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									His opening statement, closing statement and welcoming opening statement on
writing requirements

  session on writing his opening statement,
  1, an opening statement opening statement is the beginning of a number of major
conferences, from the presiding officer or principal leaders of the speech made at the
outset, it is a prelude to the General Assembly meeting is scheduled for Sa tone, so a
declaratory character, revealing and instructive. Opening remarks by the title,
signature and date, the text of three parts. Opening statement the wording of the text:
write title only open head box, such as "comrades", "friends" or "representatives" and
so on, and colon caused by below. Then there is a word, opened the session, explain
the background and significance of the meeting and expressed the wish → set
(sometimes also explain how the preparatory work or explain the situation and the
participants and guests attending the leadership conference, etc.), write the body of
general next meeting of the nature and importance of the purpose of the meeting and
the central task, the main agenda of the meeting and request the conference goals and
far-reaching impacts. Of course, these contents do not → will each have, not
necessarily the order of this arrangement should be based on specific circumstances.
But the writing must grasp the nature of the meeting, the meeting focused on the
characteristics, significance, requirements, and hope that the situation for the session
itself, such as the agenda and so on, to outlining, touched in passing, drafting will
have to a crisp, smooth, powerful language to strengthen , enthusiastic and full of
inspiration. The last part is the conclusion, generally, "I wish the forum great success"
and wished language. Second, his closing speech closing remarks at the end of some
large-scale meeting or respected by the leaders who made the final speech to the
conference, marking the successful conclusion of the meeting, and therefore have a
summative, assessment and a call. Closing statements in the format and the same
opening statement, by title, signature and date, the body of three parts, the difference
is the content and wording of the text. Closing remarks wording of the text: at the
beginning of the same title and opening statement. After the title, first, the conference
has completed its task, must now concluded, and then outlines of the proceedings,
appropriate evaluation of the meeting of the harvest, meaning and impact, the core
part to specify the main issues and adopted the basic spirit of the meeting the
importance and far-reaching, to implement the spirit of the meeting participants raised
the basic requirements. Generally speaking, these aspects of Less, the order is
basically unchanged. Control of the situation to be writing, targeted to the content of
the meeting to be articulated and affirmed. At the same time, you can not proceed
with the meeting already aware of the important issues in an appropriate emphasis or
added. Wording should be enthusiastic, language should be concise, to galvanize
morale, strengthen the role of faith. At the end of the first with a firm tone to issue a
general call, expressed the hope that wish, and finally solemnly declared the meeting
closed. 3, Welcome welcome to the basic structure of words can be divided into title,
title, body of three parts. We are actually here the words of welcome, including two
types: one is welcome to guests, one unit or organization is welcome to new members.
The species, the natural differences in the wording of this word in the main body of
the welcome was especially significant. Welcome message from the guests, talk about,
how about, depending on the relationship between host and guest in the past,
depending on the development of bilateral relations towards the future, depending on
the reason and meaning of the meet. Generally speaking, if an old friend, we must
first recall the friendship of the past, and then expressed the friendly relations
nowadays, the last expression of the longstanding friendship and desire. If there is
disagreement guests, they must first talk about the significance of this meeting, and
then refer to the current and future issues of mutual interest, and finally expressed
hope that both sides desire to develop normal and friendly relations. Welcome new
members of the unit or organization a message, we must first indicate their arrival are
fit for purpose 接着 objective evaluation Huan Ying object expertise, and expressed
appreciation; then introduces the unit or organization, the last hope new people in the
new environment Shizhancaigan or play a role in making achievements. Friendly
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