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									In the speech on the Opening Ceremony speech trade

  speech ceremony economic 五十
  respected leader, teacher, dear students:
  great honor, in this beautiful season and you meet the green, picturesque garden and
trade, and to share with you the joy of harvest.
  We are very excited to his or her own efforts to stand out from the competition, we
are a proud, to the highest institution in the country to foreign-related economic
studies. Fifty years ago, foreign trade university, "erudite, honest, Exploring, Dusing,"
and trained under the direction of becoming a location to enjoy a high reputation at
home and abroad universities. Fifty years ago, she bid farewell to the group after
group of students, training for the motherland, tens of thousands of trade professionals
in their respective positions on a backbone of the country. Into the new millennium,
the two schools merged, the economic and trade park is undergoing a huge change:
after the trade dress, such as West Lake Park, as beautiful, five years of cultural
accumulation gushing out new life, reforms and trade garden glow with youthful
breath ... ... All this fascinated us and inspired us.
  I believe we have been sitting in most people, "navigation", "set sail", "pilot" of the
guidelines, have tasted the hard day and night, studying hard, and even had to give up
wandering at the edge, and finally overcome a loss and frustration, Hui Park, firmly
set foot on this fertile soil! Here is what we long for the book Lin Hanhai, there we
look forward to the academic Hongru, we aspire to develop a more enterprising and
innovative spirit!
  Ebb Tide, Fang was gold character; storm crossed, even more towering pine! After
Kaoyan temper of us sharpen our after work, more mature, steady and confident. Now,
in this post-graduate new starting point, our heart is full of anticipation: looking
forward to more opportunities and challenges, looking forward to make all our people
look forward to more fruitful years in the next three years We must strive to
consolidate the knowledge structure, studying theoretical content, rich experience,
more intense competition in the future in the wind and waves, son of the economic
and trade show style!
  Thank you!
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