                 Plants give us food
Sharing seeds; creating seed        Group lesson on herbs (science)    Group lesson on grains (science)   Group lesson on pasta (science)     Group lesson on plant-based
exploration cards (science)         Add herbs to sensorial shelf       Baking bread                       Lessons on making pasta              proteins (science)
Lessons on fruit and veg.           P.l. lessons on grating            Add dry transfer tasks with         necklace (p.l.)                    Lessons on shelling and eating
 basket (sorting) (science)          cinnamon and ginger                grains to p.l. shelf              Lessons on bread slicing (p.l.)      edamame (soybeans) (p.l.)
Lessons on graphing (link to        Lessons on same-not same           Lessons on smelling bottles        Story: From Wheat to Pasta by       Bean exploration (p.l.)
 sorting mini. fruit/veg) (math)     (plant cards) (language)           (sensorial)                        Robert Egan                        Dry transfer tasks with beans
Add matching vegetable cards to     Math lessons on counting           Story: Bread, Bread, Bread by      Song: “On Top of Spaghetti”          (p.l.)
 science (parts to wholes)           (pumpkin cards)                    Ann Morris; Pancakes,                                                 Story: Jack and the Beanstalk
Story: The Carrot Seed by R.        Story: Cinnamon’s Day Out by        Pancakes by Eric Carle                                                Song: “Five Plump
 Krauss                              Susan L. Roth                     Song: “Shortnin’ Bread”; “Hot                                           Peas”
                                                                        Cross Buns”

Plants give us food                 Plants give us food                Plants give us fabric              Plants give us fabric               Plants give us fabric
Making patterns with beans in jar   Math lessons (matching beans to    Group lesson on making fabric      Finger spinning thread from         Lessons on weaving (p.l.)
 (language)                         card)                               from cotton                        cotton (p.l.)                      Lessons on folding (p.l.)
Patterning on felt strip (beans)    Sequencing cards and stories       Story: Cotton Now and Then by      Dying fabric strips with plant-     Story: The Quilt by Ann Jonas
 (language)                          (beans; pb&j sandwich)             Karen Willing                      based dye (science)
Nut cracking (p.l.)                  (language)                        Tearing cloth strips for dying     Lessons on pinning clothes to
Sorting fruits, vegetables,         Spreading (peanut butter) (p.l.)   Lessons on ginning cotton (p.l.)    line (p.l.)
 proteins, grains (science)         Sorting tray with beans (p.l.)     Lessons on fabric box              Story: From Plant to Blue Jeans:
Story: Life Cycles: Bean by         Story: “Peanut Butter Sandwich”     (sensorial)                        A Photo Essay by Arthur John
 David M. Schwartz                   by Shel Silverstein                                                   L’Hommedieu
Song: “Found a Peanut”              Song: “Peanut Butter”                                                 Song: “This is the Way”

Plants give us shelter              Plants give us shelter             Plants give us shelter             Plants give us shelter
Building log cabins with Lincoln    Identifying early Native           Story: Houses by Marcia Fries or   Story: The Three Little Pigs
 Logs (culture)                      American shelters – matching       Houses and Homes by Ann           Nature Walk: Looking for
Story: Buildings by Betsey           cards                              Morris                             materials that could be used to
 Chessen and Pamela Chanko          Matching early Native American     Share pictures of houses from       build a house
Song: “Build a House”                shelters to map of North           Asia and Africa that are built    Writing about houses: “If I could
                                     America                            from plant material (National      build a house . . . “
                                    Building teepees                    Geographic and other sources)
                                                                       Drawing houses

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