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  concept of honor speech teacher teacher
  speech Eight Honors and Eight Shames - Let the sun shine high
  remember very hour marquis, I The teacher in me sow a seed, one pair of teachers in
the career expectations of seeds. This seed of love in that teachers and care of the sun
and rain, and gradually take root and grow day by day. It finally bore fruit - and I also
became a glorious people's teacher. When I got to the podium I saw a thirst for both
eyes, both eyes that I feel like being among the brilliant stars in them I see clarity as a
mirror of truth, goodness and beauty. I began to understand the importance of the
teaching profession and arduous, stepped onto the stage to play the role of engineers
of human souls, which I need no regrets, determined not to change, students need my
love, hard work never stops!
  the same time, I also know that just like learning, like learning to be human first,
teachers not only have good professional level, it should also take high morality, on
the first act. One celebrity said that he is not noble teachers trained number of
scientists, artists, but because of his subtle, influence people with lofty ethics,
nurturing people. Is that teachers should be teachers, because in the eyes of her
students, the teacher is a noble image of the teacher's teaching is sacred, and the
teacher's words is that they argue right and wrong, the standard points honor. General
Secretary Hu Jintao on March 4 that should guide the cadres and the masses,
especially young people set up the "Eight Honors and Eight Shames" (to love the
motherland proud, ashamed to harm the motherland to serve the people of honor, to
depart from the people ashamed to advocate science honor to Ignorance to take pride
in hard work to indolent ashamed to unite and help each selfish ashamed and honesty
honor to sacrifice principle for profit ashamed to compliance proud to lawlessness
ashamed to take pride in working hard to extravagance and dissipation ashamed.)
socialist concept of honor.
  pink Liulv spring, flowers are blooming season, the "Eight Honors and Eight
Shames" as the Blossoming of the spiritual civilization has presented a flower garden,
adding a hint of green. This is not only the new era of youth, but also the work of the
New Thought teachers new issues, new requirements. Teachers are often role models
in life students, teachers, words and deeds have often become the object of their
imitation. Therefore, as a new era of language teachers, I began to cultivate a deeper
understanding of their own youth growing up in the glorious responsibility, try to
combine ideological and moral construction of student age and the reality of the
"Eight Honors and Eight Shames" the introduction of teaching. In addition to active
discussion in the classroom outside of Honor. I also used the mark "Weekly" in let
students talk about writing their own ideas, I give a certain degree of ideological
  In this way, communication is more strengthened my Honor as a teaching guide to
the determination. One of the students because of poor foundation, do not love
learning, in a weekly journal, he wrote: teacher, I could not learn, and the class you
ignore my existence right, do not ask me. . . . I think after a while heartache, in our
country illiterates are already hundreds of millions. This is the specific historical
conditions in the past that it had formed. Around us can now re-trained if at the school
but no knowledge, it can only be counted as our failure! So I rely on his private
knowledge of his written word: Do not lose heart, as long as you are willing, one day
you learn just as good with your popularity! I balanced discourse. Soon after a week
of mind, he wrote: the teacher I do not know how you know that I am popular with
good, but you really gave me the biggest encouragement, I know my knowledge is not
enough reserves, but I really think it will also to be a teacher, to encourage and help
more children. Teachers, some say, a teacher's impact is enormous, and no one knows
where this impact will be limited. From you, I understand this sentence. Thus addition
of a class of my hardworking students. I sincerely feel happy, enjoy the summer
breeze is better than feeling the winter sun bathing.
  in the "Eight Honors and Eight Shames" promote "honest and Culture into Schools"
campaign, many practical problems surfaced in my mind. I think that the use of
"human ladder", "The Candle" and to describe teachers inevitably sad tragic elements.
After all, the wave of socialist economy surging in the country, as it impacts the
education of our garden. Many students, colleagues have the "passion of youth to take
a back stroke" mentality "sea", though sometimes works and sometimes, they, after all,
in exchange for a "tried no regrets" psychological comfort. Indeed, every teacher is
proud of his success, learning and ability to face the temptation of material can not be
indifferent. But it is why the vast majority of teachers can be based on the three feet of
the podium, the hard work it hard. In particular, teachers in poor areas, holding low
wages, lived in shabby school buildings, but can be used to create millions of high
moral character the students a better mind. They decade, several decades, silent
struggle in teaching posts, willing to be "human ladder" to allow children to stand on
their shoulders, to scale new heights of scientific and cultural knowledge. As Mr. Ye
Shengtao they said, "holding a heart, do not go with a grass." Is for?
  "Moving China" 2004 Man of the Year Xu Yu, called us into the 21st century
teachers, even university students learning model. In 2004, he let me in tears, and give
up the opportunity to graduate school, away from the big city, he was deep into the
mountain, had just graduated from college students with a tender shoulder, Kang Zhu
a left leaning in the classroom, Kang Zhu a lonely and poor, have taken up the
responsibility did not belong to him, the poor mountainous areas of Guizhou children
propped up a rain-free sky. I can not forget his sentence: I want to do a drop of water,
I know I am small, but when sunlight of love to me, I like the reflection to others
without reservation. This is enough to make me think, the aftertaste was. But early
this year has a realistic "Candle" Chuang like my mind, the story of his stirring my
heart. Liu Nianyou a village primary school teachers in Chongqing for three
consecutive years, during holidays, the town's coal mines are to go underground. In
addition to earned for their children to college, the whole class of poor students to pay
their school fees, buy school supplies, buy new clothes, but they still have to eat
pickles and boiled water gruel every day, because it was damaging the image of
teachers said that he dressed He was cruel to spend 25 yuan to buy leather shoes. But
he in the end the number of poor funding, he was also the number of students do not
know, just know that his class has never been dropped out of school because of family
poverty. I believe many people have seen him on television that Nianman ash's face,
but who is not reflective of his dark face and touched it with satisfaction.
 is their real actions, answered my questions, call bright light in my heart, let me
better understand the meaning of teachers, the kind of burn themselves if not Candle
to illuminate other people's dedication. How can our education flourishing? The pillar
of the four modernizations come from? Who will create the country's prosperity?
Each teacher is to know pain of flesh and blood people understand love, desire
happiness of modern civilization. Only for the revitalization of education, only homes
of interest, keep the poor, to pursue their vision of an unshaken. I know: the years
many accomplishments, chalk stained old age. But I also know that: Years may
wrinkle the skin, and loss of enthusiasm wrinkles the soul makes. As the saying goes:
better knowledge of music and those who were and music and those who were not as
good. I will always remember the "Eight Honors and Eight Shames", and took out my
courage and passion for the sun cause the most brilliant tireless, trials and hardships! ..
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