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Examples of civil counterclaim against the civil complaint


									Example of a civil complaint against a civil counterclaim

 counter-example of a civil contract,

  counterclaim plaintiff :______ ______ County Township People's Government
  Legal Representative: Sun ______, M ,______ years old, presided over the work of
the deputy mayor, the township government hospital stay ______.
  counterclaim defendant :______ County furniture factory furniture supply and
marketing manager for the Department of
  Legal representative: Chen ______, manager, live wood factory Shizhi Relative'S
  request to: counterclaim defendant and I kind of rural signed purchase and sales
contracts and bark of kenaf purchase contract agreement. The first contract
counterclaim defendant did not supply the required quality standards, a fundamental
breach of contract; the second contract counterclaim defendant had never performed
to my village ______ yuan in direct economic losses caused, the defendant should be
  on the facts and reasons :____ ___ ___ day month, the defendant entered into a
village and I kind of purchase and sale contracts and the bark of kenaf purchase
contract agreement. Kenaf varieties of species of supplier provides a "peel-III", purity
95%, 10% of impurities, sprouting rate of 85% plants without flower right within two
meters. In the same year in July through the Industry and Commerce Administration
and other units sent to the martensite-site inspection and appraisal that: the accused
are varieties have been eliminated for the "sunny number" hybrid, green rods
accounted for 50% less than two meters has made both blossoming power output is
very low.
  I village under the contract to purchase the defendant kenaf kind of 6400 kg, and
more shipments ________ kg, total 6415 kg. Serious problems because of the quality
varieties, the sowing of the late planting masses are not only planted the seeds of
kenaf kind of 3897 kg, the remaining 2513 kg, surviving my village, resulting in
waste, the defendant should bear this responsibility.
  purchase bark contract: 4 kg per mu planting, I should be planting kenaf township
1600 acres, mature kenaf ________ kg per mu, catty is priced at 0.7 yuan, 0.6 yuan,
0.5 yuan. Quality problems due to species actually kind of an area of 974 mu, 626 mu
less kind to 500 kg per mu, 0.6 yuan per kilogram basis, the direct loss of ________
dollars, 974 acres have been planted through the accurate measurement of production,
per mu cut 125 pounds, to ________ a month, gave me the actual loss caused by
________ per village. These two were my village _________ dollars in direct
economic losses caused.
  hybrid kenaf harvest has been planted, I have repeatedly urged the defendant
township in accordance with the contract open-pound purchase in order to reduce
economic losses of both sides. Unfortunately, the defense set the legal and liability for
breach of contract expense, a drag Zai Shi, repeated breach of contract. In ___ ___
_______ months before the acquisition is completed it should be bark, since the
defendant did not open pound acquisition, to the township's cash flow caused me
great difficulty. The defendant should answer the request of my village, that is a result
of consultations according to the fault of the defendant caused to my village real
economic losses and bark acquisition, far from the case, but unreasonably contesting.
I Township I insist on compensation from the defendant the actual loss of rural
________ dollars. This counter-claim, requesting the court hearing the case, ruling
according to law.

______ Sincerely County People's Court

  counter-claimant :_____ County _____ Township People's Government
  legal representative: Sun ________________
________ ________ years ________ months attached on
: 1. 2 copies of this complaint,
  2. Evidence 2 Friendly reminder: This article comes from worry-free document
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