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									Jack Ma, Alibaba 10th anniversary celebration of the speech presentation Alibaba

 Alibaba anniversary speech

  News on the 10th, Alibaba.com held today, marking the 10th anniversary party,
Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma attended and gave a speech. In his address he recalled the
10-year history of Alibaba, and a blueprint for the next 10 years were reviewed.
  The following is the speech Record:
  Ma: Thank you, I have not been recovered earlier in the show, never thought that
they could people stadium performances, before this, at least the tension 10 days, but
refuses to show two minutes down the performance of all finished down just Alibaba
executives are especially sorry, we only have so little time, so an excited we had a
long chat later, I need to keep up with Alibaba years of experience to share.
  was prepared tonight, I probably ten years, ten years ago I imagined, ten years later,
how will I speak to our staff, how to speak to our customers, how to speak to my
friends, lyrically ? More recently, from the tenth anniversary of the time, my heart
more and more excited, more and wish to make, but in the past few days, I actually
can not sleep at night because I do not know what do I want to. Just before they come
to see so many people Alibaba, Alibaba so many friends, I actually do not need to talk
about the past ten years all of Alibaba's behavior has told us, thank you!
  decade ago, in my family, my other 17 colleagues, we describe a diagram, how
would we think that China's Internet development, how would the Chinese
e-commerce development, we talked for two hours From then on embarked on this
road. Ten down, there is no reason why we will survive, there are numerous reasons,
numerous ups and downs, countless situations make Alibaba depressed, or even
disappear in the Internet world. Also ask ourselves what we survived, and more and
more powerful. I believe our people are not the strongest, and I have seen many, many
people than we Alibaba young people today stronger than a decade ago, we are not the
most diligent, there are many more diligent than we people, we are certainly not the
most clever, because the people are really smarter than we are. So what made us
survive? Let us adhere to go now? Today I should like to Alibaba all of us who, with
all our friends and family to share Alibaba. I think we are very fortunate, we are lucky
to live in this era, we are lucky to live in this Internet age, we are lucky to live in
China. So I say, from the first day of play now, Alibaba has been filled with gratitude,
to thank the people very much.
  I think I would first like to thank my 17 colleagues, 17 entrepreneurs, not they trust
me, no matter what happens, they always stood firmly behind me. I also thank all of
the Alibaba colleagues here, is your strong spirit so that we come to today, thank you.
  I thank all of Alibaba's customers, they help us dream of success Alibaba. I
remember 9 years ago was that Alibaba's business model, providing services like
Alibaba to a million tons of the tanker carried to the Himalayas. I want to thank the
families here Alibaba Without your support, Alibaba's people can not continue on to
the night every night till 11 o'clock, 12 o'clock or even two, three, to a little program,
in order to a problem for a customer, struggling day and night, thank you. Of course, I
also thank our investors, without their trust we will not go today, I would like to thank
the many of my friends, these friends include many government officials, today we
had a good many Alibaba friends, many friends of government officials, they were not
just government officials, they are our friends, their e-commerce trust, the trust of
Alibaba, the confidence of small and medium enterprises in China, I am sincerely
grateful to them.
  I think would like to thank many people, these days I think a lot of people to thank,
so many people to be grateful, including taxi drivers in Hangzhou, Hangzhou West
Lake on the rowing boatmen, without their support, no They help keep publicity
Alibaba, Hangzhou, people do not support us, we would not have today. So grateful is
the heart always remember Alibaba decades to do. I remember nine years ago, 100
employees in Alibaba, said the General Assembly, I hope Alibaba become the pride of
Hangzhou, Hangzhou, I hope people are willing to put their children to their
boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife sent to our company, so our company growing,
not only become the pride of Hangzhou, Zhejiang, proud, even as China's pride and
the pride of the world. Today, we are just beginning, behind the road is still very long.
  I also believe that regardless of any reason, we survived, but we still have 92 years to
go, these 92 years, Why should we continue to be a decade before Alibaba is only two
products, the first product is our people, the second product is our customer. I think
here would like to share a few things in the next decade, something must be adhered
to Alibaba. Alibaba is the first mission driven, values-driven company, more than 8
years Alibaba assessment values for each quarter, every quarter, every month on her
own sense of mission, everyone is on their own sense of mission insisted. Some
people say that Alibaba was founded by idealistic company, I still feel that Alibaba is
full of idealism and realism full of company, Alibaba is not the ideal can not go now.
We will always be home the next decade the company of idealism, of course, will
certainly down to earth, full of realism, if you do not do any bits and pieces of things,
I believe that we will not live up to now, we will always adhere to customer first,
employees Second, shareholders third. Wall Street investors to curse us all right, we
insist on our customers first, employees second, shareholders third.
  we insist on focus, we focus on e-commerce, we focus on the first decade of
e-commerce, after the decade of focus on e-commerce, we focus on SMEs in the first
decade of the next decade we focus on SMEs, because only focus on small and
medium enterprise, focus on e-commerce, to make our long-term, because SMEs need
us, because the Chinese e-commerce and global e-commerce needs us. Today, the
tenth anniversary of Alibaba, to see everyone's passion, I have never been so worried,
because today is a stage before the end of ten years, 92 years later we are just
beginning. From last night to this morning, we received 18 Ali, founder of the
resignation letter, all of our founders of 18 people quit their jobs, because we know
that, starting from September 11, Alibaba will enter a new times, into the partner's age,
we do not want to carry his 18 personal honor to fight, we will sleep tonight, the most
delicious one night, because we do not need to say tonight because I am the founder, I
must be more efforts, because today we quit founder, tomorrow morning we will
continue to candidates, job Alibaba, Alibaba again we want to accept us, with any
ordinary employees, our past are all zeros, the next decade we scratch.
 indeed, received the 18 founders of the resignation letter, that they were sincere
about it, I was very moved, I will share in the company on-line open every letter of
resignation. Alibaba and the tenth anniversary of everyone else, concerned about the
great changes in the world, the Internet's development, globalization, financial crisis,
the world economy has undergone great changes, we have seen three-minute video,
milk, atmospheric warming, all the problems, dramatic changes in the world. I think
this world is calling for a new commercial civilization, the old commercial enterprise
of civilization is the era of their own as the center, profit center, to create the most
valuable and hope to get more profits rather than their own community center, the
community needs is the 21st century we need new business enterprises in the next
civilization in the new environment the following, how the relationship between
social, environmental relations, human relations, customer relations, re-thinking . Past
couple of years, entangled Alibaba's management is how to get the next ten years we
Alibaba, we need to become what kind of company. I do not think we want to be what
kind of company, but the world needs what kind of company we need in the 21st
century concept of the 21st century company, we hope to know how to open and
know how to share and know how to global company I believe the reason for the
development of the Internet so fast, because the Internet know how to open and know
how to share, understand the responsibility that the eyes of the world today, any
business, if want to live well in the 21st century, we must learn to open, sharing,
responsibility, Globalization, Alibaba is to become such a company.
 more world does not need an Internet company, the world does not need more one
would like to make money as a company Alibaba, the world does not need a lasting
experience of the company, the world needs is a more open, more sharing, more
responsibility, the community needs a community-oriented enterprises, and from the
community, service to society, full responsibility for the future of social responsibility
of business, the world needs is a spirit, a culture, a belief, a dream . Ali, who adhere to
our belief the next decade, stick to our culture, adhere to our dreams. Only a dream,
philosophy, mission, value system to let us goes far.
 We hope that Ali's efforts, we can let the Internet, through e-commerce, focused on
small businesses, so that all firms in the world equal and efficient platform operation,
we look forward to years later, in China this land, private enterprise and no longer see
the distinction between state-owned enterprises, we only see a credit management
company, we do not want to see foreign companies, domestic enterprises were, we
just want to see honesty business, we do not want to see big differences between
enterprises and small businesses, we only want to see the integrity of business
operation. We hope to see business is no longer a symbol of greed, we would like to
see is no longer in pursuit of corporate profits for the purpose, and the pursuit of
social benefits, the pursuit of social justice, improving the social and efficiency, we
want to see themselves as entrepreneurs, as a businessman, which in this society, we
bear the politicians, artists, architects, like the responsibility, to become the major
driving force for social development one.
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