Trip to Savannah Georgia by iwj36622


									Volume 4, Issue 3 - March 2010

         Floral Supplies, Home Decor Products, Unique Rocks and Huge Huge Pots

Trip to Savannah Georgia
        Savannah is the main port of entry when AAA Imports re-
ceives our ocean freight containers. I have passed Savannah many
times during business trips but I was never able to visit. However,
this time I was finally able to visit and twice for that matter.
        On our visit I learned a lot about this historic city and I be-
came fascinated with its tree-filled squares, myriad of architecture
styles and rich culture. Savannah was founded and established in
1733 by James Edward Oglethorpe. It is famous for its park-like
squares which is surrounded by genteel homes, stately churches
and intriguing shops and galleries. There are a variety of architec-
tural styles in Savannah including Federal, English Regency, Greek
Revival, Gothic Revival, Italianate, Romanesque Revival and Queen
        During the first trip, the family and I took a trolley tour of the
city which included a tour guide that gave us an interesting and
detailed history of Savannah. But since we did not have time to
stop at each of the historic areas to take pictures, we went back two
days later. The whole family had fun in this fantastic little city and we
were able to take great pictures. In the future, we hope to learn more
about the historic and mysterious Savannah. Bob
Spring Specials: Ocean Life
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                                                                                                                                    excerpted from

"St. Patrick's Colcannon" by Debs
This is an 'Irish' way to deal with the leftover corned beef after the American corned beef and cabbage feast.

• 3 pounds red potatoes, quartered               Prep: 30 minutes
• 1 head cabbage, cored and shredded            Cook: 25 minutes
• 2 tablespoons butter                          Servings: 8
• 1/2 cup butter
• 1 teaspoon minced garlic
• 4 green onions, sliced, white parts and tops separated white pepper to taste
• 1 1/4 cups hot milk
• 1 pound leftover corned beef, cut into pieces and warmed

1. Place potatoes in a large saucepan and add water to cover by 1-inch. Bring to a boil over high heat, then
   reduce heat to medium-low, cover, and simmer until tender, about 20 minutes.
2. Meanwhile, bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Stir in cabbage along with 2 tablespoons of butter;
   cover, and simmer until the cabbage has softened. Drain.
3. Melt 1/2-cup butter over medium heat. Stir in garlic and the white parts of the green onions. Cook until the garlic has softened and mellowed.
4. Drain the potatoes and mash with white pepper to taste. Fold in melted butter, milk, cabbage, and corned beef. Sprinkle with green onion tops to serve.

                                  E   O   F   V   R   L   N    T   T   R   U     K   R   S   A   G   H   U   G   R
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                                  N   R   O   V   O   I   L    G   T   F   N     T   S   M   L   O   M   B   H   W
                                  G   R   E   W   E   S   L    I   R   T   A     E   O   P   P   A   T   C   H   O
                                  L   S   E   P   Q   S   L    I   R   E   E     Q   W   K   G   H   X   S   C   R
                                  Y   R   P   U   P   L   T    A   T   D   E     I   I   I   R   O   L   P   H   C
                                  S   Z   A   P   E   E   I    A   S   R   U     N   M   N   O   S   E   R   L   E
                                  L   S   L   R   N   N   P    S   O   M   E     N   T   S   W   E   V   I   R   R
                                  H   I   B   D   C   O   M    P   O   S   T     F   A   H   X   T   O   N   E   A
                                  B   E   O   W   O   R   R    A   B   L   E     E   H   W   U   C   H   K   B   C
                                  R   S   X   S   N   V   E    G   E   T   A     B   L   E   S   M   S   L   M   S
                                  E   O   F   D   P   H   C    M   O   X   H     K   E   W   R   Q   B   E   U   W
                                  H   R   B   I   R   O   C    A   H   Y   E     Y   I   L   P   E   W   R   C   E
                                  F   P   F   R   T   K   T    N   Z   T   H     G   U   O   R   D   T   S   U   E
                                  U   K   K   T   W   M   U    U   W   K   T     L   S   C   E   F   E   A   C   D
                                  D   S   M   E   C   S   Z    R   Q   R   Q     L   R   G   O   G   O   H   W   S
                                  Q   Y   Q   D   R   A   R    E   T   I   B     B   A   R   U   R   H   X   V   D
                                  D   R   A   H   C   R   O    X   U   H   X     C   U   D   M   B   N   V   B   E

                             BUGS                     GROW                 PEPPERS               SHOVEL
                             COMPOST                  HARVEST              PLANT                 SPRINKLER
                             CORN                     HERB                 PUMPKINS              SQUASH
                             CUCUMBER                 HOE                  RABBIT                TOMATO
                             DIRT                     HOSE                 RAIN                  TOPSOIL
                             DROUGHT                  MANURE               ROSE                  VEGETABLES
                             FERTILIZER               MULCH                ROTOTILLER            WATER
                             FLOWERS                  ORCHARD              SCARECROW             WEEDS
                             GREENTHUMB               PATCH                SEEDS                 WHEELBARROW
                                                                                                                          Savannah, Georgia
Florist of the Month:
Blossom Bokay Florist Inc
         Blossom Bokay Florist Inc. has been proudly serv-
ing the Deltona area since 1987. We are a family owned and
operated full service Florist. We are committed to providing
only the finest and freshest floral arrangements, backed
by service that is friendly and prompt. Because all of our
customers are important to us, we are dedicated to make
your buying experience a pleasant and memorable one. So
whether you are ordering a simple bouquet or planning a
large scale event, you can count on us.
         At Blossom Bokay Florist Inc., you will find fresh
arrangements of roses, mixed cuts, tropical flowers, wild
                                          flowers, green and
                                          blooming plants,
                                          dish gardens and
                                          beautiful silk ar-
                                          rangements for
                                          any occasion. We
                                          even have rock
                                          soap, plush animals
                                          by Gund and Lou
                                          Rankin, collectable
                                          Rabbits and Bears
by Boyd, Thomas Kincade Coffee Mugs that illuminate when
filled, Picture Frames, Anniversary Bells, Sentiment gifts
from Encore, Greeting Cards, Balloon Bouquets, Die Cast
Collectables and more.
         Because we are a family owned and operated
florist, we strive every day to stay the best florist Deltona
Florida has to offer. We know there are other florists in Del-
tona for you to choose from, so we want to make sure that
we provide you with the best and freshest flowers available
with each and every purchase. We don't want to just "sell"
you flowers. We want to make you a satisfied customer with
your purchase so that you will come back to us for all your
floral needs.

  We are located at 840-P Deltona Blvd., Deltona Florida
              in the "Justin Square" Plaza.

        If you have any questions or need more information,
please contact us directly on our Toll Free # at 800-321-
6714 from out of state or 386-574-0005 if local. You can
email us at We are always
here to serve you and make your flower sending experience
a pleasant and memorable one.
        Our shop serves the following areas: Deltona, Fl.,
DeBary, Fl., Deland, Fl., Enterprise, Fl., Lake Helen, Fl.,
Orange City, Fl. Osteen, Fl., and Sanford, Fl. (Deliveries to
Sanford are limited, please call Toll Free 1-888-321-6714
from Out of State and 386-574-0005 Locally to confirm
recipient zip code prior to ordering)
                            Bamboo Furniture
                                     At the DecoGallery we’re looking forward to
                            warmer weather with our bamboo furniture! We have
                            bamboo tiki bars that are perfect for gatherings with
                            family and friends. The bamboo tiki bar features two
                            barstool chairs, two adjustable shelves, and a hanging
                            rack for beverage glasses.
                                     We have more bamboo furniture available such
                            as beautiful screen/room dividers that come with shelf
                            areas for your knick-knacks. And for a cozy setting, we
                            have a three-piece bamboo set with a 24” round table
                            and two captain bar stools. Jenny

Plants! Plants! Plants!
        The DecoGallery and the garden center are filled
with many plants! In the DecoGallery we have miniature
African Violets and ferns, along with lots of Lucky Bamboo
plants to choose from.
        In the Garden Center, we have hanging baskets
with ivy, petunias, purple passion, and pansies. We have
three-gallon pink Belinda’s Dream roses and Knock Out
roses in red and yellow. We have one gallon containers of
flowering plants such as purple sweet-smelling Alyssum,
colorful Geraniums, blue and pink Nemesia, purple and
white Osteospermum, day lilies, and much, much more! Be
sure to check out our Bonsai plants and gardening contain-
ers in the Garden Center area. Jenny
                                                               NEW ARRIVALS!!
                                                                       We have butterflies, dragonflies, and bees fluttering,
                                                               buzzing, and spinning in the DecoGallery. These colorful bugs
                                                               are available in 6”, 10”, and 14” sizes and can be fastened
                                                               just about anywhere. We have four different mobiles of butter-
                                                               flies or dragonflies in vibrant colors. Pick up a few of our bugs
                                                               today—they’re sure to brighten up your home!

Outdoor Heaters
        You can still enjoy the cold nights with our propane
or electric-powered heaters. We have a small table top
propane heater that uses a 16 ounce propane tank. We
have two types of large 7’ stainless steel gas patio heaters
with wheels, each using an LP gas cylinder tank in an enclo-
sure below the heating element. Also available are electric
infrared heaters that can be wall-mounted or placed on a
telescoping stand.
New Products: Mexican Pottery
Price as Marked

 DB200-59001-01        $39.95    Unit Retail   DB200-59001-02        $39.95     Unit Retail   DB200-59002-01      $49.95       Unit Retail
 Cubana Small [Pack01]                         Cubana Small [Pack01]                          Cubana Medium [Pack01]

 DB200-59002-02      $49.95      Unit Retail   DB200-59003-01          $15.95   Unit Retail   DB200-59003-02          $15.95   Unit Retail
 Cubana Medium [Pack01]                        Wall Planter Small [Pack01]                    Wall Planter Small [Pack01]

 DB200-59004-01         $24.95   Unit Retail   DB200-59004-02         $24.95    Unit Retail   DB200-59005-01          $29.95   Unit Retail
 Wall Planter Medium [Pack01]                  Wall Planter Medium [Pack01]                   Wall Planter Large [Pack01]

 DB200-59006-01        $29.95 Unit Retail DB200-59007-01      $39.95 Unit Retail DB200-59008-08           $14.95               Unit Retail
 Michoacana Wall Planter Small [Pack01] Michoacana Wall Planter Medium           Tulip Planter 8" [Pack01]
New Products: Mexican Pottery
Price as Marked

 DB200-59008-10          $21.95   Unit Retail   DB200-59008-12          $39.95   Unit Retail   DB200-59009-01           $39.95 Unit Retail
 Tulip Planter 10" [Pack01]                     Tulip Planter 12" [Pack01]                     Bull Frog Planter Small [Pack01]

 DB200-59009-02           $39.95 Unit Retail DB200-59010-01         $89.95 Unit Retail DB200-59011-01          $29.95            Unit Retail
 Bull Frog Planter Small [Pack01]            Bull Frog Planter Medium [Pack01]         Terra Turtle Mini [Pack01]

 DB200-59011-02          $29.95   Unit Retail   DB200-59012-01          $44.95   Unit Retail   DB200-59013-01         $69.95     Unit Retail
 Terra Turtle Mini [Pack01]                     Terra Turtle Small [Pack01]                    Terra Turtle Medium [Pack01]

 DB200-59014-01        $14.95     Unit Retail   DB200-59014-02        $14.95     Unit Retail   DB200-59014-03        $14.95      Unit Retail
 Salamander Mini [Pack01]                       Salamander Mini [Pack01]                       Salamander Mini [Pack01]
New Products: Mexican Pottery
Price as Marked

 DB200-59015-01       $59.95       Unit Retail   DB200-59016-01          $34.95    Unit Retail   DB200-59017-01          $14.95   Unit Retail
 Gecko Medium [Pack01]                           Gecko Small [Pack01]                            Wall Frog Mini [Pack01]

 DB200-59017-02          $14.95    Unit Retail   DB200-59017-03          $14.95    Unit Retail   DB200-59018-01         $29.95    Unit Retail
 Wall Frog Mini [Pack01]                         Wall Frog Mini [Pack01]                         Wall Frog ExtraSmall [Pack01]

 DB200-59018-02         $29.95     Unit Retail   DB200-59019-01         $34.95     Unit Retail   DB200-59020-01         $44.95    Unit Retail
 Wall Frog ExtraSmall [Pack01]                   Wall Frog Small [Pack01]                        Wall Frog Small [Pack01]

 DB200-59021-01           $29.95   Unit Retail   DB200-59021-02           $29.95   Unit Retail   DB200-59022-01         $44.95    Unit Retail
 Butterfly Small [Pack01]                        Butterfly Small [Pack01]                        Butterfly Medium [Pack01]
New Products: Large Garden Pottery
                                                                                                                                              Price as Marked
DB200-41001-13         $30.00   Unit Retail   DB200-41001-17         $45.00   Unit Retail   DB200-41001-20         $75.00   Unit Retail
Garden Pottery 13" [Pack01]                   Garden Pottery 17" [Pack01]                   Garden Pottery 20" [Pack01]

DB200-41001-27        $119.99   Unit Retail   DB200-41002-12         $20.00   Unit Retail   DB200-41002-15         $40.00   Unit Retail
Garden Pottery 27" [Pack01]                   Garden Pottery 12" [Pack01]                   Garden Pottery 15" [Pack01]

DB200-41002-20         $60.00   Unit Retail   DB200-41002-24         $80.00   Unit Retail   DB200-41003-11         $25.00   Unit Retail
Garden Pottery 20" [Pack01]                   Garden Pottery 24" [Pack01]                   Garden Pottery 11" [Pack01]

DB200-41003-15         $40.00   Unit Retail   DB200-41003-19         $60.00   Unit Retail   DB200-41004-13         $28.00   Unit Retail
Garden Pottery 15" [Pack01]                   Garden Pottery 19" [Pack01]                   Garden Pottery 13" [Pack01]

DB200-41004-17         $45.00   Unit Retail   DB200-41004-22         $75.00   Unit Retail   DB200-41005-11         $20.00   Unit Retail
Garden Pottery 17" [Pack01]                   Garden Pottery 22" [Pack01]                   Garden Pottery 11" [Pack01]

DB200-41005-15         $40.00   Unit Retail   DB200-41005-18         $55.00   Unit Retail   DB200-41005-23         $75.00   Unit Retail
Garden Pottery 15" [Pack01]                   Garden Pottery 18" [Pack01]                   Garden Pottery 23" [Pack01]

DB200-41006-14         $30.00   Unit Retail   DB200-41006-18         $45.00   Unit Retail   DB200-41006-22         $75.00   Unit Retail
Garden Pottery 14" [Pack01]                   Garden Pottery 18" [Pack01]                   Garden Pottery 22" [Pack01]

                                                                                                                                          Savannah, Georgia
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                                                                                                                                                                                                     We want to see your creative display!

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Please submit a photo of your garden
                                                                                                                                                                                                     container to to
                                                                                                                                                                                                     be entered into the Show Us Your Pots!!!
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Contest. We will display your photo on the
                                                                                                                                                                                                     DecoGallery bulletin board. The most
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                                                                                                                                                                                                     This contest will end on April 30th, 2010,
                                                                                                                                                                                                     with a notification of the winner in our
                                                                                                                                                                                                     newsletter. Thank you for your photo submission

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                                                                                                              on anything at the DecoGallery
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      DB000-00660                                                    DB000-03110
 St. Patty Four-Leaf                                                 St. Patty Leprechaun
 Clover Drop-In 4.5"                                                 Bear Drop-In 6"
            [Pack18]                                                 [Pack12]

DecoBusiness inc.
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