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									How to improve language in the language of social resilience in social

 social improvement of language in the

  response force is a response to human sensitivity, is the language of communication
in in other words when their behavior or unexpected events or unforeseen
circumstances arise, they can respond quickly and appropriately and addressed.
  language of acting according to circumstances, on the effect of people's social
activities play an important role, in general, the following points:
  1. Implicit answer, counter making things difficult for
  if you do not want to meet her or inconvenience to answer and someone else
answered it happens close tightly to inquire the matter and insisted on, when even the
hearts of unhappy, but also show sullen, should be calm, cool, clever deal.
  legendary writer Xie Jin Ming Once Upon the orders of Emperor Yongle, to edged
calligraphy folding fan, fan him have a picture, according to Chinese "Liangzhou
word" poetic paintings, they wrote the poem Huan Wang : "The Yellow River on the
white clouds far between, an isolated city Maninsan. Qiangdi why complain willow,
spring is not degree Jade Gate." behold, his negligence was less a "room", which look
after the Emperor was furious that his infidelity , we have to ask their capital offense.
  moment, Xie Jin Jizhongshengzhi, Busy: "The emperor pacified! Me this is the king
of Hwan of poetry fill the word ah!" Immediately read: "The Yellow River far, the
clouds one, isolated city Maninsan. Qiangdi why Resentment? Liu-Chun Yang style,
not degrees Jade Gate. "fans do not point when title punctuation, Xie Jin by mistake
fair speech, will have missed the word poetry into one we build, so the emperor after
listening to turn anger to joy.
  in the exchanges, the other sometimes tend to express themselves using words, logic
and common sense set the challenge to express it difficult to answer, then who would
express whim, look for other ways to counter each other's make things difficult.
  2. To make up for mistakes, the smooth exchange of
  "Yiyanjichu, Sima difficult to follow", as time pressed, not thorough consideration,
this "word" errors often occur, which requires the speaker flexibility to make up for
mistakes, to correct bias. Maru Fei as a singer singing, "The Pearl Pagoda", the
mistake of "maidservants the venue and out of the room," singing as "out of the
window." The audience roared with laughter, Ma Rufei not panic, be calm and make
up a "to the balcony to drying clothes," the audience responded with warm applause.
Unexpectedly, another his negligence, the "six long windows open 4" sang "on 8",
then fill the audience listening to how he wrong, just listen to him singing: "There are
two not loaded." Suddenly, warm applause, made the comeback with the remedial
effect of law.
  3. To cope with accidents, complete the scheduled task
  accidents often express themselves non-fault, nor is it the other deliberately making
things difficult, but due to other circumstances.
  resourceful and strong people who can justify, to remedy mistakes; able to counter
each other offensive, soldiers come to the block, troubled water; can cope with
accidents, well done. It shows the talent and wisdom to enhance the charm of person,
so that a person in relation to others in an advantageous position.
 practical terms, in social communication will inevitably face unexpected questions.
Then punch themselves on the grounds need to respond flexibly. In case of difficult
words on the "edge" question, it should be subtle use of "lay-front method," and fight
back the.
 so-called "lay-front law" approach, is language in a high state on the one hand not
perfunctorily, but a satisfactory answer to the problem; on the other hand, he can ask
to provide some new information or specify a solution and means will be welcome.
The surface, A "non" are asked, is actually a retreat, it can be said to "avoid front" to
"hidden front", "Tibetan front," is to better "feng Lu," this "a dubious" and expression,
but also conducive to the mobilization questioner thought, so they put ourselves for
the sake of each other, so will avoid unnecessary entanglement.
 essential instruction:
 how to use the lay-front method
 ① to try to understand the purpose of questioning the psychology and even his
identity, character and so good at the wind blows, so that "Know thyself." Note that
both veins through semantic language, "under the boat upstream by boat"; must not
"outright", "poles apart", "驴唇不对马嘴."
 ② their position to be firm and be clear. Immature or ambivalent views instead of
adopting. At the same time, do not Guzuogaoshen, trick, gives rise to resentment.
 ③ law can appropriately use humor to make serious, tense atmosphere became
relaxed and happy.
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