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									Grasp the characteristics of a harmonious society, harmonious era of social harmony
and social

 characteristic of the times to grasp a harmonious society of socialism

  party of 10 following the Fourth Plenary Session for the first time that "building a
socialist harmonious society "concept of governance, the February 19, Hu Jintao,
general secretary of the major leading cadres at the provincial level to improve
capacity of building a socialist harmonious society the opening ceremony of
symposium delivered an important speech, but also the basic socialist harmonious
society characteristics were further elaborated that "we want to build a socialist
harmonious society should feature democracy, the rule of law, justice, sincerity, amity,
vitality, stability and order, man and nature live in harmony." This is a new generation
of our party Leadership theory of a harmonious socialist society breakthrough
thinking. Construction of a deep understanding and building a harmonious socialist
society to grasp the meaning and the characteristics of our comprehensively
implement the scientific concept of development and the promotion of economic and
social development and progress, of great significance. This special expert on the
topic of our study Hu's important speech on experience.
  fair and just, that the interests of all sectors of society are well coordinated,
contradictions among the people and other social contradictions are dealt with
properly, social equity and justice effectively safeguard and realize the
  fair justice is an important feature of a Harmonious Society
  Zhongshan University Professor, Zong-gui
  harmonious society requires the unremitting efforts in many ways. Among them,
adhere to and achieve fairness and justice, is an important guarantee of a harmonious
society, but also an important feature of a harmonious society.
  justice is reflected in the distribution of
  benefit distribution from the point of view, the most necessary to achieve fairness
and justice. After reform and opening up, China will adjust the distribution according
to the principle of distribution according to work and combined according to factors
of production, consistent with our current situation of development of productive
forces and production relations. In accordance with the principle of allocation of
production factors, labor, capital, knowledge, etc. are all factors of production, in
other words, no matter who is to provide the labor force participation in distribution
or provision of funds (capital), or the provision of knowledge (including technology),
are socialist construction participants, are all with the right personality and equal
citizens. Therefore, in accordance with their respective contributions to the
distribution of justice, clearly has unparalleled significance. It is worth noting that this
allocation is not just the distribution of economic interests, political interests should
also be included, the distribution of cultural interests. All citizens should enjoy
political rights, to provide for a variety of factors of production are concerned, are the
same, must be treated equally. Citizens should enjoy the economic rights, cultural
rights, it should be different circumstances, according to factors of production provide
the contribution of those who, for a reasonable allocation. Any provider of production
factors, should not be occupying other factors of production to provide the rights and
interests. Otherwise, there is no justice at all, will definitely lead to the emergence of
contradictions and even intensified, there can be no realization of social harmony. In
the process of modernization, in efforts to build a harmonious society through the
maintenance and realization of equity and justice, in order to properly coordinate the
interests of various social relations, should be inherent meaning.
 fair and just to be run through the economic, legal, moral and other aspects of
 full and harmonious society as a whole from the point of view, maintain and achieve
fairness and justice, is a necessary requirement for building a harmonious society.
From the national point of view of national development, harmony should be the
overall harmony, full and harmonious, rather than partial, one-sided harmony. The
harmony of body and mind of every citizen, harmony, human and social harmony, the
harmony between man and nature, harmony between different interest groups, etc.,
are a concrete manifestation of a harmonious society and the basic features. In order
to achieve the overall, comprehensive harmony, fairness and justice can not leave.
Fairness and justice and implementation of comprehensive harmony conducive to the
realization of society as a whole. Implementation of fairness and justice, in the
economic, legal, moral and other aspects of safeguarding the interests of different
interest groups to coordinate the relationship between different interest groups so that
people live in harmony and common development.
 perspective from national rejuvenation, maintenance, and to achieve fairness and
justice, is to realize modernization drive.
 revitalization of the Chinese nation, needs the continued efforts of several
generations. The date of realization of China's modernization is the time when the
Chinese nation. As an extremely difficult task to achieve the rejuvenation of China
still have a long way to go. Therefore, we must mobilize all positive factors, work in
unity, to maintain and achieve fairness and justice, properly handle contradictions,
proper coordination of interests. There is no proper coordination of different interests,
not correctly handle all kinds of contradictions, there is no appearance of unity and
unification, there is no appearance of a harmonious society, and thus would not speak
of national rejuvenation.
 fair and just is not a traditional society Junpin Fu
 is worth noting that the maintenance and realization of justice, not the traditional
society Junpin Fu, not on account of
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 planned economy era of widespread poverty, on the contrary, it is to maximize the
maintenance and development of different aspects of people's interests, in order to
maximize resolve conflicts, promote social progress. Therefore, giving priority to
efficiency, taking into account the principle of fairness, encourage competition,
promote common prosperity rich first, and consistent with the principles of procedural
justice and substance consistent with the principles of justice, support and help
vulnerable groups from weak to strong principles, should be respected and
  democratic rule of law, carry forward socialist democracy fully, the basic strategy of
rule of law has been effectively implemented, all positive factors are widely
  democratic rule of law: a harmonious society and political security
  South China Normal University, politics Professor Wang and administrative red
  harmonious social ideal time to pursue beyond the
  Hu Jintao principal leading cadres at provincial level to improve capacity of building
a socialist harmonious society symposium opening ceremony of the important speech
that "building harmonious socialist society, with the building of socialist material
civilization, political civilization and spiritual civilization is an organic unity. to a
socialist society through the development of productive forces to continuously
strengthen the material basis for building a harmonious society, through the
development of socialist democratic politics to continue to strengthen the harmonious
social construction of political protection, through the development of advanced
socialist culture to consolidate the spirit of supporting a harmonious society, while
building a harmonious society through the years of socialist material civilization,
political civilization and spiritual civilization and create a favorable social conditions.
" This statement it clear that democratic rule of law is not only proper meaning of a
harmonious society, but also building a harmonious society and political protection.
Socialist democracy rule of law as an important part of building a harmonious society
and political protection for our firm to develop socialist democracy, improve the
socialist legal system, providing a theoretical basis for the rule of law.
  the same time, the democratic rule of law as the primary content of building a
harmonious society, beyond the number of previous human history, people of insight
in pursuit of a harmonious social ideal of the traditional concept of a harmonious
society, so contemporary China to pursue the ideal of a harmonious socialist society
with a new spirit of the times.
  democracy and the rule of law is the harmonious society the most important
operational mechanism
  harmonious society from democracy and rule of law as the proper meaning of the
point of view, democracy and the rule of law is the harmonious society the most
fundamental guiding principles and the most important mechanism. Contemporary
world governance theory and practice show that the democratic rule of law is not only
an important means of political management, but also the community must follow the
basic principles of autonomy. Both are in the country's political affairs management
level, or the governance of public affairs in the social aspects of the State and deal
with aspects of social relations, institutional arrangements, rules and procedures,
collaborative involvement, shared responsibility, Li Yi Min Zhu 法治 sharing can
not be separated. Only the guiding principles of democracy and the rule of law
operating mechanism into the process of social and public governance can be
effectively overcome the centralized system, bureaucracy to penetrate the potential
drawbacks of the community to enhance the coordination of social structure and
social development is reasonable. In the present stage, the problem of corruption,
"three rural issues", social security problems and regional disparities and the wealth
gap, environmental problems such as population, resources and a number of
"discordant" society still exist, some of the social impact of the problem is quite
serious , a reasonable solution to these problems depends on the integrity of the
democratic system and rule of law means perfect.
  from the democratic rule of law as a harmonious socio-political point of view of
security, rule of law without democracy there will be no socialist harmonious society.
Comrade Deng Xiaoping once pointed out that "there is no socialism without
democracy", the paper reveals the profound internal democratic relationship with the
socialist society. Comrade Hu Jintao emphasized that democracy and rule of law is the
construction of socialist harmonious society and political security, is further
confirmation of the democratic rule of law and the importance of the socialist society.
If Comrade Deng Xiaoping is the property from the perspective of the socialist
political democracy emphasize the intrinsic relationship with the socialist society,
then, Comrade Hu Jintao is the state of development of socialist society from the
perspective of democracy and the rule of law emphasizes the intrinsic relationship
with the socialist society. Comrade Deng Xiaoping, "should be" problem solved our
theoretical understanding of socialist society, the Hu Jintao and then from the "is"
level to solve our problems the practice of building a socialist society, both of
  Hu Jintao on building a socialist harmonious society, the latest discussion shows that
our party's new leadership is not only the theory of building socialist democracy and
the rule of law have a new understanding of development, but also on "how to build
socialism," " what kind of socialism, "the major practical issues of a new
breakthrough. Overall, the theory of a socialist harmonious society construction of
another major leap in the theory.
  honesty, that the whole community help each other, honesty and trustworthiness,
equality and fraternity of all peoples, and harmony
  honesty is the moral basis of a harmonious society
  South China Agriculture University, College of Humanities Associate Professor
Advantage and Pattern
  friendship is not only the integrity of the Chinese nation's fine moral tradition, but
also the common heritage of human civilization and universal values. The beginning
of the new century, our party put forward a harmonious socialist society of the major
tasks and in accordance with the present stage of social characteristics and trends, the
integrity of fraternity as building an important part of a harmonious society of great
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  practical significance.
  trustworthy and friendly to the harmonious development of society's most valuable
  society is a product of interaction between people, is the man to the activities of
material production based on the interconnected community of human life. A society
to the harmonious development of the legal and institutional norms alone is not
enough, must use moral force. In the human ethics, the honesty and friendliness of the
harmonious development of society's most valuable. As honesty and friendliness can
minimize the social life of various internal friction and friction, reduce risks and costs
of social life, society's operating costs greatly reduced. Mutual trust and love between
people can build a good relationship, thus facilitating the individual's health and
career success. It is only mutual trust, mutual help, be able to get along with equality,
cooperation, working together to preserve the individual's interests and maximize the
benefits to society as a whole. Honesty not only for utilitarian society's material
achievements, but also has a very high spiritual values. It helped to increase the value
of social recognition and cohesion, so that people trust and mutual love, the feelings
of human value and dignity of life experience to the life and happiness, and even
stimulate the creativity of life. If we say that society is a cultural pattern in accordance
with certain norms and institutions build up well-organized, fully functional system,
then, honesty is the various components within the system link between or lubricant,
which is full of color and vitality of the community , romantic and warm.
  honesty become relatively scarce our moral resources
  despite the honesty of the harmonious development of society is so important, even
though our nation in human history to the fine tradition of integrity and love known to
the world, but For today we live in a society which, it seems to be relatively scarce
and moral resources. Low level of trust between people, mutual suspicion and defense
becomes a universal social psychology and behavior. On "love" for our society is not
a lack of self-love, love, family love, the love of acquaintances really lack is universal
love or brotherhood. Love is the ideal expression of human reason, which reflects the
human members of their respect and recognition of the distress and difficulties in the
same show mercy, compassion and concern. Therefore, in our material standard of
living has greatly improved, while promoting honesty in the whole society's moral
and spiritual, is building a socialist harmonious society, the urgent need.
  honesty is the inherent demands of modern social development,
  traditional social harmony requires honesty, a harmonious development of modern
society needs more honest and friendly.
  modern society is a social market economy-oriented. Market economy is essentially
altruistic moral economy, the economy is not only rational, but also should be a moral,
producers and operators and others only for the community to provide inexpensive
high-quality goods and services, to the intense market competition in the survival and
development. Therefore, the more the development of market economy, the more is to
promote honesty, to serve the people.
  modern society is a society full of competition, there is competition, there will be
successes and failures, there are rich and poor. Get rich people should dare to take on
social responsibility, with a reasonable return on their wealth of society. Modern
society is a free from relations of personal dependence equal society based on
contractual rights and obligations based on the relationship between modern society
the main form of contractual rights and obligations of the main spirit of awareness and
integrity for maintaining the normal operation of social relations and decisive .
Modern society is a democratic, open and pluralistic society, asked members of
society to be honest, mutual tolerance, respect for individuality.
  dynamic, is to be able to make all efforts conducive to social progress and create
desire to be respected, creative activities to be supported to create to get to play, be
sure to create the results
  social activity is a source of social development,
  Guangdong Academy of Social Sciences researcher Zheng Fenming development
strategy of modernization
  to build a harmonious society full of vitality as an integral important part of the
building embodies the ideals of our party's profound understanding and insight into
the community. China is a summary of historical experiences and lessons, they are
responsive to the needs of the development trend of the times.
  social activity is the material basis for building a harmonious society,
  social activity is a source of progress and development of history and power. A
dynamic society is not without vitality and social stagnation.
  to build a vibrant community of purpose "is to be able to make all efforts conducive
to social progress and create desire to be respected, creative activities to be supported
to create to get to play, be sure to create results." It gives everyone would like an
officer, everyone can officers, all dry enough just relaxed and harmonious social
environment. In this society, everyone has the same rights, without prejudice to the
case of others to pursue their own happiness. Each person can create the desire and
creativity to create the results have been the community's respect and recognition.
Only in this way, the whole society initiative and creativity of all kinds to get the
greatest degree of excitation, the wealth of society to be fully tapped by each person's
freedom to create to achieve universal prosperity and social well-being.
  social activity is to ensure sustained growth of social productive forces, is to build a
harmonious society
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  material will be basis. Left the material productive forces of social vitality and the
development of a harmonious society will lose its support structure.
  vibrant social system construction must be protected
  building a vibrant community must build a social system to protect, to create all
contribute to society and value of labor can be recognized and respected mechanisms;
creation of various types of investors, foreign venture in China by encouraging the
mechanism; creation of conducive to attracting talented people, arousing the
enthusiasm of all personnel and employment mechanisms; creation of labor,
knowledge, capital, land, technology and management of production factors
Distribution According to the mechanism, so that each person can create interest in
the protection of the community. Only each person can get the value of labor and
social protection, it can stimulate the creation of desire and efforts to create wealth.
  open flow, respect for tolerance and orderly competition side dynamic
  vibrant social movement must be an open society. In an open, mobile society,
various social resources and the free movement of factors of production through the
optimal allocation and portfolio, which is the most efficient. In the open, mobile
society, everyone has different levels the opportunity through their own efforts, up to
a higher level, forming a kind of all efforts to open up the power and spirit. In
addition, the open, mobile society can resolve the contradiction between urban and
rural systems. Our country there are still some factors that impede social mobility,
between classes, between urban and rural areas have not yet fully formed smooth,
open, equal flow mechanism must be reformed gradually.
  dynamic society must be a pluralistic and tolerant society. The key to a harmonious
society "and" while "and" lies "different." Social diversity is a social evolution and
progress of the performance of the foundation of social dynamic is characteristic of
modern society. It showed different values, different behavior patterns, such as
different interest demands. In the pluralistic society, we must respect each other,
friendly to each other, this respect for the performance of individual thought and
consciousness of life is tolerance, tolerance, the nature of consciousness is a
fundamental human rights and respect for individuality, respect for individual
freedom This is the individual members of society to develop.
  dynamic society should also be an orderly and competitive society. Viability of the
culture and the competition is the main manifestation of the spirit, which embodies
the rules of justice through fair competition, and their potential, realize their value.
Community through individual and corporate equality and free competition, the
promotion of social efficiency and social progress. Therefore, the final competition to
bring the whole nation and the whole of human society and development.
  stable and orderly system of social organization is healthy, community-managed,
good social order, people live and work, maintain social stability and unity
  mechanism for integrated management of resources and sound management
  modernization of the CPC Guangdong Provincial Party School Strategic Research
Institute, Professor Duan Hua Ming
  Sixteenth Party Central Committee clearly stated: "To establish and improve the
Party leadership, government responsibility, social cooperation, public participation in
the social management pattern." This management structure organic operation, to
ensure stable and orderly society. This operating mechanism embodied in two aspects:
one is the dynamic mechanism for the social movement, development, and change the
energy supply and transmission; the other is the coordination mechanism, maintaining
and preserving the community and the coordination between the various forces ,
stability, balance.
  party committee mainly for the overall planning, economic and social development
in the overall situation, comprehensive planning, balanced and coordinated
development of effective social integration. The Government will form a code of
conduct coordinated operations, fair, transparent, clean and efficient administrative
  social transformation in China, remarkable, there were a number of social
organizations, namely non-governmental, non-profit nature of social organizations.
Community-based organizations, whether political leaders, or business management
type, representing the interests of either type, or a public service, whether it be
friendship-based style, or academic exchange type, can serve the government failed to
do effect. Function of social organization with services, and do practical things for the
members; both coordination between members of the community of interest within
the organization, and coordination of national and enterprise, the relationship between
government and society, between the Government and the people of bridge and tie;
also have think-tank groups, think tanks function, introduced by the Government in
recent years, many big ideas from the social organization; society organizations can
also act as a safety valve for society, in social conflicts from the end of the Qingping,
the first perceived social conflict is rooted in the social organization among the
masses, early awareness, early warning, to prevent local conflicts lead to global
conflicts. After the conflict in the community, social organizations, will serve to
resolve conflicts in the lubricant, the important role of diluent. At present, the social
organizations should strive to overcome dependency, and enhance self-awareness, the
government should vigorously support the community organizations, social
organizations reach out to welcome the participation of social management.
 lies in building a harmonious society, greater attention to management. Must
thoroughly study the rules of social management, improve the social management
system and policies and regulations, and promote innovation and social management
system, integrate public administration resources. Further improve the party and
government management of social performance, while expanding services, play a
grass-roots party organizations and party members serving the people, unite the role,
playing urban and rural
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 grass-roots self-organization and coordination of interests, resolve conflicts, solve
problems of the role, play associations, industry organizations and social intermediary
organizations to provide services to reflect the demands of the role of normative
behavior, the formation of social management and social services together. Guide the
masses in the form of a rational expression of the legitimate interests and demands,
and leading people within the law to resolve conflicts. Perfect social insurance, social
relief, social welfare and charity with the social security system interface to ensure the
people live in peace, ensuring political stability and national long-term stability.
 man and nature live in harmony, that is, the development of production and living
well off
 conquest of nature: the relationship between man and nature misconceptions
 CPC Guangdong Provincial Party School Professor Zheng Zhiguo
 to " man and nature live in harmony "as the basic characteristics of a harmonious
socialist society is one, both human and nature in the correct positioning, also features
a new socialist society awareness.
 harmonious relationship between man and nature is a necessary requirement for
building a harmonious society,
 man and nature live in harmony as a basic feature of a socialist harmonious society,
one has a specific meaning, refers to the development of production, affluent life good
ecological status of a high degree of unity. Which is living off the development of
production basis and prerequisite for the development of living off the production of
the motives and objectives of good ecological environment is the development of
production and living off of the guarantee and conditions.
 harmonious socialist society, not only to correctly handle the relationships between
people, but also to correctly handle the relationship between man and nature. Man is a
social animal with high intelligence, is the sum of social relations. Only deal with
human relationships, to maintain peace and harmony to the whole community in a
state of harmony. This is self-evident. Equally clear that truth is, people always live in
a certain environment, the need to continue with the various natural material, energy
and information exchange, and through the transformation of nature and use of natural
to meet their own needs. If you can not handle the relationship between man and
nature, the development of production can not be achieved, an affluent life and sound
ecological environment of unity, that can not be achieved between man and nature
live in harmony. This means that production and backward, poverty, ecological
destruction, or at least one of these problems, the whole community will not achieve a
state of harmony. This will lead to contradictions and conflicts between people, and
therefore can not handle the relationships between people. Therefore, correctly handle
the relationship between man and nature, to maintain harmony between man and
nature is necessary to build a socialist harmonious society demands.
  reverence for nature, can not conquer nature in harmony with nature
  matter of fact, been recognized in humans since ancient times and transform the
nature and use of natural wealth to pursue the development of production and life. But
in ancient society, especially in the primitive society, people's understanding of nature
and transform the ability of extremely low levels, the ecological environment is
basically in its original state. As the production of extremely backward people largely
only passive obedience of nature and reverence for nature, difficult to live in harmony
with nature. In modern times, with the rapid development of social productive forces,
once humans have gone to another extreme, that man is the master of nature, we must
conquer nature. Change the nature of mankind is undoubtedly necessary, but to
conquer nature contains the relationship between man and nature in the mistake, the
man was placed in the opposite nature. This led to wanton looting and destruction of
nature, so people still in harmony with the natural state. Until the late 20th century,
human beings have suffered adverse effects after the destruction of the environment
began to wake up, the idea and adjust the relationship between man and nature, and
actively explore the development of production, an affluent life and the ecological
unity of the development of good roads.
  four links are indispensable
  man and nature live in harmony, we must deal with four aspects of the relationship:
the correct understanding of the natural, reasonable and transform nature, full
utilization of natural and effective protection of nature. Only a correct understanding
of nature, discover and master the objective laws to guide practice, can be reasonable
and adequate use of natural transformation. The transformation of nature and use will
inevitably cause some damage, so it needs protection, so that no more than nature can
bear damage and recovery level. Correct understanding of nature is the precondition
and reasonable means of transforming nature is full use of nature is the objective of
effective protection of nature is the condition for achieving these four aspects of man
and nature live in harmony indispensable.
  at the same time, people are still continue to understand and transform self and
society to adapt to natural changes and social progress.
  is the only way the development and well-off in production while maintaining a
sound ecological environment in order to achieve harmony between man and nature.
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