; Examples of criminal criminal criminal complaint with the Civil
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Examples of criminal criminal criminal complaint with the Civil


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									Example of a criminal complaint with the civil criminal Criminal

 criminal complaint with the civil examples of

  plaintiff song ______, ______ Male ,______ was born in Han ,_____ City people,
Department of _____ City _____ factory worker, now living _____ ______ City
______ District No. ______ Street.
  man accused ,______ Yin ______, ______ years was born in Han, Department
of ,_____ City _____ shop assistant, now living city ______ _____ ______ District
______ Street _ number, has been released on bail.
  cause of action and claims:
  Yin ______ defendant guilty of assault. In the investigation of his criminal
responsibility at the same time, the request for compensation according to law
sentenced Yin ______ my medical expenses, hospital fees, travel expenses, a loss of
wages and other economic losses, a total of _______ dollars.
  facts and reason:
  Yin ______, the defendant and I built a tower in the same unit in the same residence.
Yin ______ bike, on the stairs every night, so the people downstairs from
inconvenient. ______ Years ______ month ______ day at 7 am, I knocked his bike
down the stairs, he opened the door and verbally abused me, and insisted that I was
deliberately crashed his bike. He and I argued, he had my face punched bump fists. In
this case, I did fight back. In the tussle between the two companies, his nose bleeding.
He then goes home to the chopper and chopped to me twice in the back, fortunately
this time was a neighbor Zhang ______, _________ Wang, who opened, I was
protected from further harm. 2 blade length of 16 cm, suture the hospital treatment,
hospital and discharged after 30 days to go to work. Yin ______ defendant's criminal
acts. So I suffered heavy economic losses to production, medical expenses, hospital
fees, travel expenses, a loss of wages and a very lost a total of _________ dollars.
Under the "Criminal Law) 36th and first paragraph of Article," Criminal Procedure
Code) 第七十七条 requirements, as crime victim has suffered economic loss, except
when the criminal law to criminal penalties, and should be sentenced under the
circumstances compensation for economic losses. Therefore, I shall file an incidental
civil action, request the court to hear criminal cases at the same time, with some civil
litigation and trial.
  source of evidence and evidence, witness names and addresses:
  (a) ______ I have been chopped Yin, a neighbor, Wang Zhang ______, ______ own
eyes. The two witnesses with me the same address. And there is ______ ______
District City People's Hospital medical certificate 1.
  (2) I cut, the hospital treatment ,______ City ______ District People's Hospital has
issued a medical expenses, hospital expenses, total ____________ dollars.
  (c) I can not go to work due to be chopped, loss of working conditions and pay my
standard, issued by the factory Laozi Ke written confirmation.
  (d) the treatment, I and accompanying personnel transport fees, travel tickets ______
Zhang card, _______ yuan total.
______ City Yours ______ District People's Court

  plaintiff: Music ___________
_____ years _____ months _____ day
  Attachment: 1 copy of the complaint. - Thank you for reading this article, this article
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