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                         CONSULATE GENERAL
                          MARSEILLE, FRANCE

The Marseille Consular District includes the following departments: Alpes de Hautes-Provence (04),
Alpes Maritimes (06), Ariège (09), Aude (11), Aveyron (12), Bouches-du-Rhône (13), Corse du Sud (20
or 2A), Gard (30), Gers (32), Hautes Alpes (05), Haute-Corse (20 or 2B), Haute-Garonne (31), Hautes-
Pyrénées (65), Hérault (34), Lot (46), Lozère (48), Pyrénées-Orientales (66), Tarn (81), Tarn-et-Garonne
(82), Var (83), Vaucluse (84) and the Principality of Monaco (98)

Disclaimer: The U.S. Consulate General Marseille, France assumes no responsibility or liability for the
professional ability or reputation of, or the quality of services provided by, the following persons or
firms. Inclusion on this list is in no way an endorsement by the Department of State or the U.S.
Embassy/Consulate. Names are listed alphabetically, and the order in which they appear has no other
significance. The information in the list on professional credentials, areas of expertise and language
ability are provided directly by the lawyers. You may receive additional information about the
individuals by contacting the local bar association (or its equivalent) or the local licensing authorities.

The List of Attorneys: The following individuals and firms have informed the Embassy/Consulate
General that they are qualified to adjudicate law in the categories specified and that they are sufficiently
competent in the English language to provide services to English-speaking clients. If other languages are
available, a reference is listed. Generally, this list is revised triennially with interim addendum as
needed, to ensure that local counsel are still practicing in the consular district and are willing to represent
clients from the United States. Detailed information on retaining an attorney abroad may be found at:

Important Note: Before making an appointment to see a lawyer in France, first ask if you will be
charged for the initial consultation, and if so, how much the fee will be for this service.

All corrections and modifications should be sent to the: U.S. Consulate General, American Citizen
Services Unit, Place Varian Fry, 13286 Cedex 6, or by E-mail to:


Avocats: An avocat must be a lawyer or attorney. Avocats may render legal advice on all matters, draft
agreements and contracts, handle commercial disputes and collection cases, and plead and defend civil
and criminal cases before the French courts to which they are admitted.

Notaries: (notaires) A French notaire is a public official appointed by the Ministry of Justice, and not
the equivalent of a notary public in the United States. The number of notaires in each jurisdiction is
limited, and their fees fixed by law. Their functions include the preparation and recording of notarial
acts (wills, deeds, acts of incorporation, marriage contracts, etc.,) the administration and settlements of
estates (excluding litigation in court) and serving as the repository of wills. They are not lawyers, but
very specialized members of the legal profession. They may not plead in court. See page 10 for a list.

French Postal Information. France uses a postal code system similar to the U.S. zip code. The code
number precedes the name of the city. The first two digits designate the department, the last three the
city or an area within the city. Postal rates vary by weight and destination. Registered (recommandé)
mail can be sent through the French postal service with return receipt requested.
Collection Agencies: Not all attorneys accept collection cases. A list of collection agencies is available
from the Embassy's Commercial Affairs Section.

Service of Legal Process and Taking of Evidence: Information sheets on these judicial assistance
matters are available from the American Citizen Services unit.

                                     Retaining an Attorney Abroad

The following guidelines may be helpful to you in retaining the services of an attorney abroad to protect
your interest.

I.      Selecting an Attorney
It is wise to contact several attorneys, briefly describing the nature of the services you desire. Before
deciding which attorney to employ, ask for a written schedule of fees generally charged for the services
you need. Be sure to ask whether the attorney is fluent in English. Do not turn over documents or funds
until you are certain that the attorney fully understands your legal needs and is willing to hand handle
your case.

II.     Barristers and Solicitors
In some foreign cities, districts, or provinces it may be necessary to retain the services of both a solicitor
and a Barrister. In such jurisdictions, Barristers are allowed to appear in court, including trial courts and
higher courts of appeal or other courts. Solicitors are allowed to advise clients and sometimes represent
them in the lower courts. They may also prepare cases for Barristers to try in the higher courts.

III.   Notaries Public, Notaries and Huissiers
In some foreign countries, notaries public, notaries and huissiers can perform many of the functions
performed by attorneys in the United States. Foreign notaries frequently draft instruments, wills and

conveyances. In some countries a notary is a public official, appointed by the Ministry of Justice, whose
functions include not only the preparation of documents, but the administration and settlement of estates.
Such notaries serve as repositories for wills and are empowered to serve legal documents. In some
countries the huissiers serve documents. They are not lawyers but are very specialized members of the
legal profession. They may not plead cases in court.

IV.     Coordination with Counsel in the United States
American attorneys may not be in a position to represent your interests abroad, particularly because they
will not be permitted to participate in foreign court proceedings under the laws of the foreign country.
American attorneys experienced in international procedure may be helpful in explaining the complex
international issues involved in your case and some may have associates or partners abroad to whom
they can refer you.

VI.     Legal Aid Associations
There may be facilities in the foreign country for low cost or free legal services. If the information about
such assistance is not included in the list of attorneys, ask the local Bar association or the Ministry of
Justice about the availability of legal aid.

                               How to Deal With Your Foreign Attorney

     Find out the attorney’s qualifications and experience.

     Find out how the attorney plans to represent you. Ask specific questions and expect the attorney to
     explain the legal process in the country concerned, as well as the legal activities planned on your
     behalf, in language that you can understand. Have your attorney analyze your case, giving you the
     positive and negative aspects and probable outcome. Be honest with your attorney. Tell the
     attorney every relevant fact in order to get the best representation of your interests. Do not fail to
     ask how much time the attorney anticipates the case may take to complete.

     Find out what fees the attorney, notaire or huissier charge and what fees are expected. Notaires and
     huissiers are usually government officials who must charge fees established by their governments.
     Some attorneys expect payment in advance; some demand payment after each action taken, refusing
     to proceed until they are paid. Others may take the case on a percentage basis, collecting a pre-
     arranged percentage of the monies awarded by a foreign court.

     Ask that your attorney keep you advised of the progress of your case according to a pre-established
     schedule. Remember your responsibility to keep your attorney informed of any new developments
     in your case. Request copies of all letters and documents prepared on your behalf.

     Do not expect your attorney to give a simple answer to a complex legal problem.
     Be sure you understand the technical language contained in any contract or other
     legal document prepared by your attorney.

Note: In some countries courts recess for a period of several months during the summer. In addition,
even if the case is resolved, currency control laws are often complex and may delay the transfer of funds
awarded to you from the foreign country for an indefinite time.

This list is also available at:

For the Department of Alpes-Maritimes and for the Principality of Monaco, please consult the
American Consular Agency Nice’s list at:

List of attorneys by departments:

Goguyer-Lalande, Luc – 7, Rue des chapeliers, 09000 Foix                              Tel:
General practice. General and commercial law.                                         Fax:
Collection of commercial accounts & settlement of estates.
Other languages: Portuguese.

Fornairon, Isabelle – 7, place des Jacobins, 11100 Narbonne                           Tel:
Le Doucen, Jean-Pierre – 6, Place de la cite, BP 529, 12005 Rodez                     Tel:
Handles civil, criminal and commercial cases, settlement of estates.                  Fax:



Cordiez, Fabien – 19, rue de Montigny, 13100 Aix-en-Provence                          Tel:
Commercial/Business law, contracts, estates, taxes, real-estates                      Fax:
and services of process.
Member of Aix-en-Provence Bar and Law Society capital of England and Wales
Nancy Lane Kaplan – 15, avenue Victor Hugo, 13100 Aix-En-Provence                    Cell:
General practice, real estate transactions, tax & estate planning for expatriates,   Fax:
certificats de coutume. Member of the State bar of New York and Paris bar.

Cabinet Keelaghan – Les Terrasses de Sextius, 555 avenue Mozart                 Tel:
13100 Aix-en-Provence                                                           Fax:
International business and intellectual property.
American attorney in France, member of Aix en Provence Bar Association, California Bar Association.

Sokol, Ronald P. – 14, rue Principale, 13540 Puyricard                           Tel:
Business counseling, litigation, divorce and family law.                         Fax:
Does not deal with patent cases, banking, aviation law, maritime law and Eurobonds.
Member of Bar of the State of Wisconsin.
Other languages spoken: Japanese.


Allegrini, Jose F. – 26, rue Grignan, 13006 Marseille                                Tel:
Commercial law, divorces, estates and criminal law.                                  Fax:
Does not wish to deal with labor law cases.
Other languages: Italian.

Bottai, Sophie – 2, Rue Edouard Delanglade, 13006 Marseille                          Tel:
Criminal law.                                                                        Fax:

Ellis, William Gerald – 27, Cours Pierre Puget, 13006 Marseille                      Tel:
Business law, maritime law, international law.                                       Fax:

Gasnier, Jean-Pierre – 64, rue Montgrand, 13006 Marseille                        Tel:
International contract law (distribution and competition), some divorce and      Fax:
employment business. Member of the I.B.A. (International Bar Association), in regular contact with
members of both the British and American legal profession.

Peterson, William – 46, rue Saint Jacques, 13006 Marseille                             Tel:
French and International Business Law and Litigation, including arbitration            Fax:
and mediation; responsible for international relations. Some French commercial
and civil matters, including French litigation (including criminal, construction, real estate, family & labour
& tax law). Mediator certified with the Chamber of Mediation Inter-Enterprise of Provence (at the
Chamber of Commerce in Marseille), member of the Marseille Bar's International Commission. Member of
the Marseille and California Bars.

Richard, Jean-Claude – 14, Rue Fortia, 13001 Marseille                               Tel:
Other languages: Spanish, German and Russian.                                        Fax:

Mas, Séverine – 18, rue Neuve Sainte-Catherine, 13007 Marseille                  Tel:
International law (contracts, international private law, and commerce),          Fax:
E.U. law (competition), patents and trademark registration
(International, European, French), as well as new technologies’ matters (E-commerce, Software…).
Member of the Euro-counsels network.
Other languages: German.

Terrin, Isabelle – 58, rue Paradis,13006 Marseille                                   Tel:
Family and penal law.                                                                Fax:

Witt, Eric – 119, rue Paradis, 13006 Marseille                                       Tel:
Adoptions, civil damages, contracts, corporations, immigration,                      Fax:
marriage/divorce. Member of Marseille and Connecticut Bars.

CORSE (Corsica)
(Southern Corsica)

Terramorsi, Robert – 63, Cours Napoléon, 20000 Ajaccio                               Tel:
General law practice.                                                                Fax:
Other languages: Italian

(Northern Corsica)

Chailley-Pompei, Francois – 40, Bd Paoli, 20200 Bastia                           Tel:
General law practice.                                                            Fax:

Maurel, Pierre Louis – 7, Bd Général de Gaulle, 20200 Bastia                     Tel:
Commercial disputes and casualty cases, public affairs and business law.         Fax:
Other languages: Italian.

Cabanes, Jean-Pierre – Kilomètre Delta, 125, avenue Amédée Bolle,                Tel:
30900 Nimes                                                                      Fax:
Divorce, casualty cases and criminal cases, penal and civil law.

Bonitzer, Yves – 5, rue d'Avejan, BP 90058 Cedex, 30101 Ales                     Tel:
General practice. International and commercial law.                              Fax:

Goujon, Olivier – Parc Kennedy, 285, rue Gilles Roberval, 30900 Nimes            Tel:
General practice, specializes in casualty cases.                                 Fax:

Hanson, Gregory – 1, rue Général Perrier, 30000 Nimes                            Tel:
Business law, family law, property law.                                          Cell:
E-mail:                                                  Fax:

Lagaillarde, Pierre-Jean – 3, rue Voltaire, 32000 Auch                           Tel:
Handles economic law, social and commercial cases.                               Fax:
Other languages : Spanish.

Moulette, Dominique – 20, Place de l'ancien Foirail, BP 134,                      Tel:
32003 Auch Cedex                                                                  Fax:
Handles civil, criminal, and commercial cases. Collection of commercial accounts,
 settlement of estates and real estate cases.
Other languages: German and Spanish.

Rio, Louis – 43, rue Gambetta, 32000 Auch                                         Tel:
Handles civil, criminal, medical and aeronautical cases.                          Fax:
Is interested in the collection of commercial accounts.
Other languages: Spanish.

Lavigne, Jacques – 5, rue Maransin, 65000 Tarbes                                  Tel:
Handles civil, commercial, & criminal cases.                                      Fax.
Is interested in the collection of commercial accounts & settlement of estates.
Other languages: Spanish.

Coste, Charles-Henri – 38, rue Pitot, 34000 Montpellier                           Tel:
General practice, and commercial law.                                             Fax:

Rigaud, Jean-Louis – 230, Place Jacques Mirouze, 34000 Montpellier                Tel:
General practice. Does not handle criminal cases.                                 Fax:

Cabinet Alary, Lagarde, Chevalier – 16, Blvd Gambetta, 46000 Cahors               Tel.:
Handle civil & commercial cases, settlement of estates.                           Fax:

Domergue, Jacques – 8 Bd. du Soubeyran, 48000 Mende                               Tel:
General practice.                                                                 Fax:
E-mail :

Mejean, Franck – 20, rue Camille Desmoulins, 66000 Perpignan                      Tel:
Penal cases, commercial cases, divorces and child custody.                        Fax:
Other languages: Spanish.

Bonnecarrere, Philippe – 8 place Jean Jaures, 81000 Albi                           Tel:
Private Law, Certificate of Criminology, Doctor of Urbanism.
Handles civil and commercial cases, settlement of estates.
Other languages: German.

Andreani, Hervé & Durand, Frédéric – 2, avenue du Dr. Perron,                      Tel:
83400 Hyeres                                                                       Fax:
General practice of lower case, civil and criminal law, certificats de coutume.
Correspond in English.

Lourtaut, Alain – 4, place de la Liberté, 83000 Toulon                             Tel:
General practice.                                                                  Fax:

Billet-Jaubert, Elisabeth – 4, place de la Liberté, 83000 Toulon                   Tel:
General practice.                                                                  Fax:
Other languages: Spanish.

Fatovich, Ariane – 185, place de la Liberté, 83000 Toulon                          Tel:
Accidents, civil and criminal law, family law, insurance, estates                  Fax:
Damages, thefts, narcotics.

Llurens, Geneviève – 92, Chemin les Nevons, 84800 Isle-Sur-Sorgue                  Tel:
General practice.                                                                  Fax:

                          See next page for a list of English-speaking notaires.

                           English-speaking Notaires (notaries) by city

Aix-en-Provence                                 Carry-le-Rouet

S.C.P. Vincent DAVID                            S.C.P. Paul-Marie SAIGNOL
Eric BARRANDE,                                  Jean Michel MOULIN
Jean-Fabrice ANSELMO                            28 rue du Colonel Rozanoff
Jean-Pierre LAMETA                              B.P. 50
Carré Juris Forbin                              13620 Carry-le-Rouet
9bis Place John Rewald                          Tel:
13100 Aix-en-Provence                           Fax:
Fax:                             Gardanne

S.C.P. Jean ARNOUX                              S.C.P. Olivier DURAND
Alain RIBON                                     Philippe DURAND,
Immeuble “Le Grand Angle”                       Jean-Yves RAYNAUD,
B.P. 116                                        René STAIBANO,
4 Place Barthelemy Niollon                      Benoit STAIBANO,
13606 Aix-en-Provence Cedex 1                   Yves VALOIS
Tel:                             Pars de l’Oratoire de Bouc
Fax:                             C.D. 60
                                                13120 Gardanne
Mr. Sylvain ZEENDER                             Tel:
Suppleant de l’Etude feu                        Fax:
26, rue du 4 Septembre                          Mallemort
13100 Aix-en-Provence
Tel:                             S.C.P.Henri RAVANAS
Fax:                             Dominique RAVANAS
                                                19, avenue des Alpines
                                                13370 Mallemort

Marseille                                                  S.C.P. Christiane MOUREN
                                                           Vincent TRAMIER-MOUREN
S.C.P. Jean-Paul DECORPS                                   56-58 La Canebiere
Richard JUMELET,                                           13001 Marseille
Isabelle DECORPS                                           Tel:
33, rue Francis Davso                                      Fax:
13001 Marseille
Tel:                                        Maussane-les-Alpilles
                                                           Pierre AMALVY
S.C.P. Didier PECOUT                                       23, avenue de la Vallée des Baux
Elisabeth de TOLEDO                                        13520 Maussane-Les-Alpilles
Sophie BORRA-BERGEL                                        Tel:
5, rue Grignan                                             Fax:
13006 Marseille
Tel:                                        Rognac
                                                           Fréderic MATHOT
S.C.P. Philippe REY                                        37, boulevard Jean jaures
Pierre CHARRIAUD,                                          13340 Rognac
Raphael GENET-SPITZER                                      Tel:
62, rue Montgrand – B.P. 29                                Fax:
13251 Marseille Cedex 20
Tel:                                        Saint-Remy-de-Provence
                                                           S.C.P. Pierre MILAN
                                                           Frederic MILAN
                                                           Bertrans MILAN
                                                           2, boulevard Gambetta

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13006 Marseille
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