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Won’t you take me to…Hymietown?
by Robert (Hija del Zion para             a case in which several Islamists were    critics. With their media acumen,         government’s courtship of CAIR. For
Israel - Daughter of Zion for             convicted in a scheme that poured         CAIR operatives know there is             years, even though the Justice
Israel)                                   millions of dollars into the coffers of   nothing more debilitating for a public    Department was in possession of
                                          the terrorist organization Hamas —        figure in America than to be              information showing the key role
Submitted at 8/10/2010 6:09:50 AM         CAIR was named as, and shown to           portrayed as a racist or a bigot.         CAIR officials played in the Muslim
 Won’t you take me to…Hymietown?          be, an unindicted co-conspirator.         Islamists have thus coined the phrase     Brotherhood’s Hamas-support
  After Hamas-linked CAIR has             CAIR reckons that the heat is off, so     “Islamophobe” to stigmatize those         network, government agencies,
enlisted that noted apostle of            it’s back on the “Islamophobia”           who dare speak forthrightly about the     including the FBI, continued turning
sensitivity and mutual respect, Jesse     soapbox, demanding an apology from        extremely troubling aspects of            to CAIR for “liaison” duties. Top
“Hymietown” Jackson, in its latest        FBI director Robert Mueller.              Islamic scripture, particularly of        brass forced our law-enforcement
(and most frenzied) smear campaign         An apology for what? The FBI’s           sharia, Islam’s legal and political       agents to endure CAIR-prescribed
against me, Roger L. Simon and            Joint Terrorism Task Forces had the       framework.                                sensitivity training, and, in the case of
Andrew C. McCarthy weigh in:              temerity to invite Robert Spencer —        We are not, it bears emphasizing,        the Department of Homeland
 From “Real Blog War: CAIR Goes           one of the nation’s leading experts on    speaking about people who lie about       Security, even published a CAIR
After Robert Spencer,” by Roger L.        Islamist ideology — to lecture federal    Islam or smear all Muslims as             press release on an agency’s taxpayer
Simon at Pajamas Media, August 9:         agents on Islamist ideology.              terrorists. Islamists are targeting the   -funded website, enabling CAIR to
 Actually, I apologize for making a        Spencer’s lecture departed from the      truth-tellers. If they can intimidate     pass itself off as a civil-rights
joke about something that is far more     government’s “religion of peace”          their critics into silence, they have     organization. This went on until
serious than that. As has been            dogma, which holds that there is no       inched yet closer to the goal of          finally, following the convictions in
detailed here and on PJTV, our own        Islamist aggression, that there is no     supplanting our First Amendment           the HLF case (to say nothing of the
government has banned the use of the      civilizational jihad to destroy the       with their sharia, which condemns as      emerging indications that CAIR itself
very Islamic terminology whose            West from within (never mind that         “blasphemy” any speech or                 may be under investigation), the FBI
doctrine and provenance Spencer had       CAIR’s progenitor, the Muslim             expression that casts Islam in a poor     cut off ties with the group in 2009,
the bravery to explain to those FBI       Brotherhood, has bragged about its        light. Blasphemy can be savagely          citing its Hamas connections. That
agents. He told me on the phone that      “sabotage” campaign), and that            punished — and, in contrast to the        was a stand for which Mueller won
the agents received him well too.         terrorism is not merely unconnected       Western idea of defamation, truth is      strong bipartisan praise on Capitol
That’s good news.                         to Islam but, in fact, is anti-Islamic.   no defense.                               Hill. Here’s hoping he sticks to his
 CAIR, not surprisingly, doesn’t see it   According to this thinking, Islamist       Thus is CAIR trying to intimidate the    guns.
my way. To them, Spencer — and all        groups like CAIR have a monopoly          FBI into ostracizing Robert Spencer.        Posted by Robert on August 10, 2010
of those who are trying to educate us     on what Americans — including             As he demonstrates daily at Jihad         6:09 AM
about the dangers of jihadism — is        American law-enforcement and              Watch, the invaluable site he             | 1 Comment
anathema. They have written FBI           intelligence agents — are permitted       founded, he is effective and immune         Print this entry
Director Robert Mueller to demand         to hear about Islam from academic,        to Islamist scare tactics. Because        | FaceBook
an explanation why such a man —           media, and government sources. No         Spencer won’t quiet down, CAIR            | Email this entry
the member of a “hate group” — had        dissenting views are permitted, no        officials have concluded that it will     | Digg this
been allowed to speak to FBI agents       matter how steeped the dissenters         be necessary to have the U.S.             |
and to receive the director’s             may be in Islamic doctrine and no         government silence him. They know         |
assurance that such a horrible thing      matter how much these dissents            the government, the FBI in particular,      Hija del Zion para Israel Support
would never happen again. In keeping      accord with what your lyin’ eyes are      has a history of being overly             Israel
with our contemporary fixation, they      seeing. [...]                             solicitous toward Islamist apologists.    • Strengthening Each Other –
want Mueller to apologize. CAIR has        CAIR’s purpose is to further what        They are banking on getting               Kabbalah Moments – May 24, 2010
even enlisted that noted expert on        the Muslim Brotherhood calls its          satisfaction out of Mueller, and          Tweet This Post              Delicious
Islamic studies, the Reverend Jesse       “grand jihad” to destroy America          they’ve brought out the big guns to       Facebook           Stumble It...
Jackson, in their cause. (I know.         from within. That is why it is            turn up the heat. Their letter has now    • CandyGem 925 Sterling Silver Lab
You’re shocked.)                          consistently a cheerleader for Islamist   been signed by Grievance Industry         Created Round Opal Star of David
 From “Director Mueller, Say No to        terrorists and a thorn in the side of     eminence Jesse Jackson (who better        Magen David Judaica Pendant
CAIR,” by Andrew C. McCarthy in           American national security, opposing      to give sensitivity lessons than the      CandyGem 925 Sterling Silver Lab
National Review, August 10:               every sensible measure to protect our     guy who labeled New York City             Created Round Opal Star of David
 At this point, the question about        homeland.                                 “Hymietown”?) and by such groups          Magen David Judaica Pendant
CAIR should be: Why does anyone           “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to    as the Islamic Society of North           CandyGem 925 Sterling Silver
care? Care about anything CAIR            any other faith, but to become            America (another unindicted co-           Genuine Round Opal Star Shape
officials say, that is.                   dominant,” Ahmad is quoted as             conspirator in the Hamas case, but        Pendant Gem Type: Opal Gem
 The notorious Council on American-       saying in 1998. “The Koran, the           one for which Obama-administration        Shape: Round C...
Islamic Relations is back up to its old   Muslim book of scripture, should be       majordomo Valerie Jarrett                 • IMG_1209 Image taken on 2005-
tricks. CAIR officials figure our ten-    the highest authority in America, and     nonetheless gave the keynote address      08-13 12:49:26 by oligopistos....
minute attention span has lapsed, and     Islam the only accepted religion on       at its 2009 annual convention).
that we’ve probably forgotten by now      earth.”                                    If any party is owed an apology or       Original post source
that, in the 2007-08 prosecution of        A key tactic in carrying out this        explanation from our government, it
the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) —          supremacist agenda is to suppress its     is the American people — over the
2                                                                                                                                              FeedJournal Basic Presents a Tour of
The Old City Of Jerusalem!!! | about jerusalem
by paraisrael (Hija del Zion               Nebuchadnezzar in 586 BC/BCE.                                                          reclaim the Holy Land from the
para Israel - Daughter of Zion             The city and the Holy Temple were                                                      infidels arose a millennium after the
for Israel)                                completely demolished and the                                                          Crucifixion, when the Crusaders
                                           articles of the Temple and its                                                         slaughtered and exiled both Muslims
Submitted at 8/10/2010 4:20:12 AM          treasures were carried off to Babylon.                                                 and Jews. Christian reign of the city
 by_ambrown                                The inhabitants that were not killed                                                   lasted approximately 100 years until                 were also taken to Babylon.                                                            the Muslims led by Saladin finally
Presents a Tour of The Old City Of         Jerusalem was to lie desolate for                                                      recaptured Jerusalem.
Jerusalem!!!                               seventy years in order that the land                                                    Visit our website to learn more about
 Dear readers;                             might enjoy its Sabbaths (Chronicles                                                   the Holy Land Scenes|Cities|History
 Jerusalem                                 2 36:17-21/Leviticus 26:34).                                                           &       C u l t u r e      h t t p : / /
 Jerusalem is a religious center sacred     Seventy-one years later (445 BCE)                                           
to all three monotheistic religions:       In 539 BCE, Cyrus, king of Persia                                                      link.jsp?id=1044
Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.          issued a proclamation to rebuild the                                           is a
&                                          Holy Temple in Jerusalem, a total of                                                   Christian family business owned &
  History about The GATES of               42,360 people returned to Jerusalem                                                    operated since 1996. We stand out in
“JERUSALEM”                                and Judah to help rebuild the Temple,                                                  the marketplace by providing superior
 Religious pilgrims from all nations       not including male and female                                                          hand-crafted gifts made by the local
continue to congregate in the Holy         servants and the musicians. All gave                                                   Christians who reside in the Holy
City and millions of people flow           according to their ability, in order to                                                Land. The Olivewood gifts comprise
through the gates of Jerusalem each        finance the work.                          Egyptians, Greeks, Ptolemies,               of beautifully made Rosaries,
year.                                       In the first year, during the month of    Seleucids,                Romans,           Nativities,Ornaments, Pendants, Holy
 References to the city of Jerusalem       year, Jeshua and Zerubbabel led a          Byzantines,Persians, Arabs, Seljuks,        Families, Holy Water/Oils, and
appear throughout the entire               group to build the altar in order to       Crusaders, Mongols, Mamelukes,              Crosses and Crucifixes. In addition,
Scriptures.                                offer sacrifices in accordance with        Turks, British, Jordanians, Egyptians,      we provide Mother-of-Pearl items.
 The Scriptural history of Jerusalem       Torah. It was finally completed in         Syrians, Lebanese, and Iraqis. Today        Along with these items, we also have
(known then as “Salem”), begins            516 BCE and took twenty-three              the nations of the entire world             a large assortment of Ceramics hand
when Abraham meets “Melchizedek”           years.                                     consider it their responsibility and        made in the Holy Land. We have
(King of Justice) about 2000 BC.            In 167 BCE the Greeks converted the       obligation to intervene in her politics     Judaica Ceramics, Armenian
 Through the ages it has been called       Temple in Jerusalem into a show            and destiny.                                Ceramics and Religious Ceramics. As
by many names: Urusalim, Salem,            place to Greek idols                        This is a city that has been besieged      you review our different categories,
Mount Moriah, Adonai Urah, Jebus,           In 40 BCE the Romans being the            about forty different times and             you will find we have a large
Jerusalem, Zion, the City of David,        super power of that time dispatched        destroyed (at least partially) on thirty-   selection of Wall Hangings WAXED
Ariel (Lion of God) God has declared       an army of 30,000 infantry and 6,000       two different occasions. The rulership      PICTURES and A Virtual Tour of the
that this is the place He will establish   cavalry to take Jerusalem.                 of Jerusalem has changed hands some         Holy Land.
His Name and will dwell there                Jerusalem and its Temple were            twenty-six times. From the time of           Jerusalem Hymn
forever.                                   incinerated.                               the establishment of the State of             Jerusalem Mea Shearim posters
  David conquered Jerusalem by               When Christianity became the             Israel in May of 1948 until 1967, the       (Israel)
defeating the Jebusites in 1052 BCE        official religion of the Roman Empire      city was divided. Walls, barbed-wire         Image by Ahron de Leeuw
Chronicles 1 11:4-9), nearly 3000          under Constantine, the basilica of the     fences and a desolated strip of non-         Hija del Zion para Israel Support
years ago.                                 Holy Sepulchre was built in                man’s land cut through the very heart       Israel
 In history, No other city has been        Jerusalem, the most important and          of the city, especially excluding the       •
beloved and fought over as                 prominent building in the city at the      Jews from the Old City and the              Presents a Tour of The Old City Of
Jerusalem.                                 time.                                      Temple Mount. During that time the          Jerusalem!!! Dear readers;
 After David’s death, Solomon (in           During the Byzantine era (330-640         Jewish Quarter was leveled and its           Jerusalem
1015 BC/BCE) began to “build a             CE) many impressive Christian              synagogues burned. Jewish graves             Jerusalem is a religious center sacred
house for the Name of the Lord”            architectural monuments were built in      and monuments were desecrated or            to all three monotheistic religions:
(Chronicles 2 2:1). It took seven          the city. Jerusalem was a major            turned into latrines, Since 1948            Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
years and 183,300 men to build it          Christian center, attracting pilgrims      Jerusalem has experienced four wars.         &
(Kings 1- 5:13-16; 6:38). It measured      from all over the Roman Empire.            Jerusalem, “The City of Peace” has
nearly 90 feet in length, 30 feet in       Monks and clergy from the various          known wars and destruction since it          History abo...
width and 45 feet in height (1 Kings       sects started to settle in the city, and   existence was first known to us from        • Israel Trips – Jerusalem, City Walls
6:2). The Holy Of Holies occupied          pilgrims from different countries          the Biblical record.                        Promenade ? Beauty Above and
one-third of the interior space, and       filled Jerusalem’s streets: Ethiopians      Today, Jerusalem is more of a city of      Below | about israel independence
the Holy Place, two-thirds. The            and Armenians, Copts and                   religion, art, culture, and museums         war by Rusty Stewart Israel Trips -
complete details are described in          Nestorians, Syrian Jacobites and           than an economically viable regional        Jerusalem, City Walls Promenade ?
Kings 1 – 6 & 7. When it was               Gregorians and, above all, Greek-          marketplace or a center of business         Beauty Above and Below
completed, the Glory of God filled         Orthodox, who became the dominant          activity. Yet Jerusalem thrives in our      When visiting Jerusalem we don’t
the Temple (Chronicles 2 7:1). Israel      Christian group in the city.               time as a city full of mystical             bother to plan ahead, its just not
was divided after Solomon’s death            At the end of the 11th century,          attractiveness and endless fascination.     necessary, where ever we ...
(979 BCE). The kingdom of Israel           Seljuk tribes invaded the country. The      Jerusalem has played, and will             • Candle Holders Ceramic City of
was in the north, while Judah was in       city passed from one ruler to another      continue to play, an important part in      Jerusalem skyline in Blue. For
the south.                                 until the arrival of the Crusaders who     God’ deliverance of the earth, His          Shabbat and Jewish Holiday – judaica
 Jerusalem was the capital of Judah        ruled about two hundred years (1095-       Holy City, and our involvement in it.       Candle Holders Ceramic City of
(the Southern Kingdom). It was to be       1187) CE and again after a brief            Jerusalem became the birthplace of         Jerusalem skyline in Blue. For
ruled by a succession of twenty kings      period, from (1189-1348).                  Christianity in the first century CE**,     Shabbat and Jewish Holiday Candle
from 979 BCE to 586 BCE. Their               Christian Crusaders order in             one thousand years after David. As          HoldersSabbat and Jewish
reigns lasted from as short as three       Jerusalem was extremely brutal,            the location of both the Crucifixion        HolidayCity of Jerusalem
months (Jehoahaz and Jehoiachim) to        especially at the beginning of the         and Resurrection of Jesus Christ,           SkylineBlue CeramicJudaica Gift
as long as fifty-five years                period, and the domination of the city     Jerusalem is also referred to as the        Ceramic Blue Shabb...
(Manasseh). The disheartening              was accompanied by a massacre of           Holy City of this faith. While
history of the declines of Judah is told   most of the Jews and Moslems               Constantine spread Christianity
in Kings 1 12:1-2, Kings 25:30, and 2      residing there.                            throughout the Roman Empire in the
Chronicles 10:1-36:21.                      Jerusalem has been fought over by         4th century, the Christian desire to
 Jerusalem was entirely destroyed by       armies of the Assyrians, Babylonians,
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Nasrallah claims Israel murdered Hariri,
Hezbullah captured Israeli drone
by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del                                                                                                 War of 1973. The first aircraft of
Zion para Israel - Daughter of                                                                                                 this squadron were remotely piloted
Zion for Israel)                                                                                                               vehicles (RPVs), which were
                                                                                                                               replaced with upgraded, programmed
Submitted at 8/10/2010 5:18:00 AM                                                                                              autopilot aircraft known as
 Nasrallah claims Israel murdered                                                                                              unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in
Hariri, Hezbullah captured Israeli                                                                                             1981. The first UAV was the IAI
drone Hezbullah leader Hassan                                                                                                  Scout (Zahavan), which was used in
Nasrallah gave a speech on Monday                                                                                              the 1982 Lebanon War. In 1992, the
night in which, as expected, he                                                                                                squadron began operating the IAI
blamed Israel for the murder of                                                                                                Searcher (Hugla), a new version of
Lebanese President Rafik Hariri.                                                                                               which was produced in 1998 and
 Nasrallah blamed Israel for first                                                                                             named the IAI Searcher Mk. II
attempting to open a rift between the                                                                                          (Kochav Lavan). In 2005-2006 IAI
Sunni supporters of Hariri and the                                                                                             Heron and Heron TP (Shoval and
Shi’ite Hizbullah in 1993 by telling                                                                                           Eitan) added to the the squadron.
Hariri that Hizbullah was attempting                                                                                             Another UAV squadron was
to have him killed.                                                                                                            established in 2003, 166 squadron.
 The Hizbullah head continued his                                                                                              This caused the old IAI Scout
story of Israeli duplicity, telling       official in the Israeli Prime Minister’s   locations.                                (Zahavan) UAVs to begin phase out
reporters that in 1996 Hizbullah          Office said a day before the address.       In this regard, Sayyed Nasrallah         from active duty within the IAF.
forces arrested Ahmed Nasrallah (no       “When they start casting for straws        unveiled footage intercepted from          The Ansariyeh incident did occur.
relation) a Lebanese agent working        like this, it just shows the degree of     Israeli surveillance planes of the site    The Israelis’ greatest blunder was the
for Israel who had contacted Hariri’s     pressure they are under.”                  of the 2005 murder of ex-Lebanese         disastrous naval commando raid on
security apparatus on Israel’s orders     “This is completely ridiculous and …       premier Rafiq Hariri prior to his         the coastal village of Ansariyeh, 20
telling them that he worked closely       everyone knows it,” the official told      assassination.                            miles north of the zone, on 5
with Imad Mugniyeh, then head of          The Jerusalem Post newspaper.              “Israeli drones had carefully             September in which 16 Israelis were
Hizbullah’s military wing, and that he     But the JPost omits what may be the       monitored the movements of Hariri’s       killed in an ambush staged by
had information regarding a               most important part of Nasrallah’s         motorcade in Beirut and on the            Hizbollah guerrillas.
Hizbullah plan to kill Hariri.            speech. Nasrallah claimed more about       Farayya-Faqra road,” Sayyed                Although the objective of the raid
 Hassan Nasrallah stated that the         that 1997 incident than the death of       Nasrallah pointed out. “Was that a        remains unclear it was nonetheless a
Lebanese security forces later freed      12 Israeli soldiers (Hat Tip: Elder of     coincidence?” his eminence                very risky undertaking, suggesting
the alleged Israeli agent who, he said,   Ziyon).                                    wondered. “Such footage generally         possible over-confidence in the IDF
fled to Israel in 2000, where he          “The secret I want to reveal tonight is    comes as the first leg of the execution   and the security cabinet which
remains until today.                      that before 1997, Hezbollah was able       of an operation.”                         sanctioned the operation.
 Nasrallah played for journalists a       to catch an Israeli spy plane               Several clips, each minutes long and      Israel Radio carried a rebuttal to
video clip of the alleged agent           photographing South Lebanon and            undated, showed aerial views of the       Nasrallah’s claims about the drones
confessing to working for Israel and      sending them to an Israeli operations      coastline off west Beirut on various      from an IDF General on Tuesday.
attempting to warn Hariri about a         center,” Sayyed Nasrallah went on to       days prior to the Hariri assassination.   Hmmm.
Hizbullah assassination attempt.          say.                                       “Are there any Hezbollah offices in        posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 3:18
“This is how the Israelis from the        “Before 1997, the Resistance               these areas monitored by Israel? Why      PM
beginning placed into everyone’s          managed to capture the transmission        is Israel monitoring these locations?”     Hija del Zion para Israel Support
minds this conspiracy [that Hizbullah     of an MK drone and we managed to           Sayyed Nasrallah wondered.                Israel
killed Hariri],” said Hassan Nasrallah.   access this transmission which              I can think of a lot of reasons why      • Netanyahu, sensing ambush, pulls
  Nasrallah also claimed to have          enabled us of capturing the images         Israel might be monitoring those          out of Obama’s nuke summit
murdered 12 Israeli commandos in          transmitted by the drone as the            areas that may have little or nothing     Netanyahu, sensing ambush, pulls out
1997:                                     enemy’s operation room was                 to do with Hezbullah. The idea that       of Obama's nuke summit
 Nasrallah also discussed at the press    receiving them,” Hezbollah Secretary       Israel killed Hariri is beyond            ...
conference a 1997 incident in which       General explained.                         ridiculous.                               • Israel’s moment of truth Israel's
12 IDF naval commando soldiers            “The capturing of the MK drone              But the better question – as pointed     m o m e n t          o f      t r u t h
were killed on a secret mission in        images by the Resistance’s operation       out by Elder – is whether Hezbullah       Pajamas Media's Bill Whittle
Lebanon, saying “we set up a trap for     room led to the foiling of the enemy’s     did capture the encryption code for       interviews Caroline Glick, who says
them.”                                    amphibious assault on Ansariyeh on         transmissions from Israeli spy planes     that based upon the IAEA report on
“We assumed that Israel was going to      September 5, 1997,” Hezbollah              and whether those codes changed           Iran issued this wee...
act. Our people waiting a few weeks,      Secretary General revealed, before         between 1997 and 2005. I believe the      • The Western media eats up Khaled
and on one of the nights, the             showing details of the Ansariyeh           answer to that question is that the       Meshal’s lies to them Khaled
commando soldiers came…and fell           operation and explaining how this          codes did change and that Nasrallah’s     Meshaal, Hamas' "political" leader in
into the trap that we prepared,”          tactic helped the Resistance fighters      undated videos are not from 2005.         Damascus, was on the Charlie Rose
Nasrallah said. He presented              foil the Israeli attempt.                  Israel’s first unmanned aerial vehicle    show where he put on a moderate
photographs taken from an unarmed         …                                          squadron, called the 200 squadron,        face for his credulous inteviewer:
IAF aircraft, which Hizbullah              Hezbollah Secretary General then          was operated from Palmachim air           "We don't have a problem whatsoever
recovered before attacking the            turned to the most sensitive part of       base beginning in 1971.                   with the United St...
commandos.                                the press conference: tangible proof        The 200 squadron was established in
 Israeli officials dismissed the speech   showing the Israeli enemy carefully        1971 to operate unmanned                  Original post source
before it was ever made.                  monitoring the movements of former         reconnaissance vehicles, the first of
“They are looking for a way out,” an      Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri and his        which were used in the Yom Kippur
4                                                                                                                                            FeedJournal Basic

Nasrallah’s "evidence" that Israel murdered
Hariri is a joke – but….
by Elder of Ziyon (Hija del Zion
para Israel - Daughter of Zion
for Israel)
Submitted at 8/10/2010 4:19:00 AM

 Yesterday, Hezbollah leader Hassan
Nasrallah went on TV for two hours,
trying to spin a convoluted case that
Israel was behind the assassination of
Rafik Hariri.
 The most interesting parts of his
speech were where he said that
Hezbollah had captured an Israeli
drone in 1997, and they managed to
analyze it in order to capture IDF
surveillance footage.
“The secret I want to reveal tonight is
that before 1997, Hezbollah was able
to catch an Israeli spy plane
photographing South Lebanon and
sending them to an Israeli operations
center,” Sayyed Nasrallah went on to
“Before 1997, the Resistance
managed to capture the transmission
of an MK drone and we managed to
access this transmission which
enabled us of capturing the images
transmitted by the drone as the
enemy’s operation room was
receiving them,” Hezbollah Secretary      Israeli surveillance planes of the site   that Hariri was assassinated, and that      transmission or their encryption after
General explained.                        of the 2005 murder of ex-Lebanese         an Israeli spy was in the area.             the 1997 drone capture, someone
“The capturing of the MK drone            premier Rafiq Hariri prior to his          That’s pretty much his evidence.           should be fired.
images by the Resistance’s operation      assassination.                              The evidence was far from                  Hija del Zion para Israel Support
room led to the foiling of the enemy’s    “Israeli drones had carefully             convincing for at least some in             Israel
amphibious assault on Ansariyeh on        monitored the movements of Hariri’s       Lebanon:                                    • A First for Justice at the Cambodia
September 5, 1997,” Hezbollah             motorcade in Beirut and on the             Commenting on the evidence that            Tribunal On July 26, the
Secretary General revealed, before        Farayya-Faqra road,” Sayyed               Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah           Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts
showing details of the Ansariyeh          Nasrallah pointed out. “Was that a        presented during his 2 + hours press        of Cambodia delivered its first verdict
operation and explaining how this         coincidence?” his eminence                conference Elias Zoghbi told “BBC:”         for the crimes committed under the
tactic helped the Resistance fighters     wondered. “Such footage generally         What has Nasrallah presented was a          Khmer Rouge, who were responsible
foil the Israeli attempt.                 comes as the first leg of the execution   political case . This is not the kind of    for at least 1.5 million deaths from
  He showed what looks like               of an operation.”                         concrete and convincing evidence            1...
convincing aerial video footage of         Several clips, each minutes long and     that we expected from him that will         • Sunny, Warm Weekend in Israel
that failed 1997 assault.                 undated, showed aerial views of the       prove Israel was behind Hariri’s            Nice winter weather took many
 Al Manar has the speech on video         coastline off west Beirut on various      murder. Nasrallah ’s presentation was       Israelis outdoors to enjoy the warm
here.                                     days prior to the Hariri assassination.   interesting …. he acted like a news         winter sun. Photo by Rafael Ben-Ari/
  Then he goes on to say that             “Are there any Hezbollah offices in       anchor ”                                    Chameleons Eye ...
Hezbollah continued to capture video      these areas monitored by Israel? Why       What I have not yet seen from Israel       • Exit Towards the Jerusalem Hills,
from Israeli drones up through at least   is Israel monitoring these locations?”    is any confirmation or denial that, for     New Wing of the Holocaust Museum,
2005, and this footage supposedly         Sayyed Nasrallah wondered.                what may be years, Hezbollah was            Yad Vashem, Jerusalem Photography
shows that Israel was surveying the         The videos are undated, so if           able to intercept Israeli drone             Framed Art Poster Print by Eitan
route that Rafik Hariri took when he      Hezbollah did capture drone videos        transmissions. Clearly what Nasrallah       Simanor, 49×39 Framed Art Print
was killed.                               for years then they pretty much have      showed indicated that Hezbollah             Title: Exit Towards the Jerusalem
 Hezbollah Secretary General then         aerial video from the IDF over all of     captured video from multiple drones         Hills, New Wing of the Holocaust
turned to the most sensitive part of      Lebanon. Nasrallah does make a            over a period of time. Some of the          Museum, Yad Vashem,
the press conference: tangible proof      convincing case that certain turns in a   footage was in color.                       JerusalemArtist: Eitan SimanorSize:
showing the Israeli enemy carefully       specific roads that Hariri supposedly      This would be an outrageous security       49 x 39 inches Product
monitoring the movements of former        used were videoed from various            failure on the part of the IDF. It is not is the w...
Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri and his       angles.                                   difficult to encrypt transmissions in
locations.                                 Nasrallah also claimed to have           such a way that they would be               Original post source
 In this regard, Sayyed Nasrallah         evidence of exactly when Israeli          virtually unbreakable. If the IDF
unveiled footage intercepted from         planes were over Beirut on the day        didn’t change their methods of
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Copenhagen: Incitement against the police
by Esther (Hija del Zion para                                                                                                police can’t link them to the stone-
Israel - Daughter of Zion for                                                                                                throwing and so they’re being
Israel)                                                                                                                      charged for violating an official
Submitted at 8/10/2010 2:29:00 AM                                                                                              Last Wednesday police were
 Copenhagen: Incitement against the                                                                                          attacked with stones in
police                                                                                                                       Mjølnerparken in Nørrebro
 The Copenhagen District West                                                                                                (Copenhagen).
Police decide to increase security for                                                                                        The head of the emergency services
ambulances, firetrucks and the                                                                                               in the Copenhagen suburb of Greve,
police’s own patrol cars in the Ishøj                                                                                        Henrik Hillestrøm, told Midtjyllands
suburb of Copenhagen.                                                                                                        avis (via Uriasposten) that around 30
 From now on police cars will                                                                                                neighborhoods in Denmark have at
accompany emergency vehicles(DA)                                                                                             time the same problem of youth
when they go to certain housing                                                                                              vandalism, where the youth set fire in
estatees, especially around Ishøj                                                                                            the streets in order to lure the fire
Center.                                                                                                                      brigade. There are 25-30 housing
 The windows of several police cars                                                                                          estates in Denmark with such a
were smashed recently and a new                                                                                              problem.
Facebook group, Ishøj Ghetto, was                                                                                             Hija del Zion para Israel Support
set up to incite to vandalism against                                                                                        Israel
police cars.                                                                                                                 • Denmark: Holiday welfare-fraud
 Police Inspector Ib Meng says that                                                                                          Denmark: Holiday welfare-
they’re trying to find out who’s                                                                                             fraudMany welfare recipients go on
behind the group. It’s a crime to         of Allah, allahu Akbar !!!! Muslims      removed. The “Ishøj Ghetto” group         vacation via Germany to avoid their
directly incite to arson and vandalism.   stay together and be stronger.” [The     has since been removed. The site’s        trip abroad being registered in
However, Ib Meng says that the            comment is from way back in May]         organizers say they want to see how       Denmark. This allows the welfare
situation in Ishøj had not heated up.      The Ishøj Ghetto group also made        many people in Denmark agree that         recipients to go on vacation without
 Over 700 people joined the Facebook      mention of the singer Medina, who        the police aren’t just harassing young    ...
group. The group posted pictures of       was pelted with stones in the city a     people and that if somebody feels         • Odense: Somalis vs. Arabs Odense:
vandalized police cars and comments       few months ago, and posted a picture     persecuted by the police, there’s         Somalis vs. ArabsAt least one shot
such as: “My bothers, you will            of a burning Israeli flag.               probably a good reason for the police     was fired during a fight between a
destroy all the police cars who come       The media is also mentioned: “F**k      persecuting him.                          group of Somalis and Arabs in
close to Ishøj. It is our city.”          the media. Keep out of Ishøj. You         Ib Meng says that they don’t have        Vollsmose in Odense, Denmark.This
“F**k the police and the state (…) In     just want to make money or f*ck          any information about threats against     article was prepared by the Islam in
Ishøj people go around with guns and      people’s lives up. We’re telling you     the emergency vehicles. It is the         Europe blog - is...
patrol the street. We don’t need the      for the last time: Keep away from        police’s decision to increase security.   • Denmark: One killed in mass brawl
police.” ( DA, DA).            Another    Ishøj. We’l stone you out of Ishøj.”      Meanwhile, police agents from the        at refugee camp Denmark: One killed
message says: “In our right hand a         But more recently the group had a       Funen police stopped a car with           in mass brawl at refugee campAn
grenade and in our left an AK47.          different message for the firefighters   known criminals in Vollsmose              asylum-seeker was stabbed to death
We’re fighting for our town. We’re        and ambulances: “You should not          (Odense) yesterday, but were then         in a mass brawl in the Sandholm
not afraid to die. We’ll protect our      feel insecure when you drive in Ishøj.   chased out of the neighborhood(DA)        refugee camp (Denmark), reports
city to the death.”                       We don’t have a problem with you.”       with rocks and bottles.          asylum seeker
(photo, via Uriasposten)                   An anti-”Ishøj Ghetto” group(DA)         When the police tried to stop the car,   was stabbed in...
 The members are on the site are both     was also set up. The new group says      the driver continued driving until he
of Danish and immigrant origin, but       they tried to comment on the Ishøj       reached a place where he knew he          Original post source
the group’s organizers don’t hide         Ghetto group page, but were just         would get help, says the police. Two
where they’re coming from. “Soldier       threatened and their comments were       masked people were arrested, but the

Scotland: Integration easier for Muslims than in
by Esther (Hija del Zion para             (…)                                      Muslims and non-Muslims, felt the         expecting the reassuring sight of a
Israel - Daughter of Zion for              Two-thirds (65%) of respondents had     process of integrating was easier in      modern, clean lavatory could
Israel)                                   a favourable opinion towards             Scotland than England.                    instead...
                                          Muslims – three times as many as         (…)                                       • UK: Muslim group holds ‘anti-
Submitted at 8/10/2010 1:31:00 AM         those with an unfavourable opinion        There was a strong feeling among         terrorism’ summer camp UK: Muslim
 Scotland: Integration easier for         (21%). However, Muslims were             Muslims that integration in Scotland      group holds 'anti-terrorism' summer
Muslims than in England                   viewed less favourably than any of       was largely one-way – with Muslims        campVia the Guardian:After a modest
 Via BBC:                                 the other religious groups asked         making the effort to adapt to Scottish    breakfast came the first choice of the
 Integration is easier for Muslims in     about.                                   life.                                     day: to take part in sporting activities
Scotland than in England, new              The survey, carried out by Ipsos         However, among non-Muslim Scots,         ranging from five-a-side football t...
research has suggested.                   Mori, also found that 46% of those       the dominant view was that that           • UK: Police attend Friday prayers
 The poll, for the British Council        questioned think that Muslims living     Muslims have to make more of an           UK: Police attend Friday prayersVia
Scotland, also found six out of 10        in Scotland were loyal to the country    effort to interact and should             Halesowen News:POLICE officers
Scots believed Muslims were               while 33% thought they were not.         completely adopt Scottish customs.        took off their size nines and observed
integrated into everyday Scottish life.    A total of 66% of Scots thought the     ( more)                                   Friday prayers at a Cradley Heath
 However, it also found that Scots        attempted bombing of Glasgow              Hija del Zion para Israel Support        mosque to build better community
have a less favourable opinion of         Airport in July 2007 had made people     Israel                                    relations. Sergeant Colin ...
Muslims than other religious groups.      in Scotland less tolerant of Muslims,    • Manchester: Mall introduces squat
 And those who responded felt one of      while 48% thought Scotland would         toilets Manchester: Mall introduces       Original post source
the barriers to adapting to Scottish      begin to lose its identity if more       squat toiletsVia Daily Mail: From
life was the country’s drinking           Muslims came to live there.              next week, shoppers in Rochdale
culture.                                   Most of the 1,006 respondents, both     who push open the cubicle door
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Ehud Barak accepts responsibility for Gaza
flotilla raid
by Harriet Sherwood (Hija del               The military did not inform               aspects.”                                 • Palestinian territories
Zion para Israel - Daughter of            politicians about the details of the         A draft of the operational plan was      • Binyamin Netanyahu
Zion for Israel)                          operational plan, said Barak. “They         presented to the seven senior
                                          said, ‘It will be difficult to do it, but   ministers. It covered intelligence         Harriet Sherwood
Submitted at 8/10/2010 6:27:37 AM         we will do it.’ They did not say how        assessments and a range of possible© Guardian News &
 Israeli defence minister tells inquiry   it should be done, and rightfully so.       outcomes, including “extreme              Media Limited 2010 | Use of this
military were to blame for execution      They said there would be distressing        scenarios”, according to Barak.           content is subject to our Terms &
of operation which left nine activists    images but they did not say it              “A question was raised of what            Conditions| More Feeds
dead                                      couldn’t be done, and they even said        should be done in case of serious          Hija del Zion para Israel Support
 Israel’s defence minister Ehud Barak     the opposite.”                              violence and shooting of RPG [rocket      Israel
today said he took “overall”               He added: “If the decision was right,      -propelled grenades] and machine          • Gaza flotilla raid inquiry calls
responsibility for the deadly raid on     then the gap between what we wanted         guns and firing on our forces in the      Binyamin Netanyahu as first witness
the Gaza aid flotilla which resulted in   and what happened is the execution.”        sea. We didn’t reach that discussion,”    Israeli leader testifies before
the deaths of nine Turkish activists.      Barak, who has a long record of            he said.                                  investigation into deadly attack on aid
However, he pointed the finger of         military service, told the hearing he        The five-strong Turkel commission        convoy in which nine activists were
blame at the military for the             had spent most of his life in               will hear evidence from Israel’s chief    killedBinyamin Netanyahu today told
execution of the internationally          operations. “The difference between         of staff, Lieutenant-General Gabi         an inquiry into the naval raid on a
condemned operation.                      success and complications is as thin        Ashkenazi, tomorrow.                      Gaza aid flotilla th...
 Giving evidence on the second day        as a strand of hair. Here, the goal of       Many commentators in the Israeli         • Gilad Shalit freedom march reaches
of hearings held by the Turkel            stopping the sail was achieved.”            press were critical of Netanyahu’s        Jerusalem Tens of thousands
commission, the state-appointed            Barak said Israel’s inner cabinet had      performance at the hearings               expected at rally after 12-day march
panel investigating the operation,        considered the military aspects of the      yesterday, accusing him of lack of        calling on Israel to secure release
Barak said: “I carry overall              operation. This was in contrast to          leadership.                               from Hamas with prisoner swapTens
responsibility for everything that took   prime minister Binyamin                      Nahum Barnea, a columnist for the        of thousands of Israelis are expected
place in the systems under my             Netanyahu’s testimony yesterday, in         mass circulation daily Yedioth            to rally in a Jerusalem park later to...
command. I carry responsibility for       which he said his inner cabinet,            Ahronoth, said the prime minister had     • Israel to ease Gaza blockade•
the orders given on the political         known as the group of seven, had            shrugged off his responsibility.          Human rights groups say new
level.”                                   only discussed public relations issues.     “[Netanyahu's] responsibility should      measures do not go far enough•
  However, he drew a distinction            According to Barak, the group,            have been shouldered fully and that       Construction materials among
between political responsibility and      which met in the days running up to         should have been flaunted publicly …      products to be allowed inIsrael will
the execution of the operation. “The      the flotilla’s arrival in international     Leadership should have been shown.”       ease much of its land blockade on the
politicians determined the ‘what’ and     waters off the coast of Gaza,               • Gaza flotilla                           Gaza Strip, hoping to stop growing ...
the IDF [Israel Defence Forces]           examined the overall situation and the      • Israel
worked out the ‘how’ – and the IDF        dilemmas, “not only with the media          • Gaza                                    Original post source
carried out the operation.”               aspects … but also with the military        • Middle East

                                                                                                                                Part 4: "Kabbalah
Livni to testify in front of Turkel                                                                                             today" – A Lesson
Commission?                                                                                                                     on current events
                                                                                                                                by Bnei-Baruch (Hija del Zion
by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del                                                        • Purple Jewish Star Of David
Zion para Israel - Daughter of                                                        Pewter Pendant Necklace Product           para Israel - Daughter of Zion
Zion for Israel)                                                                      DescriptionThis piece is a brand new      for Israel)
                                                                                      fine crafted pewter pendant necklace.     Submitted at 8/10/2010 4:48:34 AM
Submitted at 8/10/2010 4:05:00 AM                                                     It is made from the highest quality
 Livni to testify in front of Turkel                                                  100% pewter inside and out. Nickle-         Lecturer: Rav Michael Laitman
Commission? Former Foreign                                                            free. Comes ready to wear with a          Date: 2010-08-10
Minister and current opposition                                                       jewelr...                                  Audio: ENG 10.21MB
leader Tzipi Livni has asked to testify                                               • Israel’s Gaza blockade targets            Hija del Zion para Israel Support
in front of the Turkel Commission,                                                    Hamas while citizens suffer Blockade      Israel
which is investigating the Mavi           addressed by Prime Minister                 was imposed in June 2007 to hold          •    Terezin Cantata Concert:
Marmara incident.                         Binyamin Netanyahu in his testimony         Hamas accountable for rocket attacks,     Remembering the Holocaust On 11
 Opposition Leader Tzipi Livni wrote      on Monday.                                  and has crippled Gazan economyThe         April 2010, the day of Yom Hashoah,
a letter to retired justice Jacob          Livni associates said, “In contrast to     aid flotilla attacked by Israeli troops   the Permanent Republic of the Czech
Tuerkel on Monday, in which she           Netanyahu, who proved today that he         today was trying to break the naval       Republic to the United Nations
asked to testify, of her own volition,    removes all responsibility from             blockade o...                             celebrated and honored the memories
before the judge’s panel investigating    himself and throws it at others af the      • Rabash, Shlavei Hasulam, Article        of the victims and surv...
Israel’s interception of a Turkish        moment of truth, Livni takes                16, 1986 Lecturer: Rav Michael            • Shocker: Iran’s latest response to
flotilla trying to break the naval        responsibility and wishes to appear         LaitmanDate: 2010-05-14Video:             world powers on nuke program “falls
blockade of Gaza on May 31st. The         before the committee.”                      ENG 112.78MB Audio: ENG                   short” Shocker: Iran's latest response
former foreign minister and acting         And I’m sure that Livni’s intentions       20.1MB ...                                to world powers on nuke program
prime minister said she wanted to         are pure as the driven snow….                                                         " f a l l s            s h o r t "
present the committee what she called      posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 2:05         Original post source                      . . .
all of the diplomatic and defense         PM                                                                                    • How the IDF screens for security
perspectives that led to the closure of    Hija del Zion para Israel Support                                                    clearance How the IDF screens for
Gaza which were not properly              Israel                                                                                s e c u r i t y     c l e a r a n c e
                                                                                                                                Thanks to Aviv S who answered my
                                                                                                                                question about how the IDF screens
                                                                                                                                for security clearance. The short ...

                                                                                                                                Original post source
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                                                                                                                             Summer fun in the
Performing at a synagogue in                                                                                                 World’s largest
Tunisia is not without consequences                                                                                          concentration camp
                                                                                                                             by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del
by Suzanne (Hija del Zion para           nothing to do with anti-Semitism….        • Taliban kill 35 in Kandahar             Zion para Israel - Daughter of
Israel - Daughter of Zion for            right?                                    bombings, call it a “warning” to U.S.     Zion for Israel)
Israel)                                   Anti-Israeli sentiment in Tunisia –      Taliban kill 35 in Kandahar
                                         especially in cultural and artistic       bombings, call it a "warning" to U.S.     Submitted at 8/10/2010 1:44:00 AM
Submitted at 8/10/2010 1:36:00 AM        circles – was already running high        ...                                        Summer fun in the World’s largest
 The popular Tunisian singer Saleem      following the emergence of another        • Israel News by merdi Obituary:          concentration camp Here’s a Channel
Bakkoush has been forced to cancel a     remarkable tape.                          Israel Theo Hicks / Director who was      10 video report on Gaza’s new water
concert at the annual Carthage            It showed another popular singer,        'a great interpreter of the August        park and luxury restaurant. I hope
festival, after a video surfaced         Mohsen El Sharif, performing at the       Wilson canon' Israel Theo Hicks, the      you can take watching the ‘poor
showing him performing at a              wedding of a Jewish couple of             stage director thought to be the first    Palestinians’ suffer.
synagogue.                               Tunisian origin in Israel.                to direct all 10 of August Wil...          Let’s go to the videotape (Hat Tip:
 Mr Bakkoush accused his rivals of        What angered people most in Tunisia      • Beth Israel chief apologizes for        Elder of Ziyon)
publishing the tape to tarnish his       was Mr El Sharif’s readiness to           relationship with employee By Liz          Aren’t you glad that millions of your
reputation.                              please the Israeli public by shouting     Kowalczyk, Globe Staff Paul Levy,         tax dollars are going to help these
 Tunisia is one of only two Arab         “Long Live Netanyahu”, referring to       chief executive of Beth Israel            poor people survive?
states with a sizeable Jewish            the Israeli prime minister.               Deaconess Medical Center, said             posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 11:44
community.                                He later tried to defend his action by   today that for years senior staff and     AM
  But pro-Palestinian sentiments         saying that he thought that was the       board members warne...       ...           Hija del Zion para Israel Support
remain strong and the country has no     bridegroom’s name.                                                                  Israel
diplomatic ties with Israel.              Hija del Zion para Israel Support                                                  • Wooden Dreidels Product
 It’s merely anti-zionism of course…     Israel                                                                              DescriptionSize: 2-3/4" x 1". Comes
                                                                                                                             preassembled and unfinished.

Court rejects attempt to stop                                                                                                Decorating materials not included.
                                                                                                                             Pack of 24.... More >> Wooden
                                                                                                                             Dreidels ...

destruction of fake graves                                                                                                   • HRW again makes baseless claims
                                                                                                                             against Israel In Human Rights
                                                                                                                             Watch's latest press release, the
by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del                                                      Hija del Zion para Israel Support
Zion para Israel - Daughter of                                                                                               organization claims that Israel is not
Zion for Israel)                                                                                                             conducting "thorough and impartial
                                                                                   • The Merciful One The Merciful
                                                                                                                             investigations" concerning Operation
Submitted at 8/10/2010 3:55:00 AM                                                                                            Cast Lead.While the military is
                                                                                   • Did Reuters do it again? Here's
  Court rejects attempt to stop                                                                                              conduct...
                                                                                   another photo of a "peace activist"
destruction of fake graves I’ve                                                                                              • Erran Baron Cohen – “Dreidel”
                                                                                   aboard the Mavi Marmara and its
discussed the fake graves being                                                                                              (feat. Jules Brookes & Y-Love) New
                                                                                   Reuters caption: A pro-Palestinian
installed by Muslims in Jerusalem’s                                                                                          LineRecords Like this video? Come
                                                                                   activist holds a bottle on board the
Mamilla cemetery several times, most                                                                                         see thousands more at the Net's
                                                                                   Gaza-bound Turkish ship Mavi
recently here. On Monday, an Israeli                                                                                         biggest, uncensored, completely diy
                                         site, but the application was denied.     Marmara in the internati...
court rejected an attempt by the                                                                                             punk, hardcore, indie and alternative
                                         The fabricated nature of the graves       • The Interlinear Bible, Hebrew-
Muslim Waqf to stop the fake graves’                                                                                         music video site, blankt...
                                         was uncovered by Arutz Sheva.             Greek-English Product
destruction.                              The city recognized the legitimate       DescriptionThe only complete
 The Jerusalem Magistrates Court                                                                                             Original post source
                                         ancient Muslim graves on the site but     interlinear Bible available in English-
prevented an attempt by the Waqf         said it would reinforce the site and      and it's keyed to Strong's Exhaustive
Muslim authority on Monday to            not let outside entities to operate       Concordance! Thousands of pastors,
expand the Muslim graveyard next to      there.                                    students, and laypeople have found
Independence Park (Gan                    Anyone want to bet how long it will      the Interlin...
Ha’atzmaut), not far from the Old        take before this comes up at the UN
City of Jerusalem. The Waqf applied      ‘Human Rights Council?’                   Original post source
for a restraining order to stop the       posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 1:55
Jerusalem municipality from              PM
removing fabricated graves from the

Yad Vashem Comment Following Reports of a
Fire in Majdanek
by Yad Vashem (Hija del Zion             important site, including valuable        • Israeli Soldiers Board ‘Rachel          plotting suicide attack on military
para Israel - Daughter of Zion           artifacts had been damaged or             Corrie’ Blockade Breaker Boat;            b            a           s        e
for Israel)                              destroyed. According to the Museum,       Arrest Leftist & Islamist Passengers      .          .           .
                                         some 10,000 shoes from victims of         Israeli Soldiers Board ‘Rachel Corrie’    • US-Israeli relations: White house
Submitted at 8/10/2010 5:11:00 AM        Majdanek were destroyed during the        Blockade Breaker Boat; Arrest Leftist     sets out demands to Netanyahu
 Following reports this morning that a   fire. “The damage to these                & Islamist Passengersby                   Pressure mounts on Barack Obama as
barracks at the Majdanek camp was        irreplaceable items is a loss to a site   sheikyermami on June 5,                   Jerusalem homes plan shatters talks
seriously damaged by fire last night,    that has such historical value to         2010Gateway PunditIsreali soldiers        hopeTV show host Jay Leno made a
Yad Vashem Chairman Avner Shalev         Europe, Poland and the Jewish             boarded the ‘Rachel Corrie’ Gaza          cruel joke last week that will have
spoke to Majdanek Museum Director        people,” said Shalev after his            aid...                                    hurt the White House more than a
Tomasz Kranz and expressed his           conversation with Kranz. The cause        • Kenyan police pursuing Somali-          hundred critical comment pi...
support.                                 of the fire is not yet known, and all     born Australian national suspected of
 Shalev offered assistance to the        possibilities are being investigated.     plotting suicide attack on military       Original post source
Majdanek Museum, and expressed            Hija del Zion para Israel Support        base Kenyan police pursuing Somali-
his deep sorrow that such an             Israel                                    born Australian national suspected of
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Stoning 101 (Slate)
by Elder of Ziyon (Hija del Zion          the judge, then everyone                   apologises for timing of statement,
para Israel - Daughter of Zion            else—generally other court officials       but not for the plan itself – to build
for Israel)                               and security forces. Stones must be of     1,600 homes on occupied Palestinian
                                          medium size, according to the penal        landIsrael apologised to Joe Biden
Submitted at 8/10/2010 5:25:00 AM         code: Not so big that one or two           today for announcing a plan to build
 Slate has a helpful article on what      could kill the person, but not so small    1,600 ho...
exactly is involved when women            that you would call it a pebble. In        • The Book of Zohar – Selections,
adulterers are stoned in Iran. Sort of    other words, about the size of a           chapter Bo, item 169, lesson 10
like a “Stoning for Dhimmis.”             tangerine. The whole process takes         (evening lesson) Lecturer: Rav
 First, you get buried. Iran’s Islamic    less than an hour.                         Michael LaitmanDate: 2010-01-
Penal Code states that men convicted       Something to think about the next         29Text: ENG 0.28MB...
of adultery are to be buried in the       time Ahmadinejad declares that             • Part 1: The Book of Zohar –
ground up to their waists; women, up      Iranians have superior human rights        Selections, chapter “Chayei Sarah”,
to their chests. If the conviction is     to Westerners.                             item 154, lesson 6 Lecturer: Rav
based on the prisoner’s confession,       (h/t Israeligirl)                          Michael LaitmanDate: 2010-03-
the law says, the presiding judge casts    Hija del Zion para Israel Support         11Audio: ENG 13.41MB ...
the first stone. If the conviction is     Israel
based on witness testimony, the           • Israel sorry for announcing homes        Original post source
witnesses throw the first stones, then    plan during Biden visit Minister

BBC podcast on the                                                                   Lebanon charges
Mossad                                                                               politician with spying
by Carl in Jerusalem (Hija del            "targeted citizen" ...
Zion para Israel - Daughter of
Zion for Israel)
                                          • The loyal puppy dog The loyal
                                          p u p p y                 d o g
                                                                                     for Israel
                                          Congressman Gary Ackerman (D-              by israel (Hija del Zion para
Submitted at 8/10/2010 2:50:00 AM         NY) rips opponents of 'engagement'         Israel - Daughter of Zion for
 BBC podcast on the Mossad There’s        with Syria. “Appeasement!                  Israel)
an interesting BBC podcast on the         Appeasement!” they cry, attempting
history of the Mossad here (Hat Tip:      ...                                        Submitted at 8/10/2010 4:23:00 AM

Martin Kramer).                           • Daily Jewish Prayer & Submission          BEIRUT (Reuters) – A Lebanese
 posted by Carl in Jerusalem @ 12:50      – ?????? ?????? ???? EARLIER               military prosecutor charged on
PM                                        COMMENTS TO THE VIDEO ARE                  Tuesday a Christian party member
 Hija del Zion para Israel Support        VERY INFORMATIONAL,                        who was formerly an army general
Israel                                    C H E C K ' E M           O U T .          with spying for Israel, the first…
• The plight of Israel’s ‘targeted According to            Hija del Zion para Israel Support
citizens’ | Rachel Shabi A new            Talmudic law and the shita of              Israel
documentary examines the many             Rambam (Maimonides) and his son            • Abu Mazen: ‘There is no difference
ways Arabs are discriminated against      R' Ab...                                   between us and Hamas Abu Mazen:
by the government and Israeli                                                        'There is no difference between us
societyOf all the myriad tags used to     Original post source                       and Hamas                       Elder of   classified information while w...
define Israel's Palestinian population,                                              Ziyon posts a Google translation of        • The best hotels in Berlin
                                                                                     the interview (in Arabic - the only        Sightseeing optionsBerlin combines

How Does Stoning                                                                     way the...
                                                                                     • Solomonia: Leftist Israeli-
                                                                                     American Lawyer Loses Law License
                                                                                                                                old world charm with modern
                                                                                                                                aesthetics. You will find beautiful
                                                                                                                                baroque inspired styled buildings,

Work in Iran?                                                                        It's official, Shamai Leibowitz has
                                                                                     lost his license to practice law in New
                                                                                     York: Lawyer Who Disclosed
                                                                                                                                fantastic architecture and many
                                                                                                                                artistic and cult...

by Roni (Hija del Zion para               taken on 2007-12-16 17:48:44 by            Classified FBI Information Is              Original post source
Israel - Daughter of Zion for             macinate....                               Suspended An attorney who disclosed
Israel)                                   • ????? ???”? (?? ?????) 7 2/3
                                          Messiah in the Tanach G Israel Harel
Submitted at 8/10/2010 4:36:23 AM         explains how Yeshua (Jesus) has
 How Does Stoning Work in Iran?           fulfilled the prophecies in the
Brazil has offered asylum to Sakineh      TANACH ????? ???? ????? ??? ????
Ashtiani, an Iranian woman who was        ???? ?? ?????? ???"? ?? ?????...
convicted of adultery in 2006 and         • Memory and Hope: Plans for new
sentenced to death by stoning.            Bilingual Holocaust Museum in
Ashtiani still faces the death penalty.   Hollywood, FL Posted by Ann
When stoning happen, how do they          Rabinowitz         The Holocaust
work? First, you get buried, then         Documentation and Education Center
stoned by the witnesses and judges in     With South Florida having one of the
your case. Stones must be of medium       largest Jewish populations in
size.            America, it is not surprising that there
2262540/pagenum/all/                      have been sev...
 Hija del Zion para Israel Support
Israel                                    Original post source
• Jewish wedding just finished Image
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Israel Won’t Allow UN Israel weighed all
Panel to Question     options in Gaza boat
Soldiers              raid: defense minister
by israel (Hija del Zion para                                                     by israel (Hija del Zion para
Israel - Daughter of Zion for                                                     Israel - Daughter of Zion for
Israel)                                                                           Israel)
Submitted at 8/10/2010 3:02:00 AM                                                 Submitted at 8/10/2010 4:03:00 AM

 By Calev Ben-David and Peter S.                                                   JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel
Green Aug. 10 (Bloomberg) —                                                       exhausted all other options before
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin                                                   carrying out its deadly raid on a
Netanyahu said Israel wouldn’t                                                    Turkish aid flotilla enroute to the
cooperate with a United Nations                                                   blockaded Gaza Strip, Defe…
prob…                                                                              Hija del Zion para Israel Support
 Hija del Zion para Israel Support                                                Israel
Israel                                                                            • Online publications of the
• Excerpts from the Daily Kabbalah                                                Steinheim Institute, Leipzig (German)
Lesson Lecturer: Rav Michael                                                      From May 2009 two titles edited by
LaitmanDate: 2010-05-24Video:             Knesset For those not aware, the        the Salomon Ludwig Steinheim            • Telegraph recycles Gaza war photo
flash: ENG 4.29MB ENG 4.05MB ...          Israeli Knesset has a reputation as a   Institute (Leipzig) will be published   to distort today’s reality Telegraph
• Part 3: Introduction to The Study of    place for bare-knuckle political        online:1) Die rheinischen Juden im      recycles Gaza war photo to distort
the Ten Sefirot (Rav Yehuda Ashlag),      brawling. But deliberations today, I    Mittelalter2) Jüdische Friedhöfe in     t o d a y ' s         r e a l i t y
Item 37, Lesson 12 Lecturer: Rav          think descended even farther below      Deutschland – Eine Einführu...          . . .
Michael LaitmanDate: 2010-06-             the normal level of scream...           • Rosh Hashanah and Peace Plan
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• Israeli Palestinian MK Assaulted in

Israel solely
responsible for convoy
deaths: Turkey
by israel (Hija del Zion para
Israel - Daughter of Zion for
Submitted at 8/10/2010 5:23:00 AM

 ISTANBUL (Reuters) – Israel
should admit sole responsibility for
the killing of nine activists during a
raid on a Gaza aid flotilla, Turkey’s
Foreign Minister A…
 Hija del Zion para Israel Support
• And Your Friends, Bibi, They Treat
You Like a Pest Gershom Gorenberg
My new article on our prime
minister’s disastrous trip to             Holocaust, Ann Frank, Ann Frank
Washington is up at The American          Diary, Jew, DVD, Movie,Jewish,
Prospect. Mr. Netanyahu wanted            Israel, Yad Vashem, Zionism, Nazi,
badly to go to Washington. He             Nazis, WWII, World War II, Europe,
wanted to warm himself...                 JewishRefugees, Hitler, Holland, N...
• Israel holiday UK to isreal/jordan...
• Anne Frank’s Diary & The Jewish         Original post source
Holocauset and “Yad Vashem” Anne
Franks Diary, Anne Frank,

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