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					Best in France Project

        in France
                         Florence Anna
                         Arndt Brambach
                         Norman Leung
                         Madoka Ogawa
                         Alexander Droulers
Mercedes-Benz Molsheim
        Historical Overview

   1967: Inauguration of “Centre de Molsheim”
          by Royal-Elysées

   1970: Creation of Mercedes-Benz France

   1994: Incorporation of Mercedes-Benz
          Molsheim S.A.S.
             Key figures
              MB         DC          DC
            Molsheim   France       Group

Employees     387       3,068      362,000

Turnover    €46.9 M    €3,400 M   €147,400 M
         Main Activities (1/2)
   Vehicle Transformation
    – Chassis structure      – Axles
        Main Activities (2/2)
   Component Production
           Principal Clients

   DaimlerChrysler Group

   French retailers
 Why did Mercedes-Benz
   come to France ?

       A circumstance of history:
An existing large imports site in Molsheim
    However, there are several

   Lower costs of labour :
    For equivalent work, wages in Wörth
    are higher by 70% to nearly 100% than
    those in Molsheim

   Low transportation costs
    Adapting and Overcoming
   Frequent strikes in France
    However: respect for social needs in MB Molsheim

   The 35-Hour Week
    – Both parties benefited from it
    – No real adaptation when coming to France:
      more an adaptation today to German habits
       Reverse Adaptations

   Germanisation of MBM
    – Language
    – Culture
         Distinction between criticising the person v. the work
    – Gruppenarbeit – autonomous group
       Advantages for Trucking
   High percentage of degrees awarded in science*
      – 8% of all 24 yr olds
      – 4th after the UK, Finland, and South Korea
   Strong market for growth**
      – € 9.6 billion in 2002
      – € 11.4 billion in 2007
   Existing infrastructure
   Central location to European markets

*Source : National Science Foundation, 2002
**Source : Datamonitor, Nov. 2003
         France as a Centre
            of Innovation

   Globalisation and outsourcing

   R&D and innovation centres
    – Ex. Research cluster in Rhône-Alpes
    – Ex. New concept of trucks with dual functions
    Mercedes as an Example

   Historical Circumstances

   Advantages and Adaptations

   Outlook for France
             Last words
We would like to thank:

 Claude Burger, CFO of MBM

 Michael Segalla, PhD,
 and the whole Jury
           Works Cited
 Claude Burger
 Mercedes-Benz Molsheim Presentation
 National Science Foundation, “The
  United States in a Changing World”,
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