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									            Upper Cumberland River Watershed Watch
                      Pine Hill Cave System
                  Scientific Study Plan Outline:
1. Name and contact information of the supervising sampler (s) leading the project.

   Supervising Sampler:                              Additional UCWW Certified
      Deb Bledsoe         3039                       Samplers:       Cert #
      Rt 5 Box 423                                      Bob Dobbs      2697
      Livingston, KY 40445                              Bill Simpson 2666
      513-200-6352, 606-453-2105                        Bill Addington 2722                        Terry Estepp 2721
                                                        Dr. Hilary Lambert 2601
   Technical Advisors:
      Phillip O'dell, KY DOW Groundwater Branch
      Liz Anderson, KY DWM, London Regional Office
      Ken Cooke, KY DOW, Water Watch
      Rob Miller, KY DOW, Basin Team

2. The specific monitoring objectives describing the impact/condition to be investigated.
   (include existing data)

   The goal of the project is to determine the extent and level of contamination from fuel
   sources in tributaries to Roundstone Creek including the Pine Hill Cave System and to
   try to isolate sources of said contamination if possible.

   Consideration will be given to previous work done by KY DEP and others in the
   system. A number of complaints were investigated since the 80's up till 2003.
   Components of fuel oil, diesel have been monitored in the system. Service stations at
   the I-75 US25 interchange have been subject to clean up actions in the past. Other
   potential sources include fuel oil from private residences and businesses, transient
   sources such as leaking saddle tanks on trucks.

   Individuals involved with UCWW have made observations that indicate continued
   contamination sources. Those reports include:
      -Dead plants along waterway, Spring 2004
      -Smell of kerosene and diesel, July 2004
      -Oil slicks and sheens after storm events. (Ongoing)
3. Waterbody name and list of desired sampling locations.
   Roundstone Creek Tributaries:
ID     Waterbody                Location Information
       Pine Hill System         Upstream of Interchange
U231   McHargue Branch          Pine Hill Stream at Small Bridge, 2 mi from I-75 on old
                                Hwy 25
       Tower Domes              Above confluence with McChargue Branch (Pine Hill
       Tributary                System)
       Pine Hill System         Sump 1
U239   Pine Hill Blue Hole      At Mullins Station Road .5 mi North of US 25

4. List of analysis parameters desired.

       1. Visual observations of potential sources:
              -Plot of location of above ground storage tanks
              -Abandoned or junk trucks
              -Locations of physical inputs into Karst Systems such as sink holes.
              -Operating oil and gas wells
              -Mining operations
              -Rail car stops
       2. Laboratory Analysis of samples
              Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons $68.00 per sample
                      Diesel 0.1mgl mdl, 2.0mg/l MCL
                      Kerosene 0.1 mdl, 2.0 mg/l MCL
                      Lubricating Oil 0.5mgl mdl, 2.0 MCL
       3. Field Chemistry:
              Dissolved Oxygen

5. Sampling time frame and number of samples desired.
   First round of sampling will take place during the fall low flow sampling on September
   18 (at sites listed below)
   A second and third set of samples will be taken during the rise in flow after a storm
   event (Storm event of 0.5" of rainfall or better in a 24 hour period)

6. Laboratories involved in analysis
   McCoy and McCoy Laboratories Inc.
   2456 Fortune Drive, Suite 155 Lexington KY 40509;
   Phone: (859) 299-7775
   Att: Tyler Prince
7. Estimated cost/budget for sampling.
   $1,224. Analysis cost (containers included in price)
   30 hours of Volunteer time (match)
   200 miles travel (match) (Three trips to the lab and back plus sampling runs)
   15 Hours Technical Consultation (match)

8. Specification of and commitment to follow standard sampling procedures and quality
   control measures defined for the level of monitoring being done.
   1. All Volunteers will follow UCWW Sampling procedures as outlined in the UCWW
      Scientific Study Plan.
   2. all samples will be delivered to the lab on ice at 4 degrees centigrade with UCWW
      Chain of Custody records.
   3. All sampling will be supervised by a UCWW Registered volunteer.
   4. Two duplicate samples and one blank will be delivered to the lab based on a random
      selection of sites and sampling runs coordinated by Kentucky Water Watch.

9.   Commitment to provide share the results of the monitoring and to provide copies of the
     lab reports and chain of custody records to the Steering Committee Data Manager.

     1. Lab reports will be provided to the UCWW Data Manager, supervising sampler and
        technical consultants
     2. Copies of preliminary reports will also be provided to PRIDE staff or Consultants
        upon request.
     3. Final results will be presented at Fall Conference, December 4, 2004, published on
        the UCWW Web Site.

     For more information on this study plan, contact Supervising Sampler, Deborah Bledsoe (Listed above) or
     technical consultant Ken Cooke 502-330-0570

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