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 foreign individual CV Pham Van Guangzhou

 basic CV Name: Miss Jiang
 Age: 24 years old% D % A Nationality: Chinese
 Nationality: China
 current location: Guangzhou,
 Exit: Maoming
 tall: 163cm 53kg
 Marital Status: Single

  Job Target
  Talent Type: General Job 
  Position: Foreign Trade Merchandiser: Foreign Trade with the single, Administrative
/ Personnel categories: clerks, trade / Trade Commissioner / Assistant: Trade Assistant
  Work Experience: 2 Title: Primary
  Job type: Full-time
  available date: time
  monthly requests :2000 - 3500
  hope that the working area: the work of Guangzhou
  Company Name: Macro Yalong Co., Ltd. beginning and ending years :2006-11 ~
  company's property: private
  Industry: textiles, clothing
  as Title: the foreign trade alone
  Job Description: responsible for customer and supplier communication, specifically
the daily mail, guest inquiry, arrange to play board, documentation, setting accessories,
contact freight forwarding, shipping and arrange customs clearance and so on.

 Company Name: Guangzhou Yang Electronics Co., beginning and ending
years :2006-04 ~ 2006-10
 company's property: private
 Industry: electrical, electronics, communications equipment
 positions: Sales clerk and translator
 description of work: primarily responsible for product images, update website
content, entertain foreign clients and to help managers communicate with customers,
so as to promote the company's foreign business.

 background of education School: Guangzhou, Huazhong Agricultural University
 Degree: Bachelor
 received degrees: Bachelor of Management
 Graduation Date: 2006 - 07-01
 by specialty: marketing

 language Language: English Mandarin well
 level: fluent in Cantonese: master

% working capacity D?, English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability is
better, by CET6, particularly in good correspondence with the customer; fluent in
Mandarin, Cantonese.
, Proficient in Word, Excel, Photoshop and other software and the Internet.
, Have a strong passion for learning, learning ability, and strive to self-enhancement.
, Full of enterprising, innovative, pioneering spirit, hard-working, responsible, able to
work under pressure.
, Outgoing, enthusiastic and confident, conscientious and meticulous, proactive; have
some coordination, organization and communication skills, be able to complete the
work alone and full of team spirit.

  personal autobiography, I come from the Guangzhou Institute of Economic Research
of Agricultural Marketing and Management majors. In the university four years time,
I have systematically studied the marketing expertise, such as marketing, market
forecast, channel management, international business communication, financial
accounting, public relations, finance and finance, has laid a solid professional
foundation, culture a strong self-learning ability. Awarded during the 2002-2003
school year "learning activists" title and third-class scholarship ,2005-2006 "roll
student" and the second scholarship. I love learning foreign languages, and in January
2005 adopted the CET, with good English listening, speaking, reading and writing. I
can skillfully use the computer, familiar with Word, Excel, Photoshop and other
software operations.
  work over the past two years, I have a serious and responsible, active, hard working,
good managers and supervisors to complete the task assigned me. In the course of
secondary knowledge of many clothes, and guest letter communication skills have
also been greatly enhanced. I have a high sense of responsibility, calm and quiet way
of doing things, have good communication skills, strong organization and
coordination, environmental adaptability, good stability and psychological quality. I
firmly believe that, as long as self-confidence, perseverance, and give full play to their
wisdom and ability to learn, we can constantly improve themselves, and constantly
create value for the company. .. This article from [worry document]
collection and sorting, for the original author. / Center>